Itachi Meets Kisame! Hunting Tailed Beasts – Naruto Shippuden 456

Naruto Shippuden 4556 follows Itachi in his effort to stick with the Akatsuki in order to watch over Tobi. While he is with Juzo, he encounters the Fourth Mizukage which battles both, we see Juzo’s death here. Orochimaru mentions that he’d like to accompany Itachi but tries to betray Itachi, he has to get away because he’ll most likely die in his presence. After this he meets with Kisame.

Naruto Shippuden 456 begins as both Juzo and Itachi get accompanied with each other, they talk about how they should both fight as one and make some sort of plan. They agree to it and thus begin their attack upon an important person who has a few body guards but cannot defend him, thus they kill him.

Further to this, we see them blow up a bridge in an effort to close off one country and another. Later on, they go ahead to contact the leader who mentions their plan to increase their reputation. Their next step is to get Tailed Beasts in order to collect them as a way of deterrent. Itachi and Juzo are sent to the Mist Nation. They go on ahead and kill someone.

As they go back, they’re faced by the Fourth Mizukage who chases them down, in an effort to fight them, he gets into his Three Tail form and attack both Itachi and Juzo. Juzo is heart, this leads to Itachi using his Mangekyou Sharingan and Amaterasu. The Fourth is not dead but critically injured.

Juzo dies and thus Itachi has to go back. He meets up with the others as Orochimaru tells him that he’d like to met up with him and form a partnership. Orochimaru tries to take over his body, but Itachi already had him in a Genjutsu. He locks Orochimaru done, he even tries to dispel it but doesn’t work as his hand is cut off.

Kabuto shows up and helps him out. Itachi gets back to the others and tells them what happened. Itachi is told to stay out for a little while as they get him a new partner. As he’s told to meet someone by the seas, he see’s sharks, and thus he meets Kisame. Naruto Shippuden 456 ends here.

A decent enough episode, plus it seems like the canon are returning sooner and sooner. I honestly can’t wait for them. It should be great, plus next week’s Naruto Shippuden 457, titled “Partner” should feature more of Itachi and Deidara along with more Orochimaru.

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    Really Good episode, I liked Juzo I thought he was rally cool!!

    Also, what I found very respectful, was that when Kisame was seen, we heard him still in Tomoyuki Dan voice (may he Rest In Peace), and I liked how every time we see Kisame in a flashback, we always hear him in Dan’s voice. To me that the studio way off saying that Dan was irreplaceable, and I respect that, so much I wasn’t upset that when we saw him in the Naruto Robot episode he didn’t talk or when in those Dream Episodes, they didn’t have him, because that would meant they would have to find a new Seiyu, and I wouldn’t want that.

    The fact they haven’t found a new Seiyu is the ultimate respect they can show for Dan, that he is irreplaceable!!!!

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