Wendy Defeats Ezel! Best Friends – Fairy Tail 244

Fairy Tail 244 see’s Wendy defeating Ezel using her Dragon Force, while also trying to deactivate the activated Face pulse bomb. While it already been activated, Carla uses her clairvoyance abilities to look into the future and figure out a way to stop it, the only way being self-destruction, they go with it while Carla and Wendy have their final moments, fortunately, Doranbolt saves them.

Fairy Tail 244 begins as Wendy’s power grows even further after breathing and activating her Dragon Force abilities, she can control the air in that space. She begins by hitting Ezel left and right, she’s so quick that it’s really hard to Ezel to see. Ezel gets up and tries to attack, Carla notices they have 4 minutes left.

Ezel uses her abilities but it misses, the clock keeps on counting down. Wendy uses her attacks but Ezel is affected by it since he’s able to activate his Slashing Mode and use it to attack and keep her back. However, Wendy uses more and more windy that it traps Ezel in an attack then grows even stronger after she uses an attack which breaks Ezel and the Face weapon, thus Wendy defeats Ezel.

However, seconds later, the clock keeps on counting, it seems the physical nature of the weapon was nothing but a face, it’s actually about the countdown there. All this happens while Natsu keeps on fighting Franmalth, they all feel the tremors of the cube as it gets closer to activating the Face weapon.

Carla and Wendy haven’t stopped the weapon, it seems members of Tartarus and Fairy Tail evenly matched in terms of power. Wendy and Carla don’t know what to do, however Carla looks into the future using her clairvoyance power and finds a way to stop Face from going of.

She explains by changing some things in the settings of the Face weapon, she can transform it’s energy into a bomb and thus disabling Face but meaning a large self-destructive problem for them. Carla tells Wendy that she needs to run, but Wendy say’s no, and that she will never leave her.

She gets closer as she mentions that she cannot get away, they’ve always been together. They remember the old times when they were young, when they met Fairy Tail and all the journeys they’ve had. She will always stay by her, they press the button and it begins to activate, the bomb is about to explode. It does, and seconds later we see Doranbolt with both Carla and Wendy, seems like he saved them. Fairy Tail 244 ends here.

Many would have thought that they would die here, showing their past the way it did, on top of which it seems that Wendy and Carla have both grown up a lot since the first time they met. It should be a good episode next week, Fairy Tail 245, titled “Hell’s Core” when we see Franmalth defeated by Natsu and another mystery appears!

What do you think?

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