Laxus Arrives! Fairy Tail Escape – Fairy Tail 447

Fairy Tail 447 see’s the arrival of Laxus at a peak time when Azir is about to eradicate Makarov and others with his Sand Wave. Laxus arrives and decimate it just with one electrical shock, retrieving Makarov and others using Mest’s powers. Laxus lays down a large electrical bomb where it seems it could have taken out Azir when August lays down his barriers to stop any damage to him.

Fairy Tail 447 begins with Natsu punching Azir in the face, it pushing him back with tremendous force. He gets up and mentions that he’s not been punched like that in years, it feels great, telling them to bring it on. He releases his sand around him in an effort to get them, even Gray’s freeze doesn’t work as they’re tangled into sand.

Makarov tries to gather them as he mentions that he shall not harm his children. Natsu and others tell him to put him down. Azir asks if that’ll be enough to protect everyone, calling him clueless, and mentioning that he has no idea the power that the Spriggan 12 possess.

Out of nowhere, a large wave of sand comes by them as it goes on to drown them in the sands of death. Erza asks Mest to teleport them quickly, as he doesn’t know where. The waves get closer when he mentions that he will protect them with all he’s got. Azir mentions that it’s time to create some Fairy Mummies, the sand gets closer when a large strike of lightning comes hiding the group to which it disperses all the sand around that area.

A large shit appears, this being the Blue Pegasus personal ship, we see Laxus arrive, looking badass as ever, he makes a joke by mentioning that Makarov seems to have a few more wrinkles on his forehead. Gajeel and others on the ship try and call out who is on board of the ship, even Ichiya is there.

Mest quickly transports them to the ship, Azir quickly tries to capture them but Mest moves on ahead. Laxus asks if this is really running, then mentions that their battle is only at an intermission. He lays down a large electrical explosion causing all the sand and air in that area to explode.

It even pushes out their flying vehicle out-of-the-way, Azir mentions that the attack threw him off the loop, and that they can’t be serious, he shows a sweat when he notices August is behind him, he notices that he was the one who put up a barrier to save Azir. August mentions that losing a comrade is a terrible thing, thus such an attack would have most likely done some serious damage to Azir.

Azir takes this wrong as he thinks that August is suggesting that he could have died from that attack, then telling him to be careful to not go senile in his old age. At the Alvarez Empire we see Zeref commences the start of the war. Everyone talk in the ship when Makarov mentions that he has the best family ever, Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail 447 ends here.

Another fantastic chapter, also pointing to something even better that Laxus has gotten hell of strong and that it could also mean that Laxus could potentially battle against Azir in the near future. Nevertheless, that was seriously an awesome chapter and nice to see Laxus back in action, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 448, titled “Fight The Power”.

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