My Other Half – Yhwach and Jugram Haschwalth

Bleach is getting more and more interesting, in search of Yhwach’s Stern Ritter army, Yhwach came across Jugram who quickly made his right hand man, or his other half. Yhwach and Jugram quickly became one as he grew stronger and had the abilities of a Quincy but not quite able to use Quincy abilities.

Yhwach Jugram Haschwalth Bleach by Sideburn004

This fantastic piece of artwork was drawn by Sideburn004, who has a number of fantastic Bleach images based on the anime and manga. If you like this work, go ahead and check their profile, otherwise be sure to share this page and it’s image to other fans who will appreciate it. Be sure to use the social buttons below to share it with them.

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  1. Nick Dunn

    I think when Jugram gains a piece of Yhwach’s soul, he will he able to absorb Reishi and create his Spirit Weapon. Like the badass sword he uses now. I wonder what it’s name is.


      1. Nick Dunn

        That’s the translation. I’m honestly not to sure. Jugram has his own power when Yhwach is awake. He used his Schrift to kill Cang Du and break Ichigo’s previous Bankai blade. I think it’s just when Yhwach sleeps, Jugram becomes stronger, meaning maybe Yhwach’s Reiryoku transfers to Jugram, making him more powerful.


          1. Nick Dunn

            I think that stays with him sense he is actually not only related to the Soul King, but he is the one that absorbed him.


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