Mayuri Gets Serious! Pernida’s Nerves – Bleach 638

Bleach 638 continues the battle between Mayuri vs Pernida, we see Pernida try to use his hands and nerves in order to manipulate inorganic material to catch Mayuri out, he does and forces Mayuri to explodes his armor revealing whats under his mask to be tube like hair and ears. Mayuri explodes Pernida’s pinky finger as a sample when it also comes to life.

Bleach 638 begins with Mayuri showing him his hand and asking what he’s just said. Pernida mentions that his name is not left arm, his name is Pernida Parnkgjas, Mayuri mentions that it’s a long name. Mayuri then mentions that he is the one who found him, so he has the right to name him, but if Pernida says it himself, then he can make an exception.

However, he will decide the spelling of his name. Pernida mentions that he doesn’t understand what he’s saying, what he does not understand usually mean are bad things. He mentions that he is the enemy, someone who says bad things towards Quincy’s.

He shall not forgive him, when he sends his nerves towards the ground and creates an arm around it, this shows Mayuri that Pernida can also control inorganic materials with his nerves. He didn’t expect this and finds it something to say that he’s impressed. Mayuri smiles when we see a page with just Mayuri’s crazy face, being malice and in total comedy.

Mayuri moves away from the arm, then uses his arm to pull himself towards the top of a building, however the nerves arrive by him in the building and is forced to move away from the building he’s climbing. The previous arm is also there, both arrive and crush him wherever he is.

There is a huge explosion when we see that Mayuri is fine, just that armor reacts by exploding. Mayuri falls to the ground when he notices that Pernida’s nerves are there, this is when Mayuri shows his new ability where he is able to float and fly using a Quincy ability.

Mayuri mentions that it’s a a Quincy ability referred to as Sky-Walking technique used by them, called the Hirenkyaku as named by Souken and Uryu Ishida. The real name by the Quincies might be a little different, but anyways Mayuri mentions that he can cover the ground with nerves, it is just meaningless if he doesn’t step on any of them.

Next up, Mayuri launches a slug like thing which appears from Mayuri’s pocket gadget where it circles Pernida’s pinky finger, and quickly explodes as Mayuri mentions that he shall now be taking a sample. It lands on the ground as Mayuri mentions that the finger needs to preserved, he puts a liquid on there.

It might sting a little but later on he shall put it in a water tank to preserve it until he can experiment and do his research on. However, out of nowhere we see an eye appear out of nowhere, and then the nerves quickly attached itself to Mayuri and bends his own pinky finger back.

Mayuri’s arm explodes in order to prevent Pernida, Mayuri tries to remove his nerves but then Mayuri shows his crazy face when he mentions that he’s rearranged the position of his nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Mayuri tells him that don’t just think that he can control his body so easily. Bleach 638 ends here.

A fantastic and impressive chapter indeed, and it seems that after getting hit a few times by Pernida, Mayuri is finally getting serious about this. On top of which Pernida has a lot of moves up their sleeve. On top of which the battle seems to just getting started, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 639 chapter.

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  1. Nick Dunn

    There are three things I liked about this chapter.

    1. Pernida is speaking. She is basically saying her name isn’t left arm of the Soul King. Her name is Pernida Parnkgjas. And that she knows she’s a Quincy for people who think she is brainwashed. Also I like that slowly Pernida is showing use her nerves powers. But not completely.

    2. Mayuri somehow has shoes that use “Hirenkyaku” which is badass cause Yhwach is absorbing so much Reishi that no one can use their speed techniques to create a platform of Reishi for flying in the sky. Also Mayuri said Uryu and Some call it Hirenkyaku. But the Wandenreich probably call it something else. Which is so true because all the techniques the Wandenreich use are in German. Not Japanese like Hirenkyaku and Ginto (Quincy spells). So sooner or later we will get her German names.

    3. Mayuri was caught off guard. Which rarely happens now a days. He lost his arm from Pernida’s pinkie having an eye. But what I did like was how his illuminating clothes Explode for protection. Also Mayuri looms freaky as hell without his hood on. The way he put his arm back made me think as well. It seems he used his own blood and nerves like a sew and needle to repair it. The only other person in Bleach that sews is Shutara Senjumaru. The Divine General Mayuri has an unknown history with.


    1. Sunite

      Basically sums up what happened in this chapter, really liking how this is going, and I didn’t notice that he used his own blood vessels to sew himself him. One question I have for you is that Pernida has two eyes, and in the last page we saw an arm with one with eye and the pinkie had another eye. If Mayuri was to cut another finger off, making Pernida into three pieces, would that eventually mean that Pernida could only control two of the three pieces?


      1. Nick Dunn

        That’s hard to say. Pernida’s pinkie having an eye really surprised me. I don’t know if Mayuri is gonna risk doing it again. I don’t think it will matter if he did cut off another finger. She seems to just control the fingers like her own bkdy, she’s not actually using The Compulsory on them. It took me a while to see that Mayuri did that. But I have a feeling next chapter, he’ll be getting more injured. Losing an arm is nothing to Pernida.


