Yhwach’s Destruction! Ichigo’s Power Taken – Bleach 680

Bleach 680 see’s all of Ichigo’s powers and abilities taken away from him by Yhwach who mentions that he no longer has anything he can do in this situation, both Rukia and Renji appear as Yhwach promises the destruction of all worlds after he creates a portal to where he’s going.  On top of which, Uryu is still alive fighting Jugram, but as he goes to kill him, Yhwach requests for their powers to be taken away as nothing is left except for bones as Yhwach takes their powers.

Bleach 680 begins as Ichigo’s powers and abilities are taken away from him, he himself can feel his powers fading. His Quincy abilities, his hollow powers that were mixed into it. All of which are fading away. I’m not fully sure if his Shinigami abilities are still present or not. He mentions that it’s all fading away to pure white. Ichigo is no longer able to move, he fall to the ground.

Yhwach laughs as he begins to transform the dark matter he has around him to create a large circular thing above him. Uryu and Jugram still battle, Uryu is still able to talk and move. Uryu goes on to say that Jugram mentioned that he’s just like Kurosaki and others. Up until now, he’s always wanted to keep his composure and stayed calm and poised, he’s always tried to weigh all things out before hand.

But as Ichigo is, he just takes the lead and he follows. Whenever he has something on his mind, he always does it. Inoue and Chad are the very same, this applies to Rukia and Renji too. And if by chance he begins to resemble them, then it would bring him immense joy. Jugram mentions that he has never been talking about his feelings.

All the time they’ve been bonding with each other, it hasn’t benefited them in the slightest. All this time he’s spent with them, he hasn’t been able to develop to the fullest compared to the time he has spent with Yhwach as he’s been able to develop much quicker. Therefore, the one he should be risking his life for should be Yhwach.

Uryu mentions that the scales Jugram uses is filled with his decisions, well with his own decision was to be with them. But it wasn’t some sort of plan or anything, as it was simply because he is their friend. Jugram is angered by this as he finally understands that when he accepted from Yhwach, he never intended to give anything back.

Therefore Jugram mentions that he shall take his life instead! However, a large beam of light appears onto Jugram where it destroys it’s surrounding. The same thing happens to Gerard as his powers begins to get sucked up by Yhwach, it seems that he’s taking all his abilities and powers back to his own body.

Yhwach say’s his farewell, for this moment he no longer has any need for Ichigo or his own children. He tells Ichigo to sit back and watch from where he is now. He creates a portal where he mentions that he shall bring all of Soul Society and the real world to ruin. Rukia and Renji approach, but they are exhausted.

If they still want to come for him, he shall keep the portal open for them. If they can survive it, he shall bestow upon them the most extravagant and luxurious death. He shall do this by finding their moment with the greatest amount of joy and happiness and shall slaughter them then. Whenever they try to think of anything good, they shall remember his words and his promise for eternity. Bleach 680 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, Yhwach has took out all of his Stern Ritters as well as Ichigo and his abilities. He now heads to Soul Society to completely destroy it, I think this is where he shall meet up with Aizen, which will definitely be awesome to see. The coloured page at the front also teases that we only have a quickly shortening number of chapters left till the end of Bleach! Honestly, I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 681, which I believe will be the chapter of the dads, where Isshin and Ryuken might show up.

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    First of all loved the colour page, as well as the tease, of having the number of chapters left blanked out, Kubo you trolling magnificent bastard!!!
    Have to give him points, for not doing anything predictable, I thought the Dads or Renji & Rukia would come in at the last minute, but Kubo pulls out something different, a Third Auswahlen on Gerard & Jugram. I’m sure Jugram will survive this one, but would that mean he will finally turn on Yhwach.

    Now this is the point where everyone should recover & meet up AND I MEAN EVERYONE, ARRANCERS, FULLBRINGERS, LEFT BEHIND SOUL REAPERS & AIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Before heading out to this new realm, and I’m glad “In The End”, that this wasn’t the final fight, and where still have a lot more to see.

    I also, don’t take side manga text seriously, but I do know its coming to its final phase, but whether it would be 10, 20, 50 or 100 more, I will read Bleach until the end!!!

    (Speaking of which, round of applause for the Final Arc coming to its 200th chapter anniversary!!)


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    I have a feeling we have about 100 chapters left. That’s just enough for Kubo to explain and show us the flashback we need to see. I find it interesting that Masaki and White’s powers were apparently able to negate Yhwach’s weakness from having to sleep and absorb souls. I guess he no longer needs to do that, which is why he used Auswählen on Jugram and Gerard. Uryu was probably hit as well because he does have a Schrift, but Jugram was hit. He is basically in the same situation as Liltotto and Giselle were. They dodged Auswählen, but still got their powers stolen, while Robert was hit and dies. It seems like Yhwach is going to the future to do something. I feel like we are going into a flashback soon.


  3. Genryūsai

    I believe the final battle will be decided by Jugram. His ability to shift advantages in a match will prove vital, this will happen after he joins the good side because of his friend Bazz. *just thoughts*


  4. nickdunnaquatic

    I can’t believe I forgot that Uryu survived Auswählen as a child. So that explains why he wasn’t hit by Auswählen despite having a Schrift. This is a good thing because he will definitely need his Vollständig against Yhwach. I’m really feeling a final flashback coming along.


