Konohamaru’s Rasengan Training – Naruto Shippuden 422

Naruto Shippuden 422 begins a two-part filler special where we follow the story of Konohamaru as he develops his own type of Rasengan from scratch and uses it against Pain. Naruto goes in and out of missions while Konohamaru directly concentrates on developing his Rasengan while using his sexy jutsu.

Naruto Shippuden 422 see Konohamaru cleaning Naruto’s house as he gets back from three years of training. Naruto gets back and says hello to all of them, Konohamaru shows him his new Sexy Jutsu, while Naruto calls him weak, and that his is stronger. Naruto thanks Konohamaru for cleaning his room.

While Naruto tells Konohamaru that there is a strong jutsu that he needs to learn, telling him that there are three things. He shows him the Rasengan, then starts him off with a balloon, telling him that he needs to pop it using rotation.

Naruto goes off on a mission to help out Gaara while Konohamaru notices that he needs to use this time training and get stronger. His friends help him out by showing him that if it’s rotation, he tries his hands against Choji, Hinata and Kiba in order to see how their rotation works.

But after that, it doesn’t work out, they figure out that Naruto said that his Sexy Jutsu was weak, thus he realises that if he got a stronger Sexy Jutsu, it could help him to master it. They go to Ebisu where they take his advice on how to improve their Sexy Jutsu.

They look over his books and see that rotation is a part when the girls belly dance and shake their hips circular, Konohamaru does this and figure out a way to pop the balloon. Naruto returns and tells him that now he needs to make it stronger and use a rubber ball now.

Naruto has to go back on a mission to find Sasuke in one of Orochimaru’s hide outs, to which Konohamaru respects this and works on the rubber ball. They go back to Iruka and Ebisu where they find their answer by showing them their strongest Sexy Jutsu which blows them away. He is able to find some movement in the rubber ball, Naruto Shippuden 422 ends with Konohamaru putting too much strain on his hands.

A bearable episode, but nothing compared to the current canon episodes. Nevertheless, if you’d like to see the next episode, it’s here: Naruto Shippuden 423. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 424, titled “To Rise Up” where we return to Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara.

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