This Is How Natsu Dragneel Will Die

Natsu Dragneel, member of the Fairy Tail guild, is known for his heroic actions such as fighting, saving and leading everyone to victory. His dragon slayer magic comes in handy against all the individuals he battles against. However, soon enough, he will also face a match even he won’t survive, that’s why I’m writing this post. To predict the way in which Natsu Dragneel dies (Contains spoilers).

Fairy Tail 441 Natsu Ninja by Uendy

Natsu Dragneel has fought against a great number of strong opponents, and most of the time he’s been able to defeat them. However, individuals such as Zeref, Gildarts and other strong opponents are some that he’s been unable to defeat.

Warriors Defeat Acnologia

Aquarius Tells Lucy and Brandish about Warriors

We know that Natsu was born a very long time, he was born during the reign of the Dragons, when they were still alive and roaming. Along with Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue and Sting were sent forward in time, around 400 years where they were tasked with the objective to learn and somehow defeat Acnologia.

Zeref, Anna and Igneel created this plan along with other dragons and thus were sent. The time came when they appeared, but were unable to do any real damage on Acnologia due to the fact that he has grown even stronger. The only real damage that was inflicted upon Acnologia was that Igneel was able to rip out Acnologia’s right arm compared to his whole body being ripped apart.

Igneel fights Acnologia to the death

Igneel fights Acnologia to the death

Natsu took a year off to go and train, Fairy Tail was disbanded however reformed a year later. Before this happened, we saw that Fairy Heart was still in the basement of the guild hall. This begins to Alvarez Empire’s attack on Fairy Tail and the hunt for Fairy Heart, the one weapon strong enough to defeat Acnologia.

Lumen Histoire Mavis Vermillion

Mavis Vermillion’s Body as the Fairy Heart

Fairy Heart (or previously known as Lumen Histoire) is known to be the strongest magic out of any that currently exists. Ian Dreyar describes it as Fairy Tail’s darkness but Mavis says it’s the opposite. Fairy Heart is a crystallised object held down by some sort of ice with Mavis Vermillion’s body within the object.

It’s not clear what exactly it is, however Mavis described it to be an infinite pool of Magic Power which stems from the power within Mavis’ body due to the Ankhseram’s curse and the failed experiments by Precht in an attempt to resurrect her. It’s also mentioned that the Etherion weapon can fire an infinite number of times with Fairy Heart powering it.

More recently, we saw that Natsu came very close to dying when he developed a tumour which rendered him to fall down, however Brandish reduced the tumour size so small that it will no longer be a factor. This was the first hurdle Natsu probably faced in terms of a life or death situation. The fact that tumours, especially cancers, are ruthless in how they grow and spread.

Brandish reduced the overall size of the tumour within Natsu, but by no means does this mean that it won’t develop, grow and affect him in the future. Transforming into a benign tumour, it could have potentially affected him in other parts of his body and also affect him there.

Happy Stops Natsu attacking ZerefNatsu had a pretty intense battle against his older brother, Zeref Dragneel. While training for a year, he developed a strong magic left by Igneel in order to kill Zeref once and for all, thus ending the charge onto Fairy Tail. Natsu fought hard, but he also found out everything, the fact that he travelled through time, they’re both brothers, and the fact that he is none other than END (Etherious Natsu Dragneel).

Natsu was shocked, he didn’t know how to react except to keep on fighting. Zeref even showed him the END book and pierced through to show him that what he says is true. Happy realises this, and thus if Natsu kills Zeref here and now, the battle will end, but so will Natsu’s life. Happy stops him and begs him to return to the guild because he doesn’t want to lose him. After this, Zeref transforms and mentions that Natsu will no longer gain the chance to kill him.

The connection between Natsu and Zeref has been revealed, Natsu is Zeref’s little brother who was created using the magic developed by Zeref known as Etherious, therefore Natsu is a Demon from his book. Another way in which Natsu will die is the fact that if Zeref dies, so will Natsu.

The next few points are what I believe will occur, therefore they are my predictions in what will truly happen, and how the Fairy Tail series will potentially end.