        1. Sunite

          That is very true, the damage from Pernida onto Mayuri has already started, it’s just a matter of Mayuri continuing the punishment on him and just slowly taking over his nerves, muscles and blood vessels, killing him from the inside out.


          1. Nick Dunn

            Man now I’m actually worried for creepy ass Mayuri. God he’s so weird. The only part of him I don’t like about him other than his sociopathic traits is his overconfidence. But this chapter showed us he isn’t completely underestimating Pernida.


            1. Sunite

              The weird image of Mayuri with the weird face was just spectacular, it showed to me that Mayuri is a god! Even if he’s not strong to a point where he can Yhwach, he’s a total awesome and epic character, he might be one of my favourite along with a few others at the moment.


              1. Nick Dunn

                Ya he is definitely one of the strongest and most hax Captains. I can understand why Kubo likes him so much. That’s why this fight is gonna be badass. Cause it already is getting awesome.


  2. Kira Yamato

    Mayrui out quiniced the quinicy lol. This battle seems really one sided but bit interesting, hopefully it ends in 4-5 chapters.


    1. Sunite

      I think it will, giving it a few more chapter like 4/5 as you mentioned is a good number since Mayuri really wants Pernida to be his test tube subject, he won’t let go until he has him, like every other mad scientist.


      1. Nick Dunn

        I believe this fight will end in 640. And I believe Mayuri will lose. This chapter showed us that Mayuri had to actually do something to escape Pernida. She pressured him the same way Uryu did him way back. At the end of the chapter, he is sweating and cringing while smiling. He also called Pernida by her first name. Meaning he now realizes Pernida isn’t someone to be taking lightly. While Pernida looks fine, even her pinkie is fine.


        1. Sunite

          Yeah totally agree, Pernida can take many different forms while Mayuri is just one, he might different things up his sleeves but that can also run out. Mayuri might be slightly in trouble if he doesn’t get serious about this battle.


          1. Kira Yamato

            Lol its one sided to Mayuri, him dodging is common sense for anyone in battle. Knowing him he has so much more to show, like he did today with Hirenkyaku. Ritter C’s nerves can’t touch him, unless he gets cocky & goes crazy.


            1. Nick Dunn

              I know Mayuri has alot in store for us. No doubt about it. But so does Pernida. Plus like I said the fact that he actually has to do things physically makes me think he is going to lose. He is definitely pissed that Pernida fucked up his arm. plus the ending page with Pernida just looking at him not worried at all saids alot. This battle is going to Pernida sense Mayuri isn’t being as careful as he should be like when he fought Szayelaporro and Giselle.


  3. Nick Dunn

    Just for fun, I feel like listing all the memorable injures all the Bleach characters have endured so far. For example ( missing or damaged limbs, gapping holes through the body, unique form of almost dying, cut horizontal or vertical.)

    Ichigo: almost cut in half by Aizen, only his backbone keeping his body from splitting. Being stabbed through the chest by Ulquiorra. Nnoitra breaking his left arm, Tesla breaking his right arm and right leg. Had his chest blown away by Ulquiorra.

    Orihime: had her left face broken by Yammy. Had a hole in her left hip from Quilge. Almost absorbed by Quilge.

    Uryu: Nearly poisoned to death by Mayuri. Left arm ripped off by Ulquiorra.

    Chad: Right arm ripped off by Yammy. Had Three Holes Through His Body From Quilge. Almost absorbed by Quilge.

    Rukia: Stabbed through the chest by Aizen. Stabbed through the stomach by Grimmjow, and stabbed through the gut by Aaroniero.

    Renji: Nearly killed by Byakuya, forcing Unohana to heal him. Stabbed through the chest by Yylfordt. Dropkicked by Mask and forced to have surgery.

    Yoruichi: Arm and leg fractured by Yammy. Left arm warped by Pernida and cut it off.

    Byakuya: Nearly killed by his own Bankai, also destroying his left hand from As Nodt. Forcing surgery and Tenjiro to heal.

    Zaraki: Cut several times by Nnoitra, including his artery on his neck. Defeated by Royd, needed surgery. Stabbed through the throat by Unohana. Organs ruptured by Gremmy. Injured by Meninas and Candice to were he cannot move. Right arm warped by Pernida, forced to rip it off. Both legs warped by Pernida.

    Yachiru: right arm broken by Gremmy turing them into cookies.

    Sajin: chest blown off by Kaname. Left arm cut off by Aizen.

    Sui-Feng: left arm rotted away by Barragan, forcing Omeaida to cut off. Brown up by BG9.

    Mayuri: ripped off left arm after Uryu shot it from trying to capture Orihime. Left arm blown off by Uryu. Chest blown off by Uryu. Right arm warped by Pernida, forcing to rip it off and rearrange the nerves.

    Nemu: Body was devoured by Szayel aporro and used as a cocoon.

