Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War Arc to get Anime Adaption

Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War Arc will be getting an anime adaption which will air in 2021! Yes, you heard correctly as after nearly 8 years (Bleach 366 aired 27 March 2012) Bleach anime will officially be returning to our screens to end the anime series following Tite Kubo’s Thousand Year Blood War Arc for Bleach!

The anime is returning to celebrate the 20 year anniversary as seen in the images above. The announcement was leaked online from the Weekly Shonen Jump which has been shared online quite a bit. We’ll know for sure after the official announcement which will be coming on Saturday.

As most of you know, the anime adaption will be covering Bleach’s manga final arc, which is the Thousand-Year Blood War story arc which we have extensively covered following the war between the Quincies and Shinigamis! Studio Pierrot animated the original Bleach anime which brought some of the best looking visuals for it’s time. There is no word as of now which studio or if Studio Pierrot will be coming back for this project, but we have high expectations.

Burn The Witch Anime Adaption AnnouncementThe manga was brought to a close by Tite Kubo in 2016 to which gave Kubo the time to work on other projects such as the Burn The Witch manga which will also be receiving a anime adaption as part of the announcement and Bleach’s 20 year anniversary.

The Bleach 20th Anniversary website was supposed to be announcing this during the AnimeJapan 2020 event on 23rd of March, but due to COVID-19, the event was cancelled and will be part of a livestream on YouTube. The announcement will reveal the return of Bleach anime in 2021, Burn the Witch’s anime adaption as well as the next manga Kubo Tite will be working on.

So what are your thoughts on this great news? Did you ever expect Bleach anime to be coming back after so long of waiting? Let me know in the comment section below.

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    It Has Been Years Since I Last Commented On Your Site!!

    Its been a tough 8 years wondering if it will ever come back, I began to doubt if it will be. But I didn’t accept it 100% sure it will be never back, so I kept that hope and it payed off.
    What made me more convinced it will be back, was that Bleach App game, Bleach Brave Soul, when they started added the abilities like the new Bankai’s from the final arc into the game. Even adding Yhwach and the Royal Guard into the game as well, with their own VA too.

    To me I just couldn’t help but ask, “how can you bring new characters into the Bleach game and give them VA and not think about bringing back the Anime??” that improve the chances it would come back.

    Now I just can’t help but think what changes will they bring to the Anime, like extended fights, or additional scenes as well, because if you remembered the Bleach Anime always added new scenes to their main story, especially around the Fake Karakura Town Arc and the Fullbringer Arc, you noticed characters were developed and the story slightly changed from the what was shown in the Manga, like it took Ichigo to more than a few days to think about getting his powers back.
    I would love to see that too, because I bet Kubo wanted to add a lot more into the Manga but was unable to, probably due to time from Jump. So it exciting to think off!!!

    And one more thing, I wanted to add, as I mentioned before how they added new characters to the Bleach Brave Souls from the novel Can’t Fear Your Own World, gave them VA too. I wouldn’t mind seeing the novel animated too, who knows they might add more fillers at the end, kind of like they did with Naruto.

    But I’m not being picky, I am so happy were getting the Anime back, so all we have to do is wait and enjoy the Show!!

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    1. Sunite

      I know! It’s definitely been a really long time since I last updated or wrote anything on this blog. It’s still up and I visit it from time to time.
      Yeah Me neither, I always thought it would come back because Bleach is part of the big 3 and it definitely still has a lot of weight to it. I did also play the games for a little while but all I wanted was the anime to be back.
      Yeah I think it would be great to have a extended fights and a lot more to the anime based from the manga because the manga chapters went on really quick.

      Im glad too, I will definitely be talking about each episode ones it back and doing the reviews again πŸ™‚


      1. Jalebi

        Hi! I was wondering if I can have 2 comments of mine removed from one of your old articles ? Because I used my real name and made those comments when I was a child so I have privacy concerns πŸ˜… I was trying to find your email to email you about it but could not find one so I’m replying here , please understand and thank you


  2. stylez


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