Madara vs Guy: Manga and Anime Comparison

Recently, we saw the end of the battle between Madara vs Guy in the latest Naruto Shippuden 421, on top of this we saw a number of other extra bits where Hagoromo met with Sasuke and Naruto in their own consciousness and gave both of them power. In turn, this allowed for Naruto to save Guy and allow for a whole new battle to begin: Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara Uchiha!

As seen in the images below, you’ll be able to set your eyes upon both the anime and manga versions of the battle by Madara vs Guy, eventually you’ll see the similarities which the anime and manga’s have and how it’s such a wonderful thing to look at.

This comparison was done by miraitrunks on reddit, so all props to him on getting the correct episodes and manga’s, check them out below! Also be sure to comment down below telling us what you think about this comparison, share it to other people if you can too.

01 - dont look at me like that 02 - become a nice string man with a nice strong smile 03 - so it begins 04 - Sharingan can see the chakras 05 - DEATH GATE IS OFFICALLY OPEN 06 - GET READY 07 - GO 08 - warm up 09 - ok fo real 10 - LOLZ 11 - too many 12 - fifth step 13 - minato 14 - yellow flash 15 - fuck ok Camp it out 16 - nah bro i got you 17 - the sage of six paths 18 - two sages one ten tails 19 - awwww chibi 20 - avatars 21 - i live inside you naruto 22 - sauske is my brother 23 - previous ghostly attachments 24 - AWWWWW YISSSSSS TAILED BEASTS ASSEMBLE 25 - ok im going to give you the cheat codes now 26 - HAX 27 - are we human or are we dancer 28 - yo guy got jacked 29 - READY 30 - SETO 31 - night guy 32 - AGAIN 33 - FUCK YOU MADARA 34 - BONES ARE SHATTERING 35 - it was at the moment they both realized they fucked up 36 - oh noes GUY SENSEI 37 - NARUTO TO THE RESCUE 38 - and heres a 1up

What do you think?

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