Where Did You Get That Jutsu From – Minato, Naruto and Boruto

Minato, Naruto and now Boruto, we follows the Uzumaki line of men as they all seem to share something in common, a justu which is common to all of them. The Rasengan, is seen in all three within this image. Further to the title, Where did you get that Jutsu from? relates to the song Daddy by Psy, which is why the artist named it so, very creative.

Rasengan Jutsu Minato Naruto Boruto by SorceressDream

A wonderful image by SorceressDream who has created this image with a comedic heart and love. If you like this work of hers, be sure to go ahead and check her other work out. Also be sure to share this page with other fans who will like this image.

There are 11 comments

  1. rahmaru

    what an ugly hair style Boruto is and he deserve better than that one…actually i just want to say that from the first time Boruto appeared on last chapter of NS…


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