Death and Strawberry – Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach started out with Death and Strawberry and ended with the same title. This magnificent artwork of Ichigo represents the old and new of Bleach as it represents the power Ichigo obtained from Rukia which started the whole process of Ichigo into a full-fledged substitute Shinigami.


This fantastic artwork was drawn by IFrAgMenTIx who has been featured here countless times before. If you liked the idea of Death and Strawberry and how it all began for Ichigo, be sure to share this page with other fans of Bleach. Be sure to also check out the artist as well as comment down below telling me your favourite moments of Bleach.

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  1. Matthew

    This art is pretty amazing. I do remember seeing Ichigo become a soul reaper after the first chapter. I also remember using his Bankai for the first time against Byakuya. I can’t believe it’s over.


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