    Toshiro: Left arm and leg cut off by Aizen. Shot through the chest by Bazz-B. Killed and Turned into a Zombie by Giselle.

    Rangiku: right hip ripped off by Ayon. Cut in the throat by Cang. Killed and tuned into a Zombie by Giselle.

    Momo: Nearly all her bones broken from Ayon.

    Izuru: right arm, shoulder, and right side of chest blown off by Bazz-B.

    Shuuhei: Nearly crushed by Ayon. Brutally beaten by Driscoll. Face slashed by Hollow.

    Ikkaku: Beat up by Edrard. Right leg frozen by Zombie Toshiro.

    Yumichika: Stabbed through the stomach by Charlotte. Left arm broken by Charlotte. Stabbed though the stomach by zombie Toshiro.

    Ganju: cut several times by Byakuya.

    Jidanbo: left arm cut off by Gin. Turned into a Zombie by Giselle.

    Shunsui: Right eye shot off by Robert.

    Jushiro: Stabbed through the chest by Wonderwiess. Unconscious after Mimihagi was absorbed by Yhwach.

    Chojiro: Stabbed through the chest and left arm cut off by Driscoll.

    Yamamoto: Blown up by his own Shikai from Wonderwiess. Left arm used for sacrificial Kido for Aizen. Cut in half from his waist by Yhwach. Right hand cut off by Yhwach. Body destroyed by Yhwach.

    Shinji: Chest blown up by Bambietta

    Hiyori: cut in half horizontally by Gin.

    Hachi: right arm rotted away by Barragan. Forced to cut off with barriar.

    Rojuro: Shot through the chest by Mask. Killed by Gremmy. Than revived, but killed and tuned into a Zombie by Giselle.

    Mashiro: Punched in the face by Wonderwiess.

    Kensei: Right arm broken by Mask. Killed by Gremmy, but revived but killed and turned into a Zombie by Giselle.

    Kaname: left arm broken by Sajin. Stabbed though the throat by Shuuhei. Body blown up by Aizen.

    Gin: Right arm nearly ripped off by Aizen, than completely ripped off by Aizen.

    Aizen: Cut in Half Vertically By Ichigo.

    Unohana: Stabbed the the throat by Zaraki.

    Ichibei: Body blown up by Yhwach.

    Oetsu: shot through his left shoulder by Lille. Nearly separating his left arm from his body. Shot through the chest by Lille.

    Grimmjow: left arm cut off by Kaname. Slashed on his left chest by Nnoitra.

    Ulquiorra: left arm ripped off by Hollow Ichigo. His lower body and left arm blown away by Ichigo.

    Harribel: Stabbed through the left side off her collar bone, and slashed thigh her left breast by Aizen.

    Barragan: left arm, left side of face, and right foot brown off by Sui-Feng. Rotted away from his own power from Hachi.

    Neliel: Cut through her forehead and Mask by Nnoitra

    Pesche: Mask completely ripped off by Nnoitra.

    Dondocchaka: Mask completely ripped off by Nnoitra.

    Nnoitra: Right arm cut off by Zaraki. Nearly cut in half, also having his lower left arms cut off, by Zaraki

    Dordoni: Stabbed to death by Rudburn. Revived as a zombie by Mayuri.

    Cirucci: Head cut off by Rudburn. Revived as a zombie by Mayuri.

    Rudburn: Completely frozen by Rukia. Broken by Yammy.

    Tesla: Nearly cut in half and right arm cut off by Zaraki.

    Loly: Right leg broken off by Grimmjow.

    Meloly: Her head and chest blown away by Grimmjow. Arm cut severely by Quilge.

    Yylfordt: Right shoulder and arm ripped off by Renji.

    Shawlong: Right arm completely frozen off by Toshiro. Stabbed through the throat by Toshiro.

    Abirama: Head cut off by Izuru.

    Findor: Stabbed though the head by Shuuhei.

    Ggio: Body completely destroyed by Sui-Feng.

    Charlotte: Slashed And Left Arm Cut off By Zombie Toshiro.

    Appaci: Left arm ripped off in her Resurrection, and again in her sealed form. Shot through the chest by Quilge.

    Sung Sun: Left am twisted off in her Resurrection and again in her sealed form. Shot through the stomach by Quilge. Nearly absorbed by Quilge.

    Mila Rose: Left arm cut off in her Resurrection and again in her sealed form. Shot through the stomach by Quilge. Nearly absorbed by Quilge.

    Ayon: Left side of chest blown off by Yamamoto. Cut in half vertically by Yamamoto. Completely burned to death by Yamamoto. Completely absorbed by Quilge.

    Aaroniero: Deep voice head cut in half by Rukia. High voice suffocated.

    Szayelaporro: Stabbed Through The Heart While Under The Effects Of The Superhuman drug by Mayuri. Taking 100 years or more.

