Blue Exorcist Season 2 Premieres in 2017

The Blue Exorcist anime website put a countdown to an announcement they’d like to release, however it seems that it’s already leaked as the Jump Square magazine reveals that Blue Exorcist will be getting a second season! Planned for 2017, Blue Exorcist will be returning as a new anime which shall cover the Impure King Revival arc (Kyoto Impure King Arc).

Blue Exorcist Season 2 2017

Originally, the first season was adapted into 25 episodes as well as an OVA, and a movie series which ran in April of 2011. However, I am unsure to the number of episodes season will take.

All this is brilliant news, I loved the first season and quickly wanted more. It was potentially one of the few anime’s which I watched when I began to increase the number of anime’s I watch each season, and Blue Exorcist was one of them. With its comeback in 2017, I’m sure it’ll be another fantastic season of Rin and the others in some sort of adventure.

With this great news, I’m sure many fans will also be happy to hear that it’s coming back. Therefore, I’d like to ask those to go ahead and comment down below telling me what you think as well as to share this page with others.

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    1. Ella

      I am soooo happy that season 2 is coming out I finshied watching season 1 a while ago and I loved it so much I watched the whole season 5 times !!!!!…… Is that a bad thing because I love this anime !!!!! I love rin as well it made me fell sad all The things he got called when he was little 😭 But I love this I hope it goes on love rin so much 😍😍😍and yukio 😂😂


      1. Ronni

        I realize you wrote this a long time ago… but I just wanted to let you know that there is nothing weird about watching Blue Exorcist FIVE time. Of course, I may not be the best judge….as I have been watching it every night before I fall asleep… over and over again… for months :p lol I love the show…and Rin. It’s become kind of like comfort food ❤


  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I haven’t seen this anime in a while. I remember liking it alot. It caught my attention because two of the characters are voiced by voice actors that play Ichigo and Yoruichi. I better go catch up so I can see this new season. 🙂


  2. ch1mpyk0n9

    Finally the Impure King arc. Saw a comment above saying they weren’t sure where to start for reading the manga, well disregard the last 8 episodes(filler) and start at chapter 16.


    1. Sunite

      Thanks dude! I looked it up in the wiki for the show and saw where the anime ended and where I can start. I’m definitely going to get started with it, sooner or later.


  3. dreager1

    Yeah, that filler saga was pretty sad. It had some good ideas, but deciding to make Satan a sympathetic, but likable characters was not one of them 😛 Kind of defeats the entire purpose of the show doesn’t it? Beyond that, Blue Exorcist was a lot of fun. I liked Rin’s voice actor quite a bit and the show had some really good animation. The manga started to go downhill after the initial arc though so I’m hoping that the anime can spice things up a little with some extra action or something like that.


    1. Normis

      what? the manga didn’t go downhill wtf
      it’s epic and interesting af
      I’ve read all 80 chapters in 3 days, couldn’t get enough of it… and it’s really sad that S2 will only cover Impure King arc, since there’s so much more material 😦
      now it’s painful to wait over a month for a single chapter


  4. kenpoklown

    So happy to see Blue Exprcist coming back! I hate when a great series only gets a season and it gets left totally unresolved! I’m so tired of these 12 episode anime series that just leave you hanging unless you continue reading the manga! I usually end up reading the Manga than which I suppose is he point but that only makes me wanna see more of the anime than! Like with Bleach! Amazing anime til the end. Than the manga keeps going and it’s ten times better than any of the anime arcs before! I really hope Bleach comes back too! If ever there was a need for an anime to come back The 1000 year blood war arc is it!!!


  5. Natty

    I am so overjoyed to see that they are going to be adapting another arc from the manga! I fell in love wih Blue Exorcist after watching the anime years ago, but of course it left me wanting more. After reading the manga it puts the end of the anime to absolute shame!

    I highly reccomend giving the manga a shot if you havent already… It may help ease into the year we have to wait for season 2!


  6. Shaina

    Just finished rewatching it for the third time! and i’m currently reading the impure king arc in the manga. Really excited to see season 2 xD though i wonder how they’ll work it out. With all that stuff that happened differently in season 1.


