Masaki’s Death! – Ichigo’s Birth and Powers – Bleach 536

bleach_536___getsuga_tenshou__by_espadazero-d64t0j7 bleach_536_by_gaston18-d64n08s bleach_536_gesuga_tensou___by_the103orjagrat-d64nvvr masaki_and_isshin_bleach_536_by_mraali-d64kkn0 bleach_chapter_536_coloring_by_vanessa_chan8-d64l7ytReal Reason why Masaki died Hollow Mask Broken Isshin angry at Naken Masaki Katagiri is sad Ichigo was bornBleach 536 builds up the tension to what actually happened and how Masaki Kurosaki actually died. Isshin saves Masaki, to which they go their own way, Ryuken is also seen upset by Katagiri to which she is she’s unhappy about. Isshin explains to Ichigo that he was born after a certain time, to which Aizen’s plans forced open his powers.

Bleach 536 begins with Isshin saving Masaki from the Hollow Mask, he tells it that he won’t be able to lay a finger on her since he’s there, he goes on to notice and unleash his Getsuga Tenshou on the face to which it smashes it completely, Masaki then notices Isshin, mentioning that he is the Shinigami from before, plus she wanted to meet him again.

She keeps on asking too many questions to which she then waves up her hands naked, Isshin screams at her telling her that she shouldn’t act like that when she’s naked. She’s brought out of problem with Urahara’s help, he mentions that he was able to connect their souls, she’s fine now. Isshin mentions that this is a good thing. Masaki goes on to talk in her sleep mentioning that Isshin’s angry at her for acting like that naked.

Ryuken goes home in the rain, when he meets Katagiri, she guesses that he left Masaki with the Shinigami, he replies with a yes. Isshin tells her that she can go home and tell his mother that he wasn’t able to protect the Quincy. Katagiri mentions that he will not, she calmly mentions that she was told to protect him all her life, from everything at all costs. That was the duty she was given when she was smaller.

She cries in this rain, mentioning that seeing him sad breaks her heart. He goes on to reveal that seeing her cry does the same. He mentions that it’s okay, and that they should both go home together. She follows him when he goes home. Isshin explains what had happened throughout the years. Masaki left the Ishida Family shortly after the decision was made by Ryuken himself.

Isshin had a small clinic to which he helped people with the help of Urahara. Masaki had gone to university, she often came to laugh at him as he look differently with a white robe. He told her that he lost her shinigami powers because of the blunders, and was exiled from Soul Society, however she always knew that he was lying, she realized this and every lie he said was always known by Masaki.

They went to watch a movie to which he didn’t pay much attention to, it was dark and boring, he noticed Masaki to cry all the time, it was a movie about a woman and man, a man who gotten old and always had the sun with him. He describes the sun as Masaki, she attracted, forgave and illuminated anything, he was just happy to be at her mercy. At this point, Ichigo was born, the rest is as he knows, Rukia was sent to this world by Aizen’s plans, he gained his powers such as the Zanpakuto.

Afterwards he gained a his Hollow powers which were activated once he got inside Soul Society. Isshin explains that when he’s Hollow Powers were awakened, he was no longer ale to block anything anymore. Thus he’s shell was broken and he regained his powers. Isshin explains that what he’s birth told him was personal to him, thus there is no need to explain.

However what he went through, there is still something he doesn’t known, 9 years ago to this day, June 17th. Is the day in which Masaki had died! Isshin gets ready to reveal something even more important, he tells Ichigo to listen carefully, he will now reveal the real reason his mother died on that day! Bleach 536 ends here.

A great build up to what really happened to Ichigo’s mother, Masaki. Hopefully it’s something no one saw coming. I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 537 when we see even more awesomeness from what Isshin has to say, I hope it is something which will hopefully blow me away! Can’t wait!

There are 13 comments

      1. dreager1

        Well as long as it isn’t as long as the last one. A whopping 9 chapters o-O That’s basically a whole volume. 2-3 I can deal with, but anymore and it could drag on. At least I’m actually interested in this flashback because I want to see if Grand Fisher really took her down (Though it seems unlikely) So, hopefully he can wrap that up pretty quickly and we can get back to the big fights


  1. Kolih

    Hopefully, Kubo won’t mess up the explanation regarding Masaki’s death. Maybe it was some sort of assassination issued by someone?


    1. Sunite

      This could be true, or it could be that doll thing which could be connected, remember the knowledge Ichigo has of her death, something like that the Grand Fisher could also be involved here…


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