    Yammy: right arm cut off by Ichigo. Left said of his Mask broken by Yoruichi. Hit in the stomach to cause bleeding by Ulquiorra. Teo legs cut off by Zaraki. Right side of his face cut by Zaraki, cutting of his mask, and his left side damaged by Byakuya. Left arm cut off by Zaraki

    Luppi: Two tentacles cut off by Kisuke. Stabbed and head and hip blown off by Grimmjow. Revived as a zombie by Mayuri.

    Wonderwiess: Stomach punched away by Yammy. Long arm ripped off by Yamamoto. Two of his main arms ripped off by Yamamoto. Body completely nearly destroyed by Yamamoto.

    Tsukishima: Left arm cut off by Ichigo. Chest blown off by Byakuya.

    Riruka: Cut in her left shoulder by Tsukishima using cut that kills.

    Jackie: right shoulder cut severely while small by Tsukishima.

    Giriko: Cut in half vertically by Zaraki.

    Quilge: Rip cage broken and neck broken by Ayon. Shot through the chest by Kisuke. Cut in half vertically by either Neliel or Grimmjow.

    Luders: Right arm blown off by Yhwach. Head blown off by Yhwach.

    Asguiaro: Chest blown off by Yhwach.

    Jerome: Cut in half vertically by Zaraki.

    Bernice: throat cut off by Zaraki.

    Driscoll: Burned to death by Yamamoto.

    Royd: left side of his body, including his left arm, completely destroyed by Yamamoto.

    Zeidritz: Burned to death and resurrected as a zombie by Yamamoto.

    Argola: Burned to death and resurrected as a zombie by Yamamoto.

    Hubert: Burned to death and resurrected as a zombie by Yamamoto.

    Bazz-B: Nearly burned to death by Yamamoto. Nearly killed by Auswählen. Right arm cut off by Jugram.

    Liltotto: Shot through the stomach by Bazz-B. Punched by Full powered Meninas. Had a gaping hole through her chest by Yhwach.

    Giselle: Nearly cut in half vertically by 11th Division grunt. Neck twisted by Ichigo. Shot through the chest by Bazz-B stabbed through the heart by Zombie Kensei. Head damage by Yhwach.

    As Nodt: Nearly burned to death by Yamamoto. Frozen to death by Rukia.

    Mask: Right arm broken by Renji. Stabbed Through The Chest And Body Completely Destroyed By Renji.

    Candice: left arm blown off by Ichigo. Shot in the stomach by Bazz-B. Mia after hit with Auswählen.

    Bambietta: Blown up by her own bombs by Sajin. Killed and tuned into a Zombie by Giselle. Arm cut off by Yumichika. Blown up by Mayuri. Head smashed through by Giselle.

    NaNaNa: Nearly burned to death by Yamamoto. Shot through the chest by Bazz-B.

    Meninas: shot through the stomach by Bazz-B. Injured by Liltotto, and mia when hit with Auswählen.

    Guenael: Nearly cut in half vertically by Yachiru. Left shoulder blown off by Gremmy. Completely destroyed by Gremmy.

    Gremmy: Cut in half horizontally by Zaraki. Body Broken By himself.

    Pepe: Eaten alive by Liltotto.

    Robert: Body nearly and fatality destroyed by Auswählen.

    Askin: Face cut by Oetsu. Killed by Oetsu. Revived by Yhwach.

    Lille: Left am cut off and killed by Oetsu. Revived by Yhwach.

    Pernida: Stabbed through the head and killed by Oetsu. Revived by Yhwach. Pinkie blown off by Mayuri.

    Gerard: cut in his abdomen and killed by Yhwach.

    Hope you guys like it. 😉


    1. Sunite

      Omg Nick xD this is such a magnificent list! I’ve just briefly gone through this list and the two other Quincy’s and can somewhat remember most of them! This is awesome! I can’t believe you took the time to do this! Your awesome man!


      1. Nick Dunn

        Thanks dude! Glad you liked it. I just wanted to show it cause Bleach has a history for memorable injures and deaths. And I made a typo with Gerard. He was killed by Oetsu and revived by Yhwach 😉


  4. Nick Dunn

    Oh sorry forgot to add two Quincy.

    Cang: Cut in half form his right shoulder by Jugram and killed.

    BG9: Nearly killed by Sui-Feng. Mia after hit with Auswählen.


        1. Nick Dunn

          Thanks man. I honestly just felt like doing it cause people were listing how many characters in Bleach lost their arms cause Kubo apparently doesn’t like arms. I know I missed some injures from certain characters.


  5. James Katt

    Mayuri’s right arm is still intact. It was never ripped off. The outer armor reacted and exploded to the attack by Pernida’s nerves. What you see in the last page is Pernida’s nerves retreating from Mayuri’s right hand, going plick, plick, as each detaches away.


    1. Nick Dunn

      I’m not sure what really happened, but I don’t believe his arm exploded from his armor. His armor already exploded to protect him from the stone hands. I guess looking at it, Mayuri freaked out and his arm came off. He has down his before with his left am. His arm is intact, but he rearranged the nerves so it wouldn’t be warped. You can see he is sweating and angry, so he is in pain and upset at Pernida.


