Yoruichi’s New Form! Flash God Super Transformation – Bleach 662

Bleach 662 see’s Yoruichi’s Flash God Super Transformation (Shunshin Chouhenge) as Urahara appears giving her the helping extra hand as she battles against Askin Nakk Le Vaar in an effort to also aid her little brother out. She transforms into a cat-like creature, although her body is now covered by electricity and now has a tail.

Bleach 662 notices that Valkarie is going ham as he is also tired of what he’s currently doing. He can’t seem to escape an inch from his situation, even so he knows that he won’t die. He can feel himself far from death’s door. Yoruichi mentions that if this is what he calls distancing himself from immunity that what he’s done is also the same.

Askin asks if this is his opinion on the matter. Yoruichi then mentions that she doesn’t listen to rambling of incessant men, Askin mentions that even if she couldn’t she wouldn’t be able to with all the poison in her, he doubts if she’ll even have the ability to listen to him, in her current condition she is at deaths door, she can’t or won’t be able to do a thing.

Yoruichi mentions that he seems to to be toying around with her, even when Askin mentions that he has been trying his hardest to kill her, therefore he asks her to make him look weak and intimidate him so he can go on to do his work.

Yoruichi knows that Yushiro’s current situation is growing even more dire, even she can’t seem to muster any power to heal him. Askin teleports into Yoruichi’s view when he mentions that whatever she is thinking will not work, he will always be a step ahead. However, out of nowhere, Urahara shows up as he mentions from behind Yoruichi’s ass that seems like she’s got her ass stuffed full of lethal dose from where he is sitting.

However, from this, Yoruichi throws a kick and smashes Urahara’s jaw in. After a while he apologizes for looking at her butt, however it was really his fault, she has got herself in trouble. Askin mentions if this man is Urahara, then mentions that another headache has come his way. All he mentions is that Askin mentions doesn’t intend to become his friend, he is known to be one of the exceptional people in this battle, this is when they mention that Urahara seems to be over estimated here.

He then touched Yoruichi’s butt when this causes Yoruichi to get injected by something which allows her to gain extreme power since it seems to have disabled the poison within her. Askin mentions that there are 5 battle powers in this war, they are known for their unknown variables. The first is Ichigo for his “latent ability”, the second is Zaraki for his “fighting strength”, third is Ichibei for his “wisdom”, the fourth is Aizen for his “reiatsu” and finally the fifth is Urahara for his unknown “means”.

No matter what has happened or whatever is likely to happen, Urahara is a strategist of perpetual adaption which allows him to do whatever he wills. Askin just keeps on getting into trouble wherever he goes. Urahara injected Yoruichi with something that would increase her own immunity, it gives her around 5 minutes of immunity till Askin can affect her again.

She begins to power up using her Raijin Senkei when Urahara shows up behind her insisting for them to do something. She gets pissed off and mentions that she won’t, she won’t turn into that disgusting half-cocked undignified form ever again. It seems that Urahara has his own agenda in mind and plans on using it.

Asking had shot an arrow but misses. Yoruichi attacks but Asking was able to get a critical hit on her, she collapses when Askin goes on to mentioning that being hurt by this means that her immunity won’t do anything. She notices Urahara from afar with a paper message, she mentions saying that as soon as he peels the paper off, she’ll transform.

Yoruichi looks horrified as he goes on to rip the paper from the other paper. Out of nowhere, there is a large explosion where Yoruichi is sent back a little, he notices something unusual as Yoruichi has transformed into her Flash God Super form, is Yoruichi, but much like a cat on four legs, her arms and legs are covered in electricity while she also gained the abilities of a cat. She has ears like a cat and her tongue also spews out electricity. Bleach 662 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, for me personally it’s so good to see Yoruichi and Urahara back, and his experiments seem to have some sort of unusual thing on Yoruichi. Even this form is freaking awesome, it looks amazing! Honestly, can’t wait to see what Yoruichi’s new abilities are after she fights in this form in next week’s Bleach 663, can’t wait!

