Naruto defeats Third Raikage – Naruto Shippuden 301

Naruto gets Rasen Shuriken Hit on Raikage Naruto's Sage Mode against Raikage Naruto producing Bijuu Dama Naruto's Rasen Shuriken misses Raikage Raikage finally hurt Naruto's Rasen Shuriken for Raikage Naruto's Rasengan pushes Raikage hand into weak spot Naruto saved by quick thinking Raikage's Hand Lightning Technique Raikage attacked by WindNaruto Shippuden 301 begins with the great and powerful Raikage facing off against the Chakra Mode Naruto. Although Naruto begins with no idea to defeating the Third Raikage, he discusses with the Eight Tails about his scar, to which Naruto exploits and uses the Raikage’s own technique to bring him down.

Naruto Shippuden 301 begins with a large number of wind and earth style user trying to attack the Raikage. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work as the Raikage is just way to quick for them. Temari comes up with a plan to which she uses her Wind Technique to push and cut the Raikage in many places, since his skin is literally thicker than thick, he doesn’t get too injured, plus the Edo Tensei helps him to heal, he also gets rid of a few Sealing Corp people. Kabuto gets rid of the Raikage’s personality since he wants more time to bring someone else back from the dead.

Out of nowhere, Naruto appears after Temari nearly loses all hope and Dodai appears. Naruto quickly jumps into the air above and calls to everyone that he’s there. He also quickly makes his Rasen Shuriken, to which he launches at Raikage, unfortunately it misses and Naruto tries to get him from the back. It again misses, now Naruto catches his own Rasen Shuriken to which he goes forward to attack close range. He gets an attack to push the Raikage back further than anyone has done before.

Naruto’s happy for this, he even tells the Sealing Corps to go and seal him, but he wakes up and just rips the papers out of him. Dodai goes to Naruto to help him. Naruto’s shocked that the Rasen Shuriken didn’t work. He tells Naruto that he’s taken over now. The Raikage then brings forth his hand showing his full hand, Dodai knows that it’s his Hell Stab.

He tells the Earth people to make a large wall, to which they quickly do. Naruto is taken by Dodai when the Raikage goes for him. Dodai uses his justu to cover the side with his rubber to help prevent the Raikage from pushing through. The Raikage starts his destruction at one end and starts getting closer using his hand. He explains that he’s using his most lethal weapon, the piercing four-fingered thrust of hell!

It accumulates lightning chakra in his fingertips and helps him to strike, just like Sasuke’s Chidori and Kakashi’s Raikiri. It reaches the rubber and he uses his three finger as he retracts one, making it more powerful, he comes out and quickly attacks all of them ninja’s facing him. Basically killing and destroying a lot of them with his lightning. Dodai notices that he’s switched to three fingers.

Naruto notices that he’s got a mark on his chest, looks like a scar. Dodai explains that he went against the Eight Tails and seemed to have gotten hurt, he hasn’t told anyone about this, not even the current Raikage. Naruto quickly goes on to create a Bijuu Dama, he tries on. At the battle field, a lot of people are getting hurt, Temari is still unhappy about what happened.

With Naruto, he’s currently building his Bijuu Dama when he’s unable to handle and it explodes, he’s Chakra Mode cloak also disappears, he still hasn’t got proper control of it. Naruto tells Dodai that he needs to talk to the Eight Tail and Bee. Unfortunately Raikage catches up with them and quickly goes to attack Naruto, Dodai puts him in a rubber ball, and pulls him out from the back, Raikage attacks the ball and chases after it.

Dodai contacts the HQ to get Naruto through to Bee and Eight Tail. Naruto quickly gets in contact them, he talks to Eight Tails to ask what had happened to them during their fight, it seemed like they had pushed against each other and were unable to fight anymore. The Raikage also cut the Eight Tail’s horn. It seemed like he used the One Finger on him, Eight Tails doesn’t know how he got the scar, but Naruto might have an idea after talking to him.

Naruto finishes talking, gets into Sage Mode and makes a Shadow Clone, he tells Dodai not to help as he wants to try something, Raikage approaches and Naruto makes a Rasengan. Naruto and Raikage attack each other, they get closer and out of nowhere, Naruto uses his Rasengan to bend the Raikage’s hand, it does so and hits his own body!

The Raikage is finally hurt, he turns in paper and ash, the people quickly get the Sealing Corps to seal him. They defeat him, Naruto tells Dodai that the scar was from his own hand, as it was done when he was fighting against the Eight Tail. We return to Onoki when he gets shot down once more, Gaara just watches as he’s unable to help Onoki, as he’s way to tired! Naruto Shippuden 301 ends here!

What a fantastic chapter, Naruto’s finally fighting some fantastic opponents like the Raikage, however it’ll be awesome to see how Gaara and Onoki defeat the Mizukage during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 302, titled “Terror: The Steam Imp”, when Gaara and Onoki fight as hard as they can to defeat him.

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