Tite Kubo draws Bleach Characters for Lucca Comics

A couple of months ago back in November 2017, Tite Kubo mentioned that he would be attending the Lucca Comics and Games 2017 event in Italy alongside Shintaro Kago and Eldo Yoshimizu. However, Kubo was unable to attend the event thus has released some rare artwork of Bleach characters promoting the event on his twitter account.

Tite Kubo posted on Twitter that he is unable to attend due to illness and thus has released twelve hand drawn rough images of Bleach characters, these can be seen below.

So what are your initial thoughts on these fantastic artwork. Tite Kubo has still got it if you ask me, and looking at the work he’s done in the past and now, he’s definitely developed some amazing characters.

Go ahead and comment down below telling me and everyone else what you think. Also be sure to share this with other fans of Bleach and Tite Kubo!

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      1. nickdunnaquatic

        That would be a great idea. I’ve taken a break from anime, but every now and than I read fanfiction based off of Bleach. To this day I never get tired of hearing Bleach news.

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        1. Sunite

          Same here, this break has allowed me to concentrate on other things. But at the moment, I get into anime from time to time, thus writing stuff might be a good idea toget back into blogging. And same here, always nice to see stuff about Bleach here and there…

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  1. Fadloullah Adome

    Thats though though I wonder where is ichigo and dang Sunite I can’t believe you still here I saw your comments on ichigo vs Naruto from 5 years and having seen both animes I totally say ichigo


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