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    In addition to today’s chapter, in order

    Yoruchi was hot!!
    We finally got to find out who the last 2 SWP were.
    Yoruichi has one fine ass!!
    I liked how Kisuke and Askin had a quick chat, as I wanted them to originally fight.
    Yoruichi is hands down the hottest Bleach woman!!
    Didn’t expect Ichibei was a SWP, I expected Kisuke to be one though, and I thought it was cool to know their reasons why their so special.
    I love Yoruchi, I like her type, girls who aren’t only hot but have a cool personality!!
    Yourichi new transformation was EPIC!!!
    Yoruichi new transformation was HOT!!!!
    I hope Soifon joins in and helps her, as we did not see her among the group fighting Gerard, and I don’t think she was among those who got shot by Lille, otherwise they would mention if a captain got shot down. Besides the way they have played out with the Elites, their opponents have had the advantage after they show their best move for over a chapter and a half, then they come back revealing their full power. And then someone very close to the person the Elites are fighting steps in, and since Soifon and Yoruichi have a student and master bond, where Yoruichi treated her like a sister and Soifon has very deep feelings for her, it makes sense.
    Also did i say Yoruichi was hot? :D!!!

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  2. josephbhwanah

    Best chapter, Yoruichi was HOOOOOOOOT!
    “Askin” is simply awesome in every sense of the word,
    Im also glad we finally got to know the five war potentials(it makes perfect sense now, Yhwach was simply highlighting then on possible individuals on opposing side who might actually be a threat given their potential)
    And also i also think its clear that now (IMO though) that Kubo has actually cemented on where Kisuke prowess truly lies( thou it was already implied that he is the smartest man in soul society) but i think mostly his potential lied on his intellect & creative thinking & not the fact that he was imposing as a soul reaper, thou, not a kind to be taken lightly either, i like how Kisuke has a great deal of respect towards Yoruichi since she is the one that knows him all too well for what he truly is..Which brings me to say that i think Yoruichi is stronger than Kisuke as a soul reaper, & so are some few high tier captains, but what makes Kisuke soo dangerous is the fact that he is soo smart(Bat-man smart), which makes him as an invariable equation, sort of what u can say of other war potentials as well in ther on regard..this was well thought out by Kubo & like how he showcased this(if only he could be able offer such treats in this sort of trend….)either way, this chapter was a pretty good read & all characters in this one wher awesome, specially Yoruichi..Damn! she was sexy as hell!! whatever that means..heheheheh!

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  3. nickdunnaquatic

    I’m just gonna list out the things in this chapter and how I feel about them.

    Booty: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind fan service when I see. Especially ass because I’m an ass man, but this chapter showed a little too much for my taste. I remember when Kubo showed us the butts of Rukia, Ichigo, and Tenjiro when they all were in his hot springs, and Mashiro’s Booty when she went to kill that huge Menos Grande Hollow, but they way it was shown here wasn’t really natural. It felt like I was reading a chapter of Fairy Tail if I’m honest.

    Kisuke’s Perversion: We know Kisuke can be a little perv now and again, but this time was too much. The putting his fan on Yoruichi to make her look like a turkey was cute, but slapping her ass was just tasteless. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Kisuke is very weird in this chapter. He basically forces Yoruichi into this transformation against her will. She clearly told him before she doesn’t like it, but it did it anyway. Kinda reminds me of a pimp and hooker. I really hope Yoruichi doesn’t act like an animal in the next chapter, if she does, Kisuke must be punished.

    Askin’s dialog: I really like Askin. He’s just a cool guy and he was cool in this one as well.

    Special War Potential: I’m also not surprised about the list. They all make sense. Keep in mind, everyone on list doesn’t mean they are all a threat to Yhwach. It just means their power/traits are enough to turn the tied of this war.

    Conclusion: I have mixed feelings about this chapter. I liked it and disliked it. I liked it because we came back to this fight and I like all the characters in it, but I disliked it because of how Kisuke made Yoruichi his plaything. Sui-Feng shouldn’t be that far behind. I’m honestly expecting a Shikai reveal from Yoruichi, but also a Bankai from her and Kisuke as well. That’s mainly because I don’t believe Askin is going to fight these two and Sui-Feng on his own. That seems too much for even him. So I believe someone will show up and aid Askin. Maybe that black eyed woman or BG9 as BG10. Or Kisuke doesn’t actually get involved with the fight and just supports Yoruichi from the sidelines. And he should really be helping Yushiro in the next chapter.


