Watch Charlotte (Anime)

Charlotte follows the journey of Yuu Otosaka as someone with abilities known to be able take over other individuals, he uses them to gain status and increase his grades in his current school. Nao Tomori, a girl from a separate school, finds out about his abilities by tracking him down when she offers him to join her school in order to protect him from being found out.

The story begins here when Nao Tomori finds Yuu Otosaka using his abilities gain success, she tells him that she also has abilities. On top of this she reveals that he needs to keep his abilities to himself, if someone reports him, he could be turned into a guinea pig. The story gets interesting after they discover more individuals with abilities, if you’d like to watch Charlotte, go on ahead using the link below.

Watch Charlotte (SUB ENG)

If you already watch Charlotte, go on ahead and tell me what you think about the series, it’s a little bit of a different story compared to other usual series, but still it’s something refreshing and new to watch. Also be sure to share this page with others who will find a liking to this show.

Charlotte Anime Poster

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