Laxus vs Jura! Orga Knocked Out – Fairy Tail 320

fairy_tail_320___laxus_vs_jura_by_bloodreal-d5vtln0 one_hit_kill_by_godslayer777-d5vxo5k fairy_tail_320___laxus_by_nyster7-d5vwzl5 ft_320__wind_by_nekorikachan-d5w2ofj ft_320__we_have_a_chance_by_nekorikachan-d5vv6b0Laxus punches Jura Jura one shots Laxus Jura defeats Orga Jura vs Laxus vs Orga Jura puts Orga to sleepFairy Tail 320 brings some great attention to Jura’s true power. We notice that everyone’s fighting as hard as they can, even Erza. But currently we focus on Jura’s intense power against both Laxus and Orga. He completely trashes Orga by knocking him down just using his hand. Laxus is also hit by it but he fights back with an uppercut.

Fairy Tail 320 begins as we see everything’s that currently happening. Arcadios heads towards Hisui, Jellal tries to figure out whats going on. Mavis watches on while Future Lucy watches on. Rogue and Frosch are back together. Yukino thinks on, while Mirajane looks for her. Sting wonders whats happening and still seems upset. Natsu and Leo fight on while Wendy and Lucy also do the same.

Erza gets up even with her bleeding leg, Minerva tortures her by grabbing the leg and smashing her onto the pillars. Kagura and Millianna watch on. Minerva mentions that the public shall bear witness to the defeat of Erza. Lyon attacks Gray when Juvia helps him to make his Ice Make: Shotgun. Chelia helps him by blocking it all, Lyon mentions that he’s doing a bad job of using Juvia’s water.

He brings forth a Water Serpent to which he attacks Gray. Chelia mentions that it’s not good that they’re ignoring Juvia. Lyon tells Chelia that she leaves Juvia in her capable hands, just make sure not to leave any marks. Juvia asks Gray how Lyon’s gotten so powerful. Gray tells her that he may be more powerful but they’re not working in unison, meaning that they’ve got the upper hand.

Jura faces both Laxus and Orga. Laxus mentions that Jura’s presence is suffocating. Orga mistakenly asks to see what a serious Jura is really capable of, he then asks if Jura will take his attack without moving. He asks if he’s able to block his attack, Laxus knows that he’s underestimating him. Orga unleashes his attack.

Mistakenly Orga seriously underestimates Jura as he smashes Jura’s head towards the ground to which his attack is nothing more than a waste of energy! Jura pulls his punch which isn’t even that hard, it smashes the ground, everyone’s terrified that Jura’s this powerful! He mentions that during the first day, he analyzed how he fought, and the attack he made was clearly enough to take him out!

Makarov and Mavis are shocked by how powerful Jura really is, Makarov mentions that he knows that it’s not going to end well for them. Ooba mentions that it’s time for Makarov to throw in the towel as Laxus isn’t going to win. She mentions that during the disappearance of them, Jura has risen to the 5th most powerful mage of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Sherry mentions that he may be 5th, but the four above him are way too powerful for him, they’re clearly outclasses him! Ooba spins her telling her not to speak about that ever again. Ooba mentions that the four are like deities, it’s not fair to compare Jura to them, there is no shame in Jura being the most powerful human wizard in the Ten Wizard Saints. Implying that the other others are clearly not human!

Jura tells Laxus that an all out match with Laxus has been on his to do list for a while, he then mentions who Laxus is, being Makarov’s grandson. Laxus stops him here, telling him that Jura’s not a old man with a title, nor is he Makarov’s grandson. He clearly states that they’re gladiators, Jura notices his eyes and what he really means by this.

Laxus powers him, and quickly goes for his attack, Jura powers up too, and out of nowhere, the same thing happens! Laxus is shot down by Jura’s hands. Everyone in Fairy Tail wonders how powerful he really is! Jura tells him that the world is vast place, and there is always someone higher up on the food chain.

Laxus gets up, telling him that if he gets too cocky the hunter will become the hunted! Now, Laxus quickly uses his technique to smashes Jura’s head from the bottom, he’s not got the best of angles to get a hit, but hopefully Laxus has a bit of a chance at defeating Jura! Fairy Tail 320 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, Jura’s serious face has finally been seen, and it’s one hell of a look, he’s clearly going to knock from teeth out, hopefully Laxus can block them well enough to last in the match! Hopefully Jura is taken out before he defeats the whole of Fairy Tail. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 321, titled “Laxus vs Jura” when we could possibly finish their fight during next week’s chapter!

There are 9 comments

    1. Linus135

      I know…honestly part of me hoped at the beginning of this “battle royal” they would end it with fairy law…but I guess it’s deterrent magic, like a nuke, and shouldn’t be used blah blah blah….


  1. Linus135

    This is the fight I have been waiting to see!! Laxus going all out against the 5th ranked Wizard Saint means if Laxus wins, he has shown the ability to be one of the 10 Wizard Saints. Not only that, but he would have shown the strength to be among the top 5. Since nobody has seen his true strength yet, I can’t wait for next week xD


  2. Isamu715

    If some four currently unknown to us wizards hold the first four spots in the 10 Wizard Saints classification does that mean Jura is stronger than Makarov? Or maybe Makarov was removed from the 10 Saints during his 7 year absence. Still, I wonder how they assign these titles, during the MPF competition Makarov said Jura would probably be on par with Gildarts. And if Jura is 5th strongest Wizard Saint why isn’t Gildarts one of the ten?


    1. Sunite

      I’m pretty sure that Makarov is strong as hell, and it could also mean that he’s stronger than Jura. With a title like this it would mean that people, especially evil powerful people would want to kill the saint so he wouldn’t want to be included in that rank. People like Gildart’s, Laxus and Erza, Fairy Tail’s S Class could easily be within the 10 Saints.
      Gildart’s wayyyyy more powerful than Jura, it could be that he’s always travelling and doesn’t want to include himself in that rank.

      If there are 4 much more powerful saints than Jura, who aren’t even human, it could pose the fact that there could be a lot more evil people who are a lott!! more powerful than what we’ve seen!


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