Akatsuki’s Invasion! Tatewaki’s Peace – Naruto Shippuden 310

Tatewaki Edo Tensei disappears Tatewaki against Sasori face Sasori's head Naruto protects Chiyo Tatewaki destroys Sasori puppet Naruto found by Princess Chiyo Tatewaki vs Naruto Shu Tatewaki sword on Naruto Shu Naruto as Lord Shu Lord Shu talks to Ino Shikamaru ChojiNaruto Shippuden 310 finishes this filler series, unfortunately there will be more next week. We see the Akatsuki consisting of Sasori and Deidara go into the nation to which they capture it. Lord Shu goes out to see his own town. Naruto is found, Tatewaki has to fight Sasori which he unfortunately loses. He finds out that both Shu and Chiyo are okay, he then disappears after finding out that he’s peace has been reached.

Naruto Shippuden 310 begins with Choji bringing his price back, Ino and Shikamaru both screw at him for nearly doing the wrong thing. Lord Shu is removed from the package, they’re in an inn within the town, he wants to look out to see everything within that town, he mentions that tomorrow he wants to go sightseeing as he’s never gone before while he was a hostage.

The next day, Naruto wakes up, within his normal form, he asks where he is, he quickly transforms into Lord Shu, Lord Shu is also woken up, he’s told by Shikamaru that everything’s okay and that they won’t ask about anything. Naruto is quickly eating all he can, Lord Shu on the other hand has never see the food in front of him.

They get out from the Inn and move to go to see the different places. Sasori and Deidara surround the town seeing how they can take over, Deidara is given the objective to see whats going on. Choji’s competitors are at the place they went, he tries to compete with them there.

Naruto’s falling asleep during the literacy lesson they’re faced with. Chiyo pinches him to wake him up when he quickly starts reading. Shu and the others move onto another place to which Shikamaru notices how Naruto might be doing. Shu goes to the bathroom when he’s asked by Shikamaru not to sneak away back to the castle or else they won’t be there to help him when trouble strikes.

Naruto trains with Tatewaki to which Naruto attacks but doesn’t succeed. Naruto jumps and it’s notices, Tatewaki keeps on attacking hard, pushing him back, then asks who he is, Naruto escapes from that position to only be attacked by Chiyo. Naruto’s cover is blown, they quickly ask where Shu is. Naruto gets out and creates a number of clones, Tatewaki stops him but it’s a clone.

He notices that all the other clones are going to the main gate, which means that he’s going to go to the back gate. Naruto meets Chiyo out of nowhere, they start talking about nonsense but Chiyo gets to the point to ask where Shu is. Ino checks on Shu but only finds out that he’s gone back to the castle. Naruto mentions that he’s safely been removed from the castle, he’s probably gone back to his village.

Tatewaki arrives asking where he is, he answers and mentions that it’s a good thing, Naruto is confused, he asks why because he was hired by the castle. He mentions that he’s only wish is to follow bring peace, if Shu is happy and in peace in his own village then yes he will allow it, he tells Naruto to take care of Shu.

Explosions occur to the gates by Deidara, Sasori tells him that they want to take over the village, not destroy it. He sends a number of his puppets down to the place. Naruto is told that he should take Chiyo and go to Shu’s place, he should also take care of him. Shikamaru goes to find Naruto, Shu follows and so do Choji and Ino.

The Puppets start to kill a number of soldiers, Tatewaki protects Chiyo but the second puppet gets in, thus Naruto has to use his Rasengan. Shikamaru notices that Shu followed him. Tatewaki tells Naruto to take care of Chiyo while he goes to save her father. Tatewaki asks for Naruto’s name, and that he won’t ever forget it.

Tatewaki goes and destroys a number of puppets, he finds Sasori to which he fights, unfortunately he’s a lot more powerful thus Tatewaki takes hits from his poisonous attacks. He dies at this point. Yamato covers their back, he reports this back to Tsunade telling that both Shu and Chiyo were taken back to Shu’s town.

Naruto tells the story to Edo Tatewaki while he tries to attack him. Tatewaki drops his sword, he then tells Naruto that he wishes that he could see them again, then mentions that he no longer has any regrets, at this point his body starts to degrade and the Edo Tensei on him fails. Naruto Shippuden 310 ends here.

A good episode, although it was nothing to do with the actual arc it was a good episode. Just like any season for Naruto arc, there will be more episodes next week with Naruto Shippuden 311, titled “Prologue of Road to Ninja”, when we see the prologue to the Road to Ninja movie, it has been previously released on manga so it should be pretty good.

There are 4 comments

  1. Isamu715

    Come on, cut it out with the fillers already, the manga is so far ahead it’s just ubearable seeing so many fillers while Bleach and Fairy Tail got canceled because of being too close to the manga.


    1. Sunite

      I think they’re just milking out everything they can about the past of every character, it’s stupid I know, we don’t need to know anything else because some of these fillers are stupid and pointless…


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