Naruto Shippuden Canon Returns and April 2016 Schedule

Naruto Shippuden will be returning to its canon manga story very soon, in fact it seems that as of the 5th of May 2016, episode 459, we’ll be returning to the canon episodes. Currently we’re watching Itachi’s story where he faces his own family and friends, this is based on a different Naruto series called The True Legend of Itachi: Glory and The True Legend of Itachi: Dark Night.

Naruto Sasuke Hagoromo Indra and Ashura

Along these lines, there are a few more episodes till we actually get there, you can clearly see the episode dates and name. The titles themselves aren’t final and so depend on how Viz Media officially translate them:

  • 14 April 2016: Naruto Shippuden Episode 456 – Itachi’s Story – Akatsuki’s Darkness
  • 21 April 2016: Naruto Shippuden Episode 457 – Itachi’s Story – The Partner
  • 28 April 2016: Naruto Shippuden Episode 458 – Itachi’s Story – The Truth
  • 05 May 2016: Naruto Shippuden Episode 459 – The Incipient

So with this news, what do you think? Go ahead and comment down below telling me what you think. Be sure to also share this with others.

There are 14 comments

  1. josephbhwanah

    Well its about tym, but im not even excited since these fillers at some point made me loose the Naruto flair i use to have, i will wait for a couple of episodes to come out before i resume watching it again, either way im glad..


  2. Jordan

    What an effing nightmare these fillers have been. Just when the story is finally coming to a climax, they pooped all over it and said, “yeah, you’ll forget what was happening before we ever come back to this.”


    1. Sunite

      They’re trying to include snippets into the start of eps but those are nothing more then bs, agreed that most will have forgotten a detail or two before fillers began.


  3. Georsy

    I can’t wait I love the series as much as I hate the fact that it must end I can’t take it anymore but I will miss it very much once it does!😊🤔🙁


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