  6. James Katt

    Quote: Ulquiorra: left arm ripped off by Hollow Ichigo. His lower body and left arm blown away by Ichigo.

    Response: Ulquiorra’s injury was worse: Ulquiorra’s structural integrity was destroyed by Ichigo. The rest of Ulquiorra’s body blew away as ash. And Ulquiorra died.


    1. Nick Dunn

      Thanks for the improvement. I know I didn’t list all of the characters injures. I know Ulquiorra died because his internal organs were blown away by Hollow Ichigo.


    1. Sunite

      In my opinion, I think it just might. As its going, the Shinigami are attacking and Jugram is the only one there who can protect Yhwach while he sleeps. So it might just happen, you never know.


      1. Nick Dunn

        You too so are so right. Shunsui will right Jugram. But only whne Yhwach is awake. Right now, Jugram is too powerful after gaining The Almighty and becoming the temporary ruler of the Empire. Only when Yhwach is awake can Shunsui fight Jugram. I believe when Yhwach is awake, Jugram is as strong as Askin and Uryu, but weaker than Lille, Pernida, and Gerard. But when Yhwach is asleep, he becomes stronger than even them. Also, davidoko, thanks I really want to show how diverse the injures were among the Bleach characters.


  7. davidoko

    I’ve been thinking . it’s been practically 1000 or 1200 years since a quincy juha bach’s been born.
    ichigo happened to have been born at one of this two possibilities.
    it therfore might just be possible that ichigo might also be am “ALMIGHTY” .
    Note the same applies to ishida


    1. Sunite

      I think Ichigo was born like 20 or so years ago, I’m not sure how old he is ATM. I’d have to check the wiki. But I think there is a high chance that Ichigo might became the Almighty, but since he doesn’t want to became a Quincy, he won’t go close to him.


      1. Nick Dunn

        I’m not sure about Ichigo being The Almighty. Remember, he may have Quincy powers, but he never drank Yhwach’s blood and got a piece of his soul to gain a Schrift ability. So he cannot be The Almighty. Uryu, however did and he is letter A. Yhwach even promoted him from Sternritter A to Schutzstaffel A, and sent him along with Askin, Pernida, Lille, and Gerard. Does anyone else think Uryu will run into Ichigo’s Group and help Askin?


    1. Nick Dunn

      Oh that! We’ll it’s certainly possible. I’m not exactly sure. I know the theory is valid sense Chad and Orihime got their powers and people think he had something to do with that. I’m not to sure, sense Uryu was never effected by Ichigo and he’s a Quincy. Even when he lost his powers after the Soul Society arc, he didn’t get them back from Ichigo, but through training by Ryuken. I personally think Ichigo is special for having three totally different beings in his soul and survive like it’s nothing. Shinigami from Isshin, Hollow from White, and Quincy from Masaki. We’ll have to find out I guess. I’m stumped 🙂


      1. davidoko

        I know but i kinda feel pretty bad as it seems we might never see hollow ichigo again.
        though it was said in the wikia that zangetsu(old man) was going to appear a number of times but i don’t see it happening.
        And why is there nonew chapter this week?


        1. Nick Dunn

          I don’t believe they will appear. Mainly because whne they did appear in the past, Ichigo needed help and didn’t master his true power. Now that he did I don’t believe they will help him like they did before. Zangetsu will not heal Ichigo if he is badly injured, and White Will Not Transform Him When He Gets Badly Injured. This week all manga writers took the week off, chapter 639 will appear on August 19th I believe.


          1. davidoko

            i think ishifa will run into ichigo’s group alright but i don’t think it will be all of the at once. it’s most likely ichigo then gradually the others arrive and start talking all ” We love you Ishida!” or he runs into them all but ichig says “this is my fight”
            He can’t fight them all. His sternritter schrift can’t be that strong.


            1. Nick Dunn

              I know. But remember, Askin is with them, and he already took out Grimmjow. I guess if Uryu Doesn’t Run into Them Than I Think Gerard will. He is definitely strong enough.


              1. davidoko

                i really want to see Gerard’s power, “The Miracle”. i thought he would figh zaraki amd perfork a miracle which is “winning”. i don’t think grimmjow is done yet. if he is Askin is a monster.


                1. Nick Dunn

                  I do t believe Grimmjow is dead. But he is out for a while. He did pass out from Askin’s poison. I don’t see how Grimmjow can counter that without help. Orihime needs to revive him. Ya Kubo is saving Gerard, that’s why he hasn’t ran into anyone yet. Same with Zaraki. That’s why Pernida defeated him so early, because he is going to fight much later, and most likely it will be Gerard.


  8. Nick Dunn

    Hello guys. I wanted to do another list for Bleach. This time, I want to list all the character poems Kubo has down for the Bleach Volumes. Some of you may not know, but Kubo does have poems for each character that stars in the volume. These poems reflect the characters beliefs and personality. Sometimes, depending on the character, their poem can reflect what is going to happen to them in the manga.

