The Story of Destiny – Ichigo, Rukia, Isshin and Masaki

the_story_of_destiny_by_yesimtekin-d62tdsbI just saw this amazing piece of artwork and had to talk about it! Here is Isshin saving Masaki from the latest manga chapter, to which he looks at her and gives her a smile. The exact same thing happens during the moment when Ichigo saved Rukia from her doom, she’s saved and Ichigo also gives her the smile. What the hell does this mean? Is destiny going to repeat itself all over again to which Rukia and Ichigo will end up together?!

I certainly refuse to believe this, I’m a strong Ichigo and Orihime fan, but wouldn’t think these two to end up together, both Ichigo and Orihime would certainly make even cuter ginger babies. Nevertheless, there seems to be some proof that Ichigo and Rukia are meant for each other, the fact that the artist was able to put remember and put these images together is incredible, I completely forgot all about this! The concluded I want you guys to tell me what you think, will this destiny ever come true? or is Kubo trolling us again?

The amazing fan art above was done by the one and only YesimTekin, she’s got a great number of different fan art and many amazing different artwork which you’d go mad if you don’t see. So obviously I suggest you go check her out!

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  1. L

    Actually the similarities go beyond what you just mentioned here. Their stories also involve the girl saving the guy during their initial meeting, girl goes against rules to help the guy, shinigami losing power to save the human, guy comes back to save the girl, not to mention they are both stories of a shinigami and a human. It’s also been confirmed that, in japanese raws, what isshin said to Masaki at the end was the exact phrase Ichigo said to rukia when he saved her during ss arc.


  2. Josh

    INOUE and MASAKI (Ichigo’s mom) , not only LOOK ALIKE (hmmm Kubo is this a clue? ahahah) ,

    but they also have : a ✪ Quincy ✪ [ for MASAKI – Ryūken Ishida (Ishida’s dad) ; for INOUE – Uryuu Ishida] and a ✪ Shinigami ✪ [ for MASAKI – Isshin Kurosaki ( Ichigo’s dad ) ; for INOUE – Ichigo ] in their lives, with who both of them have a strong bond ღ ღ ღ.

    Look here:


  3. Maplefrost

    That picture with Orihime, Uryu and Ichigo is fanmade, and both look so ooc. Also why would Ichigo want to date someone that looks and acts like his mom, that’s gross. Ichigo has a stronger bond with Rukia than any of his other nakama, and Orihime is able to relate to Uryu, they’re even in the sewing club together. If anything Ichigo x Rukia is like Masaki x Isshin, and Ryuken x Katagiri is like Orihime x Uryu.


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