So, I believe that the attack from the Alvarez kingdom will be successful, although many of the Fairy Tail individuals will be imprisoned and not killed, they won’t be able to get out or do anything major from this point on.

The eliminations which Acnologia has began, starting with God Serena will continue onto others who have Dragon Slayer magic, I am not entirely sure if Acnologia will battle or kill the other dragon slayers, but it’s quite the possibility as he’s one-shotting everyone see’s. If he killed all individuals who came in his way, then it’s fully possible that Zeref vs Acnologia vs Natsu will occur.

It’s been written in the Fairy Tail history that the battle between Zeref vs Acnologia vs Natsu will occur. Dark Mage, Black Dragon and Fire Dragon Slayer will fight and thus there can only be one winner, as mentioned during the Grand Magic arc. While this battle occurs, it might be a little weird as Natsu can’t possibly attack or kill Zeref because he’s his brother and a demon from his book, so it’s most likely that they might lend each other a hand and fight against Acnologia.

During this point, I also believe that Natsu’s true power will flourish, the END book will be opened and thus END will come to life, this will turn Natsu into a real animal and cause him to go out of control causing all kinds of trouble for everyone and everything as he rips everything apart.

This is when Mavis steps in, as Natsu has the Fairy Tail insignia on him, she will use the power within Fairy Heart to allow him to control this new found power, bringing him back from being controlled by END and thus save his life. On top of which, she will use the enormous power behind Fairy Heart and transfer the metaphorical “Fairy Heart” into Natsu’s body.

In turn what this will allow is that Natsu will be free from Zeref’s curse, he no longer has any attachments to Zeref apart from him being his older brother. This will then allow Natsu the ability to use this power to fight against both Acnologia and Zeref. This will exhaust the Fairy Heart’s magic and see both Zeref and Acnologia dead.

Thus, it causes the curse on both Zeref and Mavis to disable and bringing peace to both and finally pass on. Fairy Heart allowed for Natsu to be free from all curses from Zeref, that is why when he died, Natsu lived. At this point in time, we also see Mavis, along with all the members of Fairy Tail and other guild. Zera, Warrod, Precht and Yuri’s spirits all show up, she says her goodbye and joins them.

So, how does Natsu die? Well he doesn’t, like any protagonist, they won’t die because something will always come up where they’ll be able to somehow find a loophole somewhere and somehow live. Therefore, I predict that Natsu will die of old age. You didn’t see that coming did you? Comment in the comment section below telling me what you thought of this article.

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  1. josefcd904

    In all honesty it is hard to say. I think what you pointed out could happen. Fairy Heart will probably be the reason on how Zeref dies. As for Natsu, it is hard to say. Perhaps he does win the battle against Acnologia and Zeref, only to die after. I cannot see him dying, it just would not seem right. At the same time how it was build up it seems like only a sort of “cheep loophole” will make him live. But that does not feel like a work written by Hiro. However, a battle does not need to end in death. Natsu could win the battle, using Fairy Heart and getting rid of his brother’s immortality and still allowing him to live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunite

      If Hiro was to kill off Natsu, it would mean the end of the series. The whole concept is based on Lucy and how she lives with being a guild member of Fairy Tail. Oh yeah, that could also happen, Zeref and his curse along with Mavis’ curse could also be something which could happen, if Hiro is going for the happily ever after story.

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      1. Ed

        I think natsu will “Go away” more than die. remember the Lullaby Flute? The demon only returns to the object it is attached to when there is no power in it. This would mean if Zeraph died, Natsu would return to the book. Lucy is a item-based mage, and could likely use the book in order to bring Natsu back out, in a contract-like state much like the Zodiacs.


