Naruto and Konohamaru! Rasengan Training – Naruto Shippuden 423

Naruto Shippuden 423 is a filler episode concentrating on Naruto and Konohamaru during the time when Naruto was training in order to defeat Pain and the Akatsuki. While we mainly concentrate on Konohamaru and his training towards building up his Rasengan, we also see how he’s progressed and grown up to become Naruto’s rival.

Naruto Shippuden 423 is an episode that shouldn’t really have existed, like most Naruto fillers, it begins as Konohamaru trains in order to explode a ball that is in his hand, similar to what Naruto had to do. He can easily do it, he and his gang go towards Naruto in order to talk to him, they talk about Orochimaru and how he found him, but couldn’t bring Sasuke back.

Naruto begins to train even harder now, all while Konohamaru shows him his new technique and how he can explode the ball, Naruto then asks him to make a clone to which Konohamaru mentions that he can’t make clones.

Konohamaru mentions that he challenges him as his rival, while Konohamaru trains even further to create a clone, he does so day and night until he can create a stable one. All while Naruto trains to stop a stream of water passing through. Konohamaru is training really hard that Udon and Moegi go to Sakura’s house in order to make some food pills for Naruto and Konohamaru.

They talk about how Konohamaru is chasing after Naruto really hard, thus becoming rivals. Konohamaru trains really hard the next day, even Naruto is able to accomplish this. Naruto gets there, he tells him that he wins this time because he cannot sustain it. Elsewhere we see some bad news come in as we hear the death of Asuma Sarutobi.

Everyone goes to his funeral, Konohamaru can see it in his face how bad of a thing this is and the determination Naruto has to do what is right. Konohamaru realises that he must train to get stronger. He has to develop his own Rasengan quickly. We see Naruto find that Konohamaru can sustain his clones.

Next up we see both of them bring their clones and try to weave the Rasengan. Tsunade is interested in the next generation as she see’s Naruto and Konohamaru train. Naruto is going on a mission when Konohamaru arrives and tells him to stay and train him, however he has a special mission for him.

To go to his house and get his old jacket and keep it safe, Konohamaru then continues on with his training. At the village we see large explosions as the whole village is attacked by Pain. Konohamaru saves Ebisu as he uses his newly found Rasengan to destroy one of the members of Pain.

After Naruto had saved the village and everyone there, we see that Naruto is really happy that he developed the Rasengan. On top of which he has something to show up, which is his treasure, his jacket and toys from where he lived. Naruto is happy, and that Konohamaru saved it for him. Naruto Shippuden 423 ends here.

A good episode for a filler, although I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 424, titled “To Rise Up” when we see Naruto and Sasuke finally join hands in fighting against the Madara Uchiha! Can’t wait for this brilliant episode, something even more powerful is coming!

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  1. dreager1

    Sooooo….another filler episode? Well, at least you said that this one was good so that’s an improvement over a lot of the other ones, but the flashbacks still seem like they could get old fast. With the manga already over, they’re definitely stalling for time now.


    1. Sunite

      Well this week was a double episode 422 and 423, and apparently 423 is released on most/all sites, while 422 is missing on most/all of the pirate websites, so I might not get my hands on them until later.


    2. Sunite

      Totally agree, and stalling it at such a pinnacle moment such as now, just totally ruins it all. If they had included at the end as extra bits and bobs then I wouldn’t mind watching them, but this just ruins the pacing of it all.


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