Hitsugaya’s Bankai Transformation! Gerard Regenerates – Bleach 670

Bleach 670 see’s the generation of Gerard after Zaraki cuts him in half, after this he gains a new form which covers his face and body with some sort of armour and new shield. Zaraki’s arm snaps by using too much power which leaves him vulnerable as he’s hit by a Gerard’s powerful attack. After Hitsugaya Toshiro is faced by losing his Bankai abilities, he completely transforms mentioning that Daiguren Hyourinmaru has fully matured.

Bleach 670 begins as Zaraki cuts through Gerard’s body, Gerard lands on the ground on top of this both Byakuya and Hitsugaya mention that they need to keep their distance from Zaraki as he seems to have a completely different demeanour. Zaraki jumps up and lands, he begins to scream, after a while we see that Gerard begins to reform and rejoin just like before.

Gerard’s form changes completely, as he gains a head helmet as well as a whole new body with black and white markings. He charges up his sword and fires its behind Hitsugaya and Byakuya, which breaks part of the island they’re on. On top of which, Hitsugaya’s Bankai begins to deteriorate, he begins to fall as Gerard begins to cause more and more trouble.

Hitsugaya mentions that he, God’s divine authority, is the most noble and purest of God’s knights. Even when facing his mortality, he would still wield his sword in the name of God. Zaraki goes on swipe his Zanpakuto but we see that his own arm cannot handle the force and power, thus it rips apart.

We see Yachiru by his side/shoulder which tells him that she’s sorry as she released a bit too much of his power. Furthermore, she mentions that it seems that his own body cannot handle the power just yet. Zaraki thus collapses on the ground, this is when we see Gerard hit the ground in an attempt to smash and crush Zaraki as he lays on the ground.

Byakuya helps out Toshiro Hitsugaya in an effort to help him. He tells him to release his Bankai as he looks like he’s at his limit. Further to this, we see Hitsugaya mention he doesn’t recall saying that when his petals are shattered it meaning the end. Hitsugaya mentions that truth is. once the last petal disappears, that is when Daiguren Hyourinmaru has reached fully maturity, this is when we see Hitsugaya Toshiro covered in a new form of ice, and it seems like he’s gotten a lot stronger. Bleach 670 ends here.

A fantastic looking chapter, further to this it seems like Hitsugaya will be fighting against a new Gerard with this new form of his. Furthermore, it seems like Zaraki has been squashed by a bug but I’m sure he’ll be back in action after Yachiru helps him out. These chapters seem to be getting better and better, can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 671, it’ll be awesome.

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  1. @T_Do_

    I have a theory, i would like to hear what yall think here.
    If its happens that Gerard didn’t smush or rather cut Kenpach could this possibly mean that Kenpach is stronger than Gerard because Kenpach’s power was able to cut off his arm while Gerard on the other hand can’t do damage to Kenpachs body?

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    1. Sunite

      Kenpachi is a lot stronger then we know him to be, this is controlled by Yachiru. All while, Gerard is the same, every time he gets hurt he gets stronger. Hard to predict who is stronger as Gerard gets stronger as he’s hurt, but Zaraki is already stronger, but as Gerard’s power is, he could eventually get stronger then Zaraki after he’s cut multiple times.


      1. LPEAST

        In addition Kenpachi hasn’t yet grasp his new powers yet, as the only reason he is down, is because he couldn’t control it yet.

        But by having Yachiru say “yet”, foreshadows that he still has a part to play.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    It seems Zaraki’s Bankai wasn’t even at full power. Which makes sense that he can’t control it yet. Gerard going Vollständig is expected. That actually means Pernida and Mimihagi have Vollständig as well. Pretty interesting that they do considering they aren’t really close to Yhwach but to his father. Just proving more that the Soul King was a Quincy and Yhwach killed him out of mercy. Which would explain why he was surprised when Mimihagi tried to save him because that seemed out of character. So like Pernida and Gerard, Mimihagi had every reason to go against the Shinigami. Toshiro’s transformation is a surprise. The count down of the ice petals just transformed Toshiro into his full potential. I believe he is now around Divine General level. Which means he is already stronger than all the other captains not including Zaraki. And may I say that Toshiro looks sexy as hell right now. 😉


    1. Sunite

      Is it just me has the transformation made him taller? It might just be perspective but he could have actually grown to like Byakuya height. That would be pretty funny lol.


  3. yun_

    hitsugaya, byakuya and zaraki are my top three favorite shinigami. i enjoy read this chapter. i don’t really care about bankai transformation because it will give me a headache. hehehe *kidding*. thank you for your recaps for this chapter~


  4. Ultimate Coordinator

    Wow was unexpected, but Hitsugaya’s fight should be interesting. He already has soo many techniques with the Bankai pedals, should have more now that its matured. Things are moving along, last sternritter until the serious fights begin. Bleach will prob end next year, unless we get a lot of flashbacks which will stall the fights & story.