    Volume #1, Ichigo: “We fear that which we cannot see.”

    Volume #2, Rukia: “People have hope, because they cannot see death standing behind them.”

    Volume #3, Orihime: “If I were rain, That joins sky and earth, that otherwise never touch, could I join two hearts as well.”

    Volume #4, Uryu: “We are drawn to each other, like drops of water, like the planets, we repulse each other, like magnets, like colors of our skin.”

    Volume #5, Chad: “I cannot protect without holding a sword, I can’t embrace you while holding a sword.”

    Volume #6, Kisuke: “Yes, there is no fate for us, only those that are swallowed by ignorance and fear, and miss a step, Fall in to the river rapid called fate”

    Volume #7, Byakuya: ” We should not shed tears, That is a surrender of the body to the heart, It is only proof, That we are beings that do not know what to do with our hearts.”

    Volume #8, Zangetsu: “If it rusts, it can never be trusted, if its owner fails to control it, it will cut him, Yes, pride is like a blade.”

    Volume #9, Kukaku: “Oh, all of us dream that we are flying the skies, with our eyes open.”

    Volume #10, Ganju: “We reach out with our hands, Brush away the clouds and pierce the sky, to grab the moon and Mars, but we still can’t reach the truth.”

    Volume #11, Renji: “Light a fire to the fang that cannot be reached, So that I do not have to see that star, So that I do not slit this throat.”

    Volume #12, Aizen: “We think a flower on a cliff is beautiful because we cannot stop our feet at the cliff’s edge, unable to stop out into the sky like that fearless flower.”

    Volume #13, Zaraki: “Every time we set aside our pride, we take another step closer to the beast, Every time we kill an emotion, we take a step away from the beast”

    Volume #14, Hanataro: “Creak, creak, tower of the purgatory, Piercing the world like light, Sway, sway, tower of spine, Will it be us or the sky that falls?”

    Volume #15, Izuru: ” I just keep practicing, saying goodbye to you.”

    Volume #16, Toshiro: “The manie of the sun pouring down, Erases the footprints on thin ice, Do not fear deception, The world already lies atop deception.”

    Volume #17, Yoruichi: “Red like blood, White like bone, Red like solitude, White like silence, Red like the senses of a beast, White like the heart of gold, Red like molten hatred, White like chilling cries of pain, Red like the shadows that feed on the night, Like a piercing the moon, it shines white, and scatters.”

    Volume #18, Sui-Feng: “Your shadow, quietly, Like a vagrant poison needle, Stitches my footsteps, Your radiance, lithely, Like a lightning striking a water tower, cuts down the source of my life.”

    Volume #19, Ichigo: “No, nothing an change my world.”

    Volume #20, Gin: “Those who do not know what love is, liken it to beauty, Those who claim to know what love is, liken it to ugliness.”

    Volume #21, Shinji: “Everything in this world exists to wear you down.”

    Volume #22, Ulquiorra: “There is no meaning in our world neither is there any meaning in us, the ones who live in it, It is then meaningless, for us, who are equally meaningless, to conceive the world in our thoughts despite knowing there is no meaning to be found.”

    Volume #23, Ikkaku: “We are fish in front of the waterfall, We are insects inside the age.”

    Volume #24, Grimmjow, “Doesn’t matter who it is, I’ll fucking crush anybody.”

    Volume #25, White: “We are all born dead, The end exists before anything begins, If living is a constant we gain at the end is the real goal, In other words, death is the discovery and complete understanding, Of the end, we are not permitted to seek awareness, Those that cannot transcend death, Will not find awareness”

    Volume #26, Luppi: “The voice that pierces deep into my chest, is like a never-ending cheer.”

    Volume #27, Orihime: “We have not one in common, No two are shaped alike, The third, because of that eye we lack, In the forth, direction is no hope, The fifth, is at the heart.”

    Volume #28, Dordoni: “My lord, we look at you as we might look at a Peacock, You are framed by something sublime similar to hope, worship, and fear.”

    Volume #29, Cirucci: “I just fix it up relentlessly, Though I know it will be chopped off someday, I just make it shine relentlessly, Though I know it will be chopped off someday, But it frightens me oh how it frightens me, Because when it is chopped off, That chopped off hair will resemble the dead you.”

    Volume #30, Kaien: “That deep wound, it’s like the sea’s abyss, That red guilt, it’s not the color of death.”

    Volume #31, Szayelaporro: “Tell me you hate me the most in the world.”

    Volume #32, Grimmjow: ” The king gallops, shaking free from the shadow, Beating the armor, Kicking about the bones, Slurping the flesh and blood, The creaking increases, Smashing the heart, He walks in alone, Toward the faraway other side.”

    Volume #33, Nnoitra: ” I am an insect, Swinging around with no nature, Desiring evil, descending, Creeping like a worm, revolving, My neck is stretching, Higher than the moon, Until no more sympathy is visible, I run from you bastards.”