  5. Christopher Waters

    Gerard had his powers Yhwach did not give them to him so Yhwach taking them really makes no sense at all. Askin told us Gerard and Pernida did not get powers from Yhwach they already had them being parts of the soul king. So yea ya know. Did he take Uryū’s power also since Yhwach gave it to him or is Uryu still immune to Yhwach taking his power away? I was thinking that the key to beating Yhwach was going back in time to change the past so that the future Yhwach made does not exist. Doubt that now but could still happen. If Uryu is still immune to Yhwach then thats an almost 100% chance that he will be a decided factor at the end. As far the dads I half expect them to show up after Yhwach is dead. That does seem like the perfect troll thing to do


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Gerard and Pernida have a set of powers that Yhwach never gave them. It was never stated that they never got anything from him. Vollständig seems to be Yhwach’s way of carving his soul into a Quincy. Because he seems to steal only the power of Vollständig when he used Auswählen on the Sternritter. Gerard has a Vollständig, so that means he has a piece of Yhwach’s soul, as does Pernida. Uryu doesn’t appear to be hit by Auswählen like Jugram and Gerard, so he is immune.


  6. kenpoklown

    Is it just me or is Ywbach way too OP!? I mean don’t get me wrong I like a good strong villain but this is getting a little ridiculous! He just does whatever he feels like I mean if he was such a badass how did the soul reapers wipe out most of he Quincy 1000 years ago? If you can just absorb the soul king like its nothing and just decimate everything in your path it makes no sense that they waited 1000 years to make their move! Plus Ywbach is so frickin strong why does he even bother giving parts of his power away wouldn’t it make more sense just to keep it all and just go h.a.m. From the get!? I did like that the sternritter were a challenge for the captains and that they weren’t just fodder and I like the overall story but it just seems silly to have us read a bunch of chapter building up to Ichigo restoring his sword and bankai To just in one chapter it all being taken away in like two pages! I dunno it just seems that every time you think some awesome fight is about to go down…. Nope turns out Ywbach can just negate everyone’s power and take it for himself!


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      The reason why Yhwach shares his soul with other Quincy is because he has to constantly absorb souls or he will revert back to a helpless baby. But in this, we see that Yhwach absorbing Masaki’s and White’s powers have apparently cured him of this weakness, which is why he took back his pieces of souls that he gave Jugram and Gerard.


  7. kenpoklown

    Also since Isshin knew about the auschwalen years ago when ichigo’s mom died I would assume soul society knew something about it too! I find it hard to believe that no one was preparing for the return of Ywbach and the Quincy! The story just makes it out like they came out of nowhere but than through flashbacks and other stories it seems everyone kind of knew this would happen eventually! Again I still love Bleach and Kubo but I’m just getting a little frustrated seeing everyone just get destroyed left and right especially some of my favorite characters!!! Sorry to rant just been kind of bothering me for awhile! I’m done now! Thanks for putting up with me!


  8. Ultimate Coordinator

    Wow BLEACH is actually ending Wtf. 😦 😦 😦
    Pray that Kubo does a spin off or something to continue the series in some way or to show extra scenes for battles, flashbacks and etc. Its ACTUALLY coming to an END, WHYYY !


  9. Christopher Waters

    We still don’t know how Yhwach lost during the first war. All we know is Yamamoto somehow managed to beat him. Jugrams Balance and Uryru’s Antithesis could easily bounce Yhwach auschwalen right back to him. Or in theory it should be able to. I’m not surprised that Yhwach won though from the start Ichigo was fucked. Sucks how Gerard was beat though I don’t like it one bit. It’s like he wrote himself into a corner and could not think of any other way to deal with him besides Yhwachs auschwalen


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      That’s why I’m expecting a flashback very very soon. Kubo needs to explain what really happened so long ago. Uryu is already immune to Auswählen, so he doesn’t really need to redirect it with The Antithesis. Jugram’s The Balance can possibly do that. I also am disappointed that Kubo killed off Gerard this way. I do agree with you that he probably wrote himself into a corner with Gerard. I was expecting the Royal Guard to defeat him. But now I believe once Yhwach fights Aizen in the Soul Society and more than likely defeats him, he’ll go to the world of the living and take over, but the Royal Guard will be there to fight him until Ichigo, Uryu, and Orihime show up after they are healed.


  10. trinin ninja

    My thoughts: This chapter gave me mixed feelings because of many things. One thing is the reveal that Bleach has “X” amount of chapters left. Another thing is the way in which Gerard is “defeated”. Another thing is the whole fade to white thing with Ichigo because I remember a bleach movie called fade to black and also Ichigo’s hollow was known as white. The last thing is Yhwach mentioned that he would destroy soul society and the real world but not hueco mundo….


  11. dreager1

    Well, Bleach is nearly at the end. Apparently, there is a rumor that the series is ending in around 5 chapters since 74 will be the final volume. Granted, it’s just a rumor, but if so I will definitely be a little disappointed since there is still so much that can happen. Still, it’s had a great run and I’m looking forward to an epic ending!


  12. Cool Satyam

    Doesn’t it look somewhat similar to the ichigo-aizen fight . Here is a portal like dangai where ichigo can train. Do you remember some chapters Bach ywach had a vision of shinigami ichigo killing him , maybe ichigo’s shinigami powers are still there and he will revert to his old form and attack teach after training in the portal with isshin and uryu and his father .


  13. Festus

    Ichigo is weak, and that disgusts me. Bach is way too strong. Kubo sucks at story-telling. All the excitement is definitely extinguished for me. Why give Ichigo powers only to have them snatched in such a ridiculous manner where he doesn’t even put up half a fight?


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