  4. rahmaru

    so the another two of special war powers are Ichibei and Urahara…so i guess they need all five of special power to fight Juha at once…Yoruichi have the same power as Candice “The Thunder”, since all their volstandig named something with “God” then there are two God of Lightning..but Yoruichi still win this


  5. trinin ninja

    I called it last chapter that the first fight we would see was askin. I enjoyed this chapter. The artwork was enjoyable but in my opinion it doesn’t seem like Kubo’s finest work. I’ve heard that Kubo has assistants helping with the art so I suspect that was the case when it comes to this chapter because it clearly didn’t look like Kubo drew this chapter at all. This chapter seemed unusual compared to the average chapter and I liked it. But I mean there was way too much comedy going on and that isn’t necessarily bad because it helps ease the drama going on with Ishida and jugram. At times it was a bit annoying but overall it was an O.K. chapter. I’m surprised that kisuke didn’t help yoruichi’s lil brother. I mean the guy can’t survive for long. Askin’s personality is what makes him really stand out from other sternritter. He has a slick mouth and he likes explaining things when he gets cocky. He knows how to pick and choose his fights like when he didn’t want to fight mayuri (I was slightly expecting to be some mayuri reference in this chapter because mayuri has a rivalry going on with kisuke and they both acknowledged askin at one point). I’m glad the thought-to-be-forgotten war potentials are still relevant at this point even though we haven’t heard much about for a long time to say the least. Ichibei was someone that didn’t seem to fit because we never really got any info out of him. The others seemed in place. Of course ichigo has his “latent potential” because we all know how at some point or another it will be revealed that ichigo is a hybrid but he never knew (neither did we) that he had this hidden power (talk about convenient!). Zaraki is known for his ability to persist and fight against almost all odds (he fought two captains, the strongest quincy, destroyed a meteor, survived in space,etc). Aizen was said to have reiatsu unlike no other. Kisuke was obviously known for his keen intellect. I wonder what yamamoto’s (r.i.p.) knack would be if he was still considered a war potential?…..


    1. rahmaru

      Yamamoto “Destruction” simply because no one can touch him in bankai state…thats why Juha stole his bankai before kill him..if not, soul society will be destroyed by their fights…


        1. nickdunnaquatic

          I agree. Yamamoto would be destruction. His Bankai doesn’t just kill himself, but it can destroy a dimension the longer he’s using it. But I believe he wasn’t on the list because Yhwach had a perfect plan to get rid of him at the beginning of the war.


          1. rahmaru

            yup..even just with his shikai alone Yamamoto could destroy the entire Karakura town when he was fighting Aizen..and his body shield with thousand degrees Celsius of Sun temperature makes him invincible …

            the scariest thing about quincy in the first invasion is that they could steal the bankai…


          2. trinin ninja

            I thought yhwach said that the reason he didn’t enlist yamaji was because of the fact he only had one arm and he refused to let orihime heal him because he was too stubborn and also he became softer and weaker than he previously was. On a side note, I was slightly expecting orihime to be a war potential but something told me that she most likely would not make the cut (it would have been nice to see her be a war potential though).


            1. nickdunnaquatic

              Well remember when Grimmjow lost his arm to Kaname? He was demoted because of it. Losing his arm cut his Reiatsu, do he became weaker than Zommari, Szayelaporro, and Aaroniero. Yamamoto’s arm is just tied to his own Reiatsu. The Reiatsu of his Zanpakuto isn’t affected by his lost arm. But yes, he did get softer. I was also expecting Orihime to be a War Potential. But ya, it makes sense why she’s not one. I still believe she will have a role to play in Yhwach’s defeat.


