30 Day Anime Challenge

It’s time, it’s time for us to do the 30 Day Anime Challenge. Like many other anime bloggers, the 30 Day Anime Challenge is a 30 day challenge whereby I will answer 30 different set questions all based on anime. It’s something different from the usual anime and manga episodic and narrative posts.

Anime Challenges

I’d like to personally mention that it won’t strictly be 30 Days, I will be answering these whenever I have time and posting them when there is nothing else to post such as manga and episodes, which will most likely be most days. To begin with, lets set out all of the Days and questions that I will personally talk about:

Day 1: Very first anime I watched

Day 2: Favorite anime I’ve watched so far

Day 3: Favorite male anime character ever

Day 4: Favorite female anime character ever

Day 5: Anime I’m ashamed I enjoyed

Day 6: Anime I want to see but haven’t yet

Day 7: My anime crush

Day 8: Favorite anime couple

Day 9: Best anime villain

Day 10: Favorite fighter anime

Day 11: Favorite mech anime

Day 12: Saddest anime scene

Day 13: Anime character I am most similar to

Day 14: Anime that never gets old no matter how many times I’ve watched it

Day 15: Favorite anime sidekick, pet or summoning from an anime

Day 16: Anime with the best animation

Day 17: Favorite supporting male anime character

Day 18: Favorite supporting female anime character

Day 19: Most epic anime scene ever

Day 20: Anime character that gets on my nerves

Day 21: Favorite goofy anime character

Day 22: Favorite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime

Day 23: Favorite attack someone used in an anime

Day 24: Moment that shocked me the most in any anime

Day 25: Saddest anime death

Day 26: Best anime fight

Day 27: Most badass scene from any anime character

Day 28: Favourite quote from any anime character

Day 29: Animes I wished was real

Day 30: Anime I wished never ended and continued on

Check out the 30 Day Anime Challenge posts above, this challenge began on the 11/08/2015.