Soul Society’s Annihilation – Bleach 483

Bleach’s latest Bleach 483 is absolutely amazing! Yamamoto is invaded by 7 mysterious men whose intention are to wage war upon the Soul Society and destroying by Vanden Reich. Ichigo explores more into who Ivan really is, he finds out that Ivan has come to steal Ichigo’s New Bankai.

We start this crazy chapter in the Soul Society as Yamamoto faces the unknown men who are surprised to see that there is no one guarding Yamamoto, as the Security is a bi too soft. Yamamoto replies with there is no need to worry as there is no better security than this. At this point I wonder why Yamamoto said this, to me it seems as though Yamamoto isn’t the target here, but in fact something else within the same location and thus Yamamoto is the guard to this object.

We return to Ivan and Ichigo’s fight where Ichigo is being confused as Ivan has an Arrancar mask while having a Quincy well. From his Quincy weapon, Ivan attacks Ichigo, while Ichigo deflects of dodges them.

This is probably the first time I’ve seen Ichigo think before attacking in any match. Ivan obviously seems to want Ichigo to open his Bankai to fight this more powerful form. Ichigo says that he has to play his game since he doesn’t know who he is nor why he’s attacking Ichigo. At this point Ichigo opens Bankai.

Ivan, in a hurry goes into one of his packets and takes out a gadget which he says that Ichigo’s Bankai Ends Here. At the end of his Bankai Transformation, Ichigo is surrounded by a number of rods around him. Ivan speaks the word “Melt” followed by an incantation type sentence. This increases the heat and breaks one of Ichigo’s left white arm support.

At this point, frustrated Ichigo breaks the rods allowing him to  escape, surprised Ivan looks on as Ichigo sends his Getsuga Tenshou. Ivan, unable to move, is extremely surprised as Ichigo was able to break his technique with nothing more then a smash. The Getsuga Tenshou gets closer and it seems Ivan has been deemed unconscious.

We return back to the Yamamoto’s private chamber where Sasakibe is lunged in the air where he was unable to even get close to the 7 mysterious men. On of the men says not to worry as this is a small example to what will happen during the war. In 5 days, Soul Society will be Annihilated by the Vanden Reich, is what is said by the man. The chapter ends here.

That was one amazing chapter! During Bleach 484, I’m sure that the Vanden Reich will be will be a supreme being as they are able to cause such harm to Hollows. Also I think that the Vanden Reich or Vandenreich are the group which the 7 men belong too, rather then a weapon which is what I first though.

What do you think?

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