  6. trinin ninja

    Also chapter 666 is coming up so hopefully grimmjow shows up to assist yoruichi (they both have a cat theme going on anyways so why not) and kisuke because kisuke made an agreement with grimmjow about something. I personally don’t think yoruichi will be able to overpower askin. Kisuke might leave them after grimmjow shows up (maybe with neliel) because kisuke needs to back up ichigo against yhwach. Or maybe chad will have his moment in chapter 666 with his whole “right arm of the devil” thing. It would be nice to see both grimmjow and chad do something in chapter 666. Grimmjow has to show us a new release or even more than 2 release modes. Maybe chad can change his whole body into “body of the devil”. 666 is known for the number of a man/beast so who knows?


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      Honestly, wherever Grimmjow is, he won’t be helping Yoruichi. Askin already has enough on his plate with her and Kisuke. He is most likely being healed by Nelliel and will fight their own opponent. Kisuke already kinda ruined Yoruichi’s thunder with his appearance, let’s not add Grimmjow into the mix. Especially sense he’s a horrible match up for Askin anyway. Hell just trick him and drop him like he did before. Kisuke will stay with Yoruichi. I’m sensing a flashback between these two and a flashback for Askin as well. I also don’t believe Yoruichi will overwhelm Askin too much with this new form. But that’s were her Zanpakuto will come into play.


  7. josephbhwanah

    I dont think Kisuke will do anything other than assisting Yoruichi in this battle, & even if it comes to a point where he will be forced to get involved(which i highly doubt) he will have already assessed the “MEANS” (which i assume he already has) to defeat “Askin” but this will be more like Mayuri’s kinda of doing things..With Kisuke, & given the way he showed up in this battle to help Yoruichi & somehow he still let Yoruichi have a go on “Askin” regardless of what happened earlier & even somehow( thou its not clear) triggers Yoruichi’s transformation so as he can take out Askin given the little time before Askin’s gift ball effects take over again, all this from an individual who thinks few steps ahead of Mayuri i’ll say he did that coz he thout Yoruichi still had a better shot in taking out “Askin” other than him..& putting everything aside, Urahara doesnt seem the kind to go all out in this one, & even if by chance he happens to get involved & go bankai, im sure his bankai will all be part of a bigger ploy for something he has already devised(he doesnt seem the type to end it all with his bankai alone IMO, his bankai might just be the “means” to him since he doesn’t strike me like the type put all his eggs in one basket if u knw wat i mean)

    As for the war potentials, i dont have much to say other than the fact that i thout Aizen’s hax would perhaps be “immortality” or the fact that he is a God too, i mean Yhwach’s war potentials were all his enemies except for Aizen until he declined his offer, so why didnt he kill him given the fact that Aizen could potentially be a threat too? i would like to think its coz of the fact that he was immortal & he couldnt have killed him then..as for Ichibei thou i dont have any objections of him be a war potential given the fact that he is the head & the strongest shinigami, but the fact that he is the war potential for his “wisdom” seems kinda off thou Ichibei powers seem kinda like something derived out of wisdom but so far we have seen very little of that quality been shown by Ichibei & he showed none of that wen battling Yhwach, damn! he even let Ichigo go ahead & face Yhwach even thou he knew they werent going to anything & for a sec there, he kinda seemed like he gave up & thought ther was no other way of defeating Yhwach, that doesnt strike me like a quality of a guy with wisdom, hell! Ukitake strike me as more wise than Ichibei..as for the rest of the war potentials, i think they pretty much nailed them(Urahara,ichigo & Kenpachi(thou, fighting capability seems kinda-off considering kenpachi but it all lies on how one looks at it, I for one would like to think kenpachi’s ability is his strong will to survive, in other words “Reiryoku”)

    As for Yama being considered a potential, i would like to think it had something to do with his “raw power”, the power of the old man’s bankai was soo strong only to be held by Yhwach alone & the only way the old man was defeated by Yhwach it was because he wasnt devious enough(my guess is that even in the old days wen Yama defeated Yhwach, i wasnt a straight up fight, yama must have defeated Yhwach at the expense of sacrificing his fellow shinigami (same has how Yhwach used “Royd”) before he came for last & defeat Yhwach,it would explain why Yhwach thought yama grew soft since he wasnt willing to do the same this time around, add the fact that he had one arm & he was old & was never really a match for Yhwach even in his best years(i say this since he couldnt kill him & i doubt Yhwach even used “the almighty” in their fight then against Yama) & also the fact that he knew what to expect from him in ther 2nd encounter, You could clearly see why he dismissed him as a war potential


  8. nickdunnaquatic

    I really hope Kisuke doesn’t take over for Yoruichi. He is a war potential. So his role and shaking his Bankai should be shown later. Yoruichi, however, isn’t and I truly believe she will defeat Askin on her own.