    Volume #34, Nelliel: “If I am given wings, I would fly for you, Even if all of this earth sinks into the water, If I was given a sword, I would stand and fight for you, Even if all of this sky was shot through by your light.”

    Volume #35, Mayuri: “If you even fail to be born, it’s only natural to die.”

    Volume #36, Shinji: “It’s still too early to believe.”

    Volume #37, Yumichika: “People cannot be thought to define beauty, however, Flowers an be thought to define beauty, A person’s form resembles a flower, only at the time of defeat, when it is torn to pieces.”

    Volume #38, Shuuhei: “The only true fear is to become a warrior that doesn’t know fear.”

    Volume #39, Ayon; “To error is to human, To kill is the devil.”

    Volume #40, Ulquiorra: “I envy because of the heart. I glutton because of the heart, I covet because of the heart, I am prideful because of the heart, I sloth because of the heart, I rage because of the heart, Because of the heart, I lust everything about you.”

    Volume #41, Yammy: “To plunder that which has been lost, Blood and flash and bone, and something else.”

    Volume #42, Harribel: “There is no world without sacrifice. Are you unaware? In a see of blood, ashes floating in hell, Crying the name of a fading world.”

    Volume #43, Barragan: “To decay is our companion, As night is our servant, As the crow pecks at this body, I await you at the castle of elm trees.”

    Volume #44, Kaname: “Man has, above all else, evil, That I would, for the sake of having this illusion of justice, Beyond everything that is I, more than the evil I have, Hallucinate, that there is nothing else, The justice I had believed in has it’s own evil, Justice, for the sake of obtaining justice is, Constantly, endlessly doubting my own justice.”

    Volume #45, Yamamoto: “You may live bowing on your knees, but die standing on your feet.”

    Volume #46, Rangiku: ” It is not terrifying to know sorrow, Terrifying is to know you can’t go back to happiness you could have.”

    Volume #47, Gin: “You are becoming a snake tomorrow, and as you start to devour people, with that mouth that has eaten others, you cry your love to me, as the same as today, I do wonder, will I be able to say my love to you?”

    Volume #48, Aizen: “All people, imitations of apes, All gods, Imitations of people.”

    Volume #49, Ichigo; “I wonder, can I carry on, with the speed of the world, without you?”

    Volume #50, Ginjou: “Time always goading from behind, raising a growl before one’s eyes, is wholly washed away, Let halt your steps!, Time shall wash you away to the beautiful past, and how it shall pare the fangs, Don’t look ahead!, Your hope approaches to the rear, only within a dark, turbid stream.”

    Volume #51, Riruka: “Don’t put your finger on my heart.”

    Volume #52, Tsukishima: “Let’s count together for me, The bite marks that I left on you.”

    Volume #53, Yukio: “It seems that I, even this young, even this inexperienced, have grown withered by age, As for the adults, being completely flawless, such is like a thing impossible to forgive.”

    Volume #54, Rukia: “If it can be said, that it is the heart is unchanging, then that is the strength.”

    Volume #55, Yhwach: “One step forward, Never able to go back, To a universe drenched in a sea of blood.”

    Volume #56, Quilge: “The army is marching, blowing the horns, The buzzing in ears never stop, Like stardust, like thundering roar of the boots.”

    Volume #57, Byakuya: ” Scattering twice without even blooming, Like flames scatter, beautiful.”

    Volume #58, Yamamoto: “The soul burns up, Though heaven falls.”

    Volume #59, Unohana: “The battle is everything.”

    Volume #60, Masaki: “The sinless you is like the sun, even the sinful you is like the sun.”

    Volume #61, Zangetsu: “I, believing the world to be full of danger have, as my wish, that I want to protect you from danger, because, within me, is an urge alike to that danger, I cannot otherwise.”

    Volume #62, Sajin: “His life, Will continue to oppose, His heart is full of fangs.”

    Volume #63, As Nodt: “There is no difference in living and staying alive, As there is no difference in dying and being killed.”

    Volume #64, Gremmy: “There is a beauty, and there is nothing.”

    Volume #65, Giselle: “I was always dying.”

    Volume #66, Oetsu: “Is life the only thing that gets cut off?”

    Volume #67, Ichibei: “The future, ptch black, and completely backwards.”

    Volume #68, Askin: “Being so venomous goes right through your head, doesn’t it? We are fighting for the sake of peace.”

    Volume #69, Bazz-B: “Bullets, battle flags, claws, and swords, With five broken fingers, I await you.”

    I hope ya’ll liked it. I felt like doing this cause I have some free time before I start my fall classes. I can’t wait for Volume 70! I can already guess Pernida will be on the cover. I wonder what her poem say? ;D


    1. davidoko

      really amazing. How long did it take you to get this? All the sayings make me know that kubo did a lot of work.
      But that part with Zaraki, i wonder why he said it since he is either a beast or really close to being a beast even though he seems to have killed his emotions.