  7. Rithika

    I watched this pretty long back and I’m okay with this series. I had loved it but now? Not so much. But I’m definitely excited for this! 🙂


  8. Bella

    I loved the show as well but not as good as the magna. First found it online and read it halfway. ( like a weirdo) Then watched it on netflix cried a BOAT LOAD OF TEARS. So I’m super excited to finish reading and seeing the second season. While I’m waiting I am reading Rosario and vampire on manga town and it is way better then the show so read and watch Rosario and blue because it is fab thanks bye


  9. Nyla

    I this is one of my top 5 anime and I’m happy cause I tried to read the manga and honestly couldn’t cause it felt weird so now I’m gonna read it and watch the anime for the animation and the hope the still have the same dub voice actors when its dubbed I also must watch it subbed to compare the two so much preparation


  10. Noxaura Cille

    I honestly just finished the first season—literally about five minutes ago. So happy there’s a sequel planned! Can’t wait.


  11. Hether

    I am so freaking happy I could just die because I love that show so much! I will be sure to share it with my friends that love aname as much as I do


  12. Natalie

    I really can’t wait I have been watching it and I am obsessed with this anime and not just because I love supernatural stuff but I’m a twin to so I always picture me as Rin and my sister as yougeoo


  13. Okumura

    I’m delighted!
    I’m currently reading the manga..whilst I’m a bit sad they aren’t doing more arcs I’m just happy that it’s back 😊
    It’s a good arc.. though I’m not sure if they’ll include what happened in the finale of season 1- may just be animating a brilliant arc in the manga


  14. Cameron foret

    Yo I’m so glad as you see in the trailer he finally becomes the paliden sorry if I ruined it but it in the trailer but I still can’t figure out what the red flames have to do with this


  15. Alex

    Definitely loved the Anime, i personally thought it was too short and it escalated pretty fast once Yukio met their grandad and became Paladin. However it was amazing i have been telling people about it and i am super excited that a season 2 was announced. Can’t wait.


  16. Benjamin Leigh

    I hope they add a bit more romance into this season. that would be nice, the ending felt like it needed more of a close, too much loose ends, im glad they are making another season since everyone i know that watched this has loved this anime including me


  17. Firescale Flamebreather

    OMG MY DREAM’S COMING TRUE! I couldn’t believe that it was the end five years ago… does anyone know what month in 2017???


  18. Chris

    Blue is by far one of my favorite animes, super excited that the newest season is coming out so soon after finishing the first!! Can’t wait to see what rin and the gang get in to next, hope there’s more than just one more season to obsess about!!!!!!!!! Hope for many more episodes to watch, I LOVE BLUE EXORCIST!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. jrahzaiel

    been a fan of exorcism and cool stuffs between heaven and earth. and this is one of my favorites. I stay up a whole night watching the series tho~ haha


  20. Sarah

    I CANT WAIT!! Im sad though I couldn’t wait for Amaimon and when I found out he wasn’t in this arc (going off of the Wiki) I became sad..I hope they add him in there like they did with Grell in Book of Circus since he’s not in that manga arc either..


  21. cakeysbae

    fιиαℓℓу вєєи ωαιтιиg fσя α ℓσиg тιмє fℓυтє тнє ѕє¢σи∂ ѕєαѕσи ι нανє му нσσєѕ ѕσ нιgн υρ му αѕѕ яιgнт киσω уιкєѕ ι ʝυѕт ℓσνє тнιѕ αиιмє 🌟_________
    `   ̄ ̄🐬 ̄O  ̄. ̄ ̄ ̄
    🐳    。    o         🐟  *
    ┃╰╯            ┃╰╮╭╯
    ┣━━╯        ╰━╯┃

    ᴇxᴇʀᴄɪsᴛ ғᴏʀ ʟɪғᴇ!!!!!!


  22. Asenath

    Honestly I can’t wait for it I watched the first season 4 time and I have been wanting season 2 I’m sooo exited 😊😊😊😊😊🙄🙄


  23. Yeahwhatever Here'saname

    Dude…. Can someone PLEASE tell me if this is for sure happening? I’m about to do my own research as well n post back here.. But… It’s been one of my faves.. I gotta know.


  24. Lacey Caldwell Caldwell

    when is it coming out on netflix?season 1 is on there but not 2 and i absolutly love japanese anime soooooooooooooo much if you dont know what to watch next i suggest kuromukuro or vampire night i love them soooooo much there amazing but sorry if you don think that. so plz someone tell me when season 2 is out on netflix


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