        1. h

          while this makes barely any sense for lucy to do this with her existing amount of knowledge chances are she could learn some very cryptic kind of magic to bring him back out of the book or he will die in her arms and then undie cause he is the main character


  2. karo

    You are wrong I do not see natsu die and I do not believed in what zeref told natsu abt not forming tartarus I say hiro is just given us clues so my say is that natsu is the final villian and I do not believed that faily tail will end in this no oh and I have prove that natsu is a villian


    1. skylar

      Natsu? A villain? ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS KARO!!! Why would you think Natsu would become the final villain in FairyTale? I mean honestly I would die for Natsu, because he is like so freaking hot and, if he dies then im going to cry for like 5 days in a row. But Natsu is SO HOT!!! *Fan girls over Natsu* Oh…sorry…to far? :3


  3. karo

    wait how can meer just see a book and call it master and how can natsu become strongest of demon from the book of zeref without prove I know from the moment I saw natsu I know he was no human so my prediction is that igneel remove all of natsu memory


  4. Dragonslay3r94

    Uhhh but Hiro said Natsu and Lucy will have a child named Nashi who becomes the first of the next gen of Fairy Tail along with the kids of other couples, so until Lucy is preggo with a dragon slayer baby his job isn’t done yet lol


      1. Dragonslay3r94

        Not sure the exact date but he did say it and to be honest I would like that to happen because there is a tonne of fan art with “Fairy Tail’s next generation”…..I have fan art of what Erza’s and Jellal’s kids would probably look like, same with Gray and Juvia’s kids etc


        1. QuisIsRad

          You’re wrong. He was being interviewed by a Spanish anime site called ramenparados and the question that got brought up was if Lucy and natsu HYPOTHETICALLY had a baby what he would name it? Hiro mentions that he never gave that a thought, but if it were to happen he probably would name it “Nashi” which literally translates to “nothing” He wouldn’t spoil a huge plot point like that out in the open. What good writer does that? Look this ish up next time before posting false information.


          1. Dragonslay3r94

            Huh I didn’t know that, I couldn’t find the original article and I heard about the interview from a friend so I apologise for the misinformation

            It would be cool to see a next generation Fairy Tail though because there are half a dozen artists with “concepts” of the cast’s kids like Gray and Juvia’s kids, Jellal and Erza and so on sites like tumblr and pinterest


          2. fairytailfangirl

            Actually in the interview premiere for the Fairy Tail: Hoo no Miko movie, Hiro Mashima actually stated that Natsu sees Lucy as more than a friend, but he thinks she does not feel the same for him… 🙂


        2. Randomperson

          No he never said that Natsu and Lucy would have a child a fan had asked what Natsu and Lucy’s kid would look like that was how Nashi was invented.


  5. Marethyu

    Truthfully the as the generations go on they will become more powerful or weaker which one?
    Natsu is not an immortal, but I fell he is not completely human either, so for all we know he is already part demon and can’t change into one


  6. anima055

    actually there is one main thing that everyone is forgetting about. the ONE MAGIC as Lucy translates it “love”. i feel like that her Love to Natsu will break the connection between him and Zeref. proving that Natsu is a good demon and well love can conquer all. besides Mashima would be too much of a troll if he ended up killing natsu, after all Fairy Tail is supposed to have a happy ending. some happy ending it is if one of the protagonists dies. plus i feel like Lucy is starting to realize more and more her feelings towards Natsu. in the chapter where he was dying from the tumor, she was begging Brandish to save him. plus she fell asleep on his bed when he was in recovery (kinda like in DBZ when Vegeta blew up a gravity chamber and he was recovering with Bulma asleep on the desk next to him. for all of you that watched it knows what happened next ). hint hint wink wink.


  7. Nthng

    Yea i loved it i already thought that natsu will becoms the last villian but as you said friendship will stop him and its not hard as defeating acnologia or zeref because actually natsu dont want to hurt anyone so um its so complicated this is how i think at least


  8. Christen

    Uh…. I like Natsu to be Inrelation with Lisanna bcause I like her & Of her Approach, Kindness & Her Hair absolutely.. Matchable Couples. Apart from Natsu future wife. I like tu tell that Natsu As being the strongest Demon in the Book of Zeref & Becoming.. Even strong from the lost of his Fake father Igneel He is Unstoppable For Any Beast that go hand to hand with him & For all that the Final Battle will be that Natsu will be the Last man that will be standing victorious infornt of all his GuildMates, Mages around the Globe & Peoples… And that is my prediction


  9. FTMasterHades

    (Spoilers may lie ahead…)
    With the appearance of the 3rd Dragneel brother, Rahkeid Dragneel, I doubt that this theory could take place, as we have no clue what he is capable of.