      1. Nick Dunn

        It took me a boy 2 hours. That’s just because I am a slow at typing. I just used my own Bleach Volume copies. 65 to 69 are the only ones I don’t have. They haven’t released it here in Texas yet. With Zaraki, basically he is saying g without emotions, he is a beast, but when he gets some, like caring for Yachiru, or admiring Unohana, he becomes less of a beast.


      1. Nick Dunn

        Ya I do. I’ve been collecting them ever sense I got my first job in 2013. The first 5 volumes were birthday and Christmas gifts. Which poem is your personal favorite?


        1. Sunite

          I looked over most of them, they’re all so amazing, however Aizen: “All people, imitations of apes, All gods, Imitations of people.”. I also really liked Yamamoto’s which describes how he had died with just a few words. Oh man, I miss the guy.


          1. Nick Dunn

            Ya his was pretty straight forward that he was going to die. The one he did in Volume 45 was nice too. It reminds me of Liltotto, Bazz-B, and Giselle reveling against Yhwach. Do you believe after this war, there should be any Sternritter that can survive? Cause I don’t believe they should all die. I mean currently, the only two who aren’t confirmed dead are Liltotto and Giselle. Well Giselle looks dead. They didn’t even get hit with Auswählen, while Bazz-B did, and he got killed. I don’t know, it seems so unfair to me. Harribel and Grimmjow survived the Winter war, I think at least Liltotto can survive this war.


            1. Sunite

              It’s a possibility, they could somehow make it. However currently the ones with the highest chances are the Special Stern Ritter with Yhwach, the ones currently protecting him. We saw the major fights in the manga, but a lot of the minor ones concerning the minor Stern Ritter might get covered in the anime, I think then we might have a better idea to who will survive etc. I think there are more alive then we currently think.


              1. Nick Dunn

                Ya you have a point. Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel will most likely survive. I know for a fact they won’t die from fighting right now. I don’t see Pernida losing to Mayuri, and I don’t see Askin losing to Ichigo’s Group. I just realized why Askin ran away from them. Because he knows he’s outnumbered and can’t fight all of them, so if he runs away, one is gonna follow him like Grimmjow. He already poisoned him so he’s taking them out one by one. Clever. Ya their are four Sternritter currently MIA. BG9, Meninas, Candice (she might have been killed by Byakuya) Shaz Domino, Jugram’s medic Quincy (Woman with black eyes) and NaNaNa (might have been killed by Bazz-B)


  9. davidoko

    i’m having a difficult time picking. it’s between volume 8 zangetsu, volume 16 toshiro, volume 22 ulquorria amd volume 25 white. Bit i think Gin and Aizens poems are the best in total not specifically.


    1. Nick Dunn

      Those are good ones. I can tell you that Gin’s and Aizen’s poem tells us what they are going to do in the manga. Aizen’s first poem is when he was the nicest Captain. You know how he says the fearless flower steps on the cliffs edge? Basically he is saying whoever is the flower wants to be different, better, and become something more, and isn’t afraid to step off the edge. This was foreshadowing that Aizen was up to something, that and Shunsui saying he doesn’t trust Aizen whne he defeated Chad. Gin’s poems are basically about him and Rangiku. Their love for each other. And in volume 47, he says a snake that eats people, means he is that snake that has done horrible things to be Aizen’s right hand man, and when he says on the same day, it means the day he died by Aizen, will he ever tell Rangiku he loves her? Volume before that with Rangiku tells use she loves Gin, and when he died, she can move on whne she says the happiness you could have.


      1. davidoko

        I’ve gotta agree. Their poems seem to determine who they are.
        Women’s poems simply show his cunning acts and desires.
        Gin’s poem appears to show what he is hiding which as you said is his love for Rangiku sama. So I guess that you are right.


            1. Nick Dunn

              Your fine. My personal favorite quote is by Masaki. Hers is so beautiful that of everyone in the world sis what her poem says, there would be no war. So when she says the sinless you is like the sun, she means anyone she knows and cares about are equal and beautiful. Than when she says the same thing but with sinful you, she means people she does not know or completely understand. Basically, Masaki believes, everyone, sinless and sinful, are all under the sun and equal. She believes in equality and I love that. That’s Why She saved Isshin from white and nearly died from his Hollowfied poison. He’s a Shinigami, beings that killed and murdered the Quincy, but she didn’t care. While Ichigo Gets His Confidence from Isshin, he gets his compassion form Masaki. He doesn’t care what race you are, of you are cool with him, he’s fine. All his friends are different races, Uryu (Quincy), Orihime (unknown being like himself) Rukia and Renji (Shinigami) Chad and Riruka (Fullbringer) Rukia and Renji (Shinigami) Shinji and Hiyori (Visord) and Neliel, Pesche, and Dondocchaka (Arrancar)


          1. davidoko

            But you added aqua so I wondered if there was a difference. Anyway I can’t wait for chapter 639 as it seems I actually want Mayuri to lose.
            What he did to Giswelle was too much had. if he wins this battle, he becomes too OP.
            Yeah, Askin is really getting me hyped.


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