  5. dreager1

    I’ll admit that this chapter was pretty disappointing for me. Mainly because I am a really biased Zaraki fan, but I was really pulling for him to win this fight. This now makes 2 Bankai reveals (Shunsui as well) where it just failed and came across as underwhelming. If you look at some of the other Bankai reveals like Ichigo, Soi Fon, or Yanmamoto, they got the job done. I think you should at least win one fight when you first get the Bankai. Zaraki fans have had it rough since he also lost to those 3 female Quincy members without a fight a while back as well.

    On the positive side, I do like Hitsugaya’s new form. I always thought that he needed a taller form in order to keep up with some of the stronger opponents and this should fit the bill. It does seem like it is a bit of a retcon with that twist about the flowers, but I’ll take it. Gerard is definitely another solid Quincy member so I am hoping that he takes Hitsugaya down for the count after a good battle.


  6. josephbhwanah

    Now this is a power-up that i can definitely back-up(Toshiro’s transformation), not much of a power-up really but more like revealed potential same as with Zaraki’s bankai, Im really glad that Zaraki hasn’t got a proper grasp of his bankai yet, for a moment ther, i was one of the few who didnt like how Zaraki achieved his bankai & so soon but atleast now its justifiable how Kubo played this out, I think its only right what happened to Zaraki(unable to stand the power of his own bankai that he recently achieved) same thing happened to Ichigo in SS arc when he first used his bankai(as he was fighting Byakuya he was also being crushed by the power of his own bankai, its also said at first he was only able to activate his bankai within the soul society realm coz of the spiritual energy around there, it was only wen he got hold that he was able to use it elsewhere) so it only serves right for Zaraki to have this set back, It doesnt really hurt his capability & potential but more so, it only shows just how much of a beast he truly is if he fully got hold of his yet un-realized bankai, we dont know even its actual capabilities yet!(really liked his bankai btw, i think it suits him well), & the fact that he also ended up hurting himself with his bankai only serves to prove more of his reckless nature which i find rather amusing

    I really enjoyed this chapter, especially Toshiro’s reveal about his bankai, its always nice when things come full circle, i always thought Ichigo, Zaraki & Toshiro are potentially the most powerful soul-reapers, this was hinted but somehow people always thout less of “Toshiro” simply because he easily went bankai in battle & was defeated one tym to many, but want most forget is that Toshiro couldnt even control some of his zanpaktou abilities in shikai & hence was forced to go bankai so as he can have a better control of those abilities, & another thing is bcoz Toshiro’s was a rare prodigy(someone of his caliber appeared once after thousand years,some even speculate the one before him was Yamamoto since both of them have equally strong zanpaktous{forget Gin & Kaein shiba since while they too where prodigies, but not of Toshiro’s caliber) he was able to achieve bankai way to early for someone his age hence why he attained a immature bankai, he is also refered to as a genius coz of his mastery at such a young age hence why he became the youngest captain ever, Toshiro zanpaktou is hyped to be one of the most powerful if not the most powerful & i believe despite all this i think its either Toshiro didnt know how to fully utilize its power or he is just way to young to be able to use its full-power hence, thou its my own perception, i think thats y wen his bankai reaches maturity, he transforms the way he is(become older) so as to be able to fully utilize it, I think this is the reason why Shunsui thout Hitsugaya would surpass him in 100years time coz he is a genius..& i also think as Hitsugaya grows older(without his bankai that is) he will eventually cotinue to loose the petals & be able to use his bankai from the get go but thats jst my perception..I think the fact that he was able to train & achieve this just further proves that he is indeed a prodigy & i appreciate how Kubo sorted this one out since i was under the impression that Kubo has forgotten all about Hitsugaya’s potential, given the fact that we were told Toshiro has full mastered his bankai & we were assuming that every tym that he went bankai he used his true bankai while that wasnt it, i myself was pretty disappointed with Toshiro until this reveal, now this will all be worth it if Toshiro finally ends gerald or i will be really disappointed if Byakuya of all people where to do it coz thats how it looks like its going to play out, i would be really really disappointed if Byakuya(with bankai) ends Gerald coz frankly, i think Toshiro’s power-up right now is beyond or atleast it should be beyond something Byakuya can top, even with his bankai atleast thats what i think..


  7. rahmaru

    erm no matter what, i still think that Hitsugaya’s bankai wasn’t enough to defeat Gerard…i bet there must be limit such as time of using it…no one can stay on bankai state for too long…and i don’t think because of this maturity of his bankai, he’s already overpowering other captains like Kyoraku..sure he is genius and have potential to become the strongest, but he still need time for training..lastly, i’m still hoping for Hirako’s bankai


  8. josephbhwanah

    @That wasnt his bankai, it was his shikai that he used against Aizen..@rahmaru up to this moment i think its safe to assume Shinji wont be joining this battle since i dont see him having a place against 3 of the fans favorites moment..& i also think we should wait for next week to see just how powerful his bankai truly is in this state but given the fact that he is going to face Gerald in vollstandig with it(mind u it took bankai Zaraki to storm him without his vollstanding) i can only assume its pretty powerful


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