Konan vs Tobi – Naruto Shippuden 252

Another episode which builds up to the tension when it comes to Great Shinobi War. We see some hidden bits which regards the fight between Naruto and Pain, as well as the great fight between Tobi and Konan.

Naruto Shippuden 252 starts off with Konan in the Hidden Rain Village as she remembers some great moments with Yahiko and Nagato. While she feels as though something is coming to where she is.

We see that Tobi appears using his Transportation Jutsu which allows him to transport himself in front of Konan. At this point Konan also moves herself from the city centre to somewhere outside where she is able to fight Tobi correctly, without destroying any of the buildings.

Tobi tells Konan that he is looking for Nagato’s body as he wants to remove his Rinnegan. Tobi then asks why, even when Konan and Nagato approved his Project Tsuki no Me plan, they both had abandoned their primary plan, and instead of using the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu for Naruto’s sake was a mistake as Tobi had told Nagato to specifically use it on Tobi.

Konan then flashes back to when Naruto had met Nagato for the first time, at this point he had used the words from the book Naruto held towards Nagato, to prove that Naruto is able to bring peace as well as for them to believe in him since he is the boy from the prophecy.

Tobi had then told Konan that he had encourage Yahiko to establish the Akatsuki to carry out this purpose, he also mentioned that he was the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan, Konan gets shocked and just unleashes herself to Tobi to destroy him.

She uses an Manifold attack which helps her to gain an advantage as Tobi is able to make his current body into a pass through mode allowing others not to touch him. As Konan gets closer, Tobi grabs her and sucks all of her paper into his technique, he doesn’t notice that within those paper, there are some where are paper bombs. These explode stopping the attack.

We see that Tobi’s right arm has been completely blown off, as well some of his mask, still can’t see who he really is. Tobi says that the moment he sucked Konan in, she intended to blow herself up and take Tobi with her, but this plan had failed.

Konan had mentioned that as Nagato has his faith in Naruto, she will also have herself allow to believe in Naruto as she mentions that she is the pillars which hold both Nagato and Yahiko.

At this moment, Konan then starts to unleash one of her more powerful techniques which literally opens the sea beneath their feet into a large hole, she splits the whole thing into half which allows for there to be no space to stand. The paper at the edges start to turn themselves into the water as they fall down towards the dark hole. The episode ends here.

What an exciting episode, with both a preview from the past as well as a great start to a fight between Konan and Tobi. The end of the fight will hopefully be within next week’s Naruto Shippuden 253 episode. So keep a watch.

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