    Aizen being listed for his Reiatsu makes sense. Its not just the fact that his has massive Reiatsu, but it’s very unique. The Hogyoku me him one of a kind. He is the perfect Shinigami/Hollow Hybrid.

    Ichibei being Wisdom also makes sense. His powers allow him to know the name of anything he sees. It also ties with his age. Ichibei clearly knows something that none of us do, and Yhwach knows he does. It also makes sense why he didn’t mention him being a war potential. Yhwach hates Ichibei. He really does. Saying that to him would go right to his ego and you don’t do that to someone you hate.

    Also, the order they are listed in is who is more dangerous, not stronger. Zaraki was the first at the beginning, but losing to Royd made him number 2.

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  9. josephbhwanah

    Ok, u made ur point “Nick”, Ichibei is older(maybe even the oldest) therefore he might know things that others do not, all im saying is that he hasn’t been shown to be wise other than his age & power instigating that is. As for “Aizen” i still find it abit strange that his “reiatsu” should be something of concern to someone as powerful as Yhwach is. “immortality” or maybe the ability to evolve to god-hood should have made more sense IMO, i can understand Ichigo being a threat for his “Latent potential” or Zaraki being dangerous given his will to fight, survive & he hasnt even reached full potential yet nor as he used 100% of what he has now, he still has it in him to hold back{his shikai was so powerful & so far he has used it with his restrictive eye-patch on & i cant begin to imagine just how powerful his two hands attack(Ryodan) with shikai & without his eye-patch really is(damn! we havent even seen him use “Ryodan” without his eye-patch yet)} Kenpachi is a beast. I can now understand y Ichibei is dangerous to Yhwach given the fact that he might now know a few things that others dont. Kisuke with his unknown “means”( same as we have seen how he managed to seal a seemingly powerful & unstoppable Aizen) but “Aizen being a danger coz of his “reiatsu” i find it quite irrelevant since no matter what “reiatsu” he has now, Yhwach is more powerful than him for his reiatsu to count for anything. But watever showing Aizen might have installed for us, it better be epic to justify this claim. If the list truly ranks them depending on how dangerous one is then, i expect those who were ranked above Ichibei to put an even better showing in their battles than Ichibei did in his battle against Yhwach, It will be a shame if guys who r considered dangerous for attributes that signify power in bleach(latent potential, reiryoku & reiatsu) to be outdone by someone who wasnt praised for his power but rather his “wisdom”, i hope they are served for something better in the end to justify their war potentials ranks & the attribute they represent

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    1. nickdunnaquatic

      I still believe Reiatsu was a better title than immortality. I kinda doubt Aizen is immortal to the point were he cannot die. Also, I kinda think the whole point of the war potentials is because whoever on the list is dangerous to all other Quincy, not necessarily Yhwach. I actually like were Ichibei is. Kisuke is powerful, but he doesn’t compare to Ichibei. And the only reason Aizen is on the list because he became one with the Hogyoku. This isn’t his true potential as a Shinigami. Ichibei is a Shinigami and is way more powerful than Shinigami Aizen. Also, Ichibei would literally wreck any Quincy he’d face other than Yhwach and Almighty Jugram.

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    1. Sunite

      Lol yeah, I remember. If only you didn’t have to read it officially. You could easily find the latest chapter online, and the translations are really good. And her abilities (shown in the latest chapter) is just wow, she’s strong.

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      1. ayrgalaxy

        Lol well I like to wait because i read a few more manga in the magazine. Sometimes I don’t get to read them the day they’re released so it’s nice to just be able to download the magazine in the app, and read it all at once.


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