    1. Sunite

      Maybe… but I honestly believe that Rahkeid/Larcade Dragneel is not a true brother, but potentially a being who was artificially created for the purpose of killing and dealing with Acnologia. I don’t quite think he’s someone we could say is truly a brother like Natsu and Zeref. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it’ll go.


  10. K

    I think lucy will save natsu and zeref. Maybe the one whos is going to die is Lucy but later cameback to live.

    On the beginning of the manga there was the greatest magic or something like i think lucy will be able to use it because she believes its love. Maybe watching nastu die will make her understand whats the greatest magic.

    Let’s remember she is the protagonist of fairy tail I believe theres more to be told about her and her family.
    What zeref will do when he sees her for the forst time in many years


  11. Long Live Anime

    Speaking of all your good info. Let me remind you that why grey father learn ice devil slayer magic in the first place. He knew that END is a fire demon and is Natsu maybe he didnt want to tell grey about it. Since silver pass on his devil slayer magic to grey. So I was thinking it will turn out shocking for every of natsu guildmate that they know natsu is END. Thinking of Grey, he will be shock that Natsu will be turn into END form and fight his former friend.

    Sorry for my error and sentence i might have miss out alot of info.


  12. Nashi Dragneel

    OMG! I cannot believe it! One thing he does not die, he is a… GOD! like oh my god, like this stuff is off the hook, like this can’t be real. i read loads of Natsu’s death fan fiction, and this spoiler here tells me all the information that i want to know. LIKE I’M GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Rayne

    I honestly think this could happen although you didn’t mention Gray’s part in the whole natsu battling Acnologia and Zeref. I agree with some of the people here including the one that Gray will also fight Natsu but to fit in with your story he could be the one holding off Natsu until Mavis appears to give Fairy heart, I don’t believe Gray will try to kill him seeing as this is like his best firend and he just lost Juvia (or thinks he did in ch. 500) so he’ll because he has the power to. Altough i don’t see Mavis “giving” fairy heart away it’s a precious and even if she wanted to it unlikely for her to be able to transfer fairy heart. Also i believe Lucy will have a part in this and may have guidance from Layla, Anna or the celestial spirit king where he reveals why he calls her “old friend”, where she gets this secret that will wake up or save Natsu (depending on how you want to go with Natsu dying with Zeref or him going full-on END), but not something something over the top like Cana getting fairy glitter but maybe she talks to Natsu or uses her present celestial magic to do some kind of spell or ritual. Finally, I beleive Zeref should die, don’t think that I hate him or something, it’s the complete opposite he deserves death because that’s what he always wished for, peace and no longer having to battle himself and watch people get hurt because of him.


  14. Gabriel Valentine Xavier

    What I honestly think is that Natsu should die,for no creation can destroy it’s creator and survive.Though in fairy tail,they found a goddamn fucking loophole that Natsu can kill Zeref,thus proving the concept of immortality fucking wrong.I mean if Natsu does survive after everything,then all of this will just become worthless for it is much impossible(though everything is possible in this ass**le like anime).So,everyone just give my comment a thought.


  15. care

    I do think that natsu becomes half of a monster but he doesn’t kill everyone when he gets mad because maybe happy will die and natsu gets really mad and he becomes half of a monster but I know that natsu will not kill anyone because natsu is not the type to kill people he is the type to save the people he cares about and MAYBE HE DIES TRYING and I don’t went to face the fact that natsu dies because I really love the show fairy tail and I don’t went it to be like natsu dies because it will be so sad because natsu loves lucy and lucy loves natsu and if he dies lucy will be lost and she would not know what to do if he dies and all the fans of fairy tail will be really sad that natsu dies so I don’t went the end to be like natsu dies.


  16. Moana

    Okay that actually made me feel A WHOLE LOT BETTER because when I heard that Natsu died idkw but felt depressed for ages but after reading this I feel sssoooo much better…even though this is a “theory? “…..I sure do hope natsu dies of old age


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