Best Fight in a Anime

This post talks about what I think the best fights in anime are, instead of picking one main one, I’d like to choose one from the main anime’s I have watched and talk about here. So this post concerns the anime challenge, day 26.

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Natsu vs GraySo let’s begin with Fairy Tail. With this one, I’d like to go a little into the future and concentrate on the current arc of the manga, instead of the anime. We already now that there will be a great battle coming soon between two individuals. The ones I am talking about is Natsu vs Gray. The battle between Natsu, who is also known as END, and Gray, who has willed himself to fight and defeat END.

With this in mind, it’s something I have not yet seen or been drawn, but I know it’ll happen. So as far as I can tell, it’s something that will keep building up till we finally see the battle between END vs Gray Fullbuster. On top of this, we’ve already seen smaller battles between Natsu and Gray, but those didn’t mean anything as they’re just training.

Naruto vs Sasuke Rasengan vs ChidoriNext up, I’d like to talk about Naruto. With Naruto largely concentrating on Naruto Uzumaki as the main character, I think the best battle for the anime is still yet to come, but we’ve already seen this in the manga. The battle I’m talking about is the last and final battle between Naruto and Sasuke as they fight it out to become the Hokage, to change the future.

The anime still has a few chapters left to be animated, but I’m sure that it’ll turn out to be great. With that in mine, I think Naruto as an anime, and it’s climax with Naruto vs Sasuke will be quite amazing.

ace-and-luffyNext up is One Piece. I should mention that I’ve not yet seen the whole anime or manga, I’m around 670 or so, but form what I can see, the best battle so far has been that of Luffy against all odds to save Ace. From what I can see, at this point, I know the battle between Luffy and one of the Yonko will also be awesome, but that fight was just epic, even with Whitebeard, it was crazy.

The battle was very long but it featured every single viewpoint and revealed everything it needed to. Therefore, this has to be one of my favourite moments within the anime so far. I know I’m going to love the next battles that appear later on too.

aizen sosuke favorite characterFinally, I’d like to talk about Bleach. We’ll it’s quite clear for many, but for me there are two potential answers for the best answers, the first is Ichigo vs Aizen and the second being Yhwach vs Ichigo. The reason for Yhwach vs Ichigo is that the psychological aspect of the fight was epic, it seems like Kubo spent a lot of time working out that Yhwach would say, making and building the best character base for reasons to destroy Soul Society.

Yhwach just had a lot of good character development. This was also the same for Ichigo vs Aizen. Aizen showed great strength in that he planned for so long before he tried to act. Therefore, I think the battle between Ichigo vs Aizen has to be greater. With that said, what is everyone else’s experience and what are your thoughts on the best fights within an anime.

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    1. Sunite

      Nice, just had a quick look through and it the anime definitely looks visually appealing. Plus the fights are faced paced and quite crazy. I’ll definitely put it on my list to look through!


  1. Hocchibi

    Hi Sunite, Since this is quite the interesting topic, I would like to maybe bring up the best “unexpected” fight that I’ve watched. Unexpected in the sense that I did not expect a fight this well animated and show to be in this series.

    The series is Prisma Illya Season 1 – Episode 6 (Youtube link down below)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunite

      I don’t think I’ve heard of this anime before, will try and check out. And the video looks pretty good, Archer sure does look different from the unlimited blade works version which I watched.


      1. Hocchibi

        Well… The reason why it’s different is because it’s a spinoff, starring Illya (the Berserker little girl in Fate/Stay Night), and they are mahou shoujo.
        The premise of the show is Illya being a Mahou Shoujo to collect all the character cards, which are dangerous (I think). The reason why the fight was unexpected was because I didn’t think the studio who was making the spinoff would make a fight scene this cool and because of the premise of the show.

        I have since stopped watching but you should only really watch it if you like mahou shoujo.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sunite

          Indeed, I’ve seen the name this past spring and summer season. Seems like I’ll have to add it to my list of shows hah. Although I try to stay says from lolita styled anime lol.


          1. Hocchibi

            Yeah, then you probably won’t like it. Don’t really bother, I was just surprised by that fight scene and that is really the only part that I’d share with others from that anime:P


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