Madara Uchiha Resurrected! Naruto Arrives – Naruto Shippuden 321

Uchiha Madara Arrives

Naruto Shippuden 321 see’s the resurrection of Madara Uchiha who’s been brought back in a Edo Tensei form by Kabuto. Madara faces Naruto as well as Gaara and Onoki in their battlefield. We also see Naruto finally arrive in each and every battlefield to help the people who are currently confused to who’s a White Zetsu or the real them.

Naruto Shippuden 321 begins with a large explosion while many people are fighting their own soldiers. Kiba finds Shino when he notices that he’s about to kill him, he turn on him and kills the Zetsu. Even Neji’s Byakugan can’t detect them. Shikamaru and the others mention for them not to get outside their circle or else they’ll be killed. They’re waiting for something.

A soldiers protects the medical users who mentions that they cannot move or else they’ll be killed by him. Mei Terumi tries to get the Black Zetsu but it just keeps on building trees over itself to protect itself from getting harmed from Mei’s lava. The other Edo Tensei’s are going berserk, Sai is also trying to get the seal down so he can trap them. The Edo’s are killing more than they’re getting hurt. Even the Samurai’s are being controlled.

At the HQ, they’ve detected a small unit which is unusual in power, he detects that it’s the Mizukage as well as other Jinchuuriki’s, Tobi is going with them to a certain target. Naruto keep on going when Bee catches up to him. Naruto mentions that the other clones should be arriving in the battlefield very soon.

Choji mentions that he’s getting tired of it all, Shikamaru mentions that they need to wait for Naruto, anything else will not work.  Naruto quickly arrives, Dan notices that Naruto looks just like Nawaki. They all notice that Naruto’s there, they say Hi. Darui is surprised that Raikage let him go, but Tsunade let him go. Shikamaru tells Dan that he was his idiot classmate, now he makes it that they can actually win.

Naruto gets closer to everyone and mentions that a member there has already  been spotted of being a Zetsu. Furthermore back at where Sakura are, there is a couple who are hurt, the girl begs for them to take care of her husband, Sakura see’s this and quickly asks them to come in, they walk and quickly try to jump on Sakura and the others when Naruto quickly appears!

Sakura notices the new Naruto while he has destroyed the Zetsu’s. Neji notices Hinata being hurt, he’s quickly upset but then realises that it was a Zetsu. Neji and Kiba notice Naruto. Hinata tries to get an enemy but is overwhelmed by other enemies, then Naruto shows up there and quickly saves her! He quickly gets them with his attack, asking if she’s okay.

Mu appears and tries to summon someone, which he is also surprised by, he does this quickly. A man walks out and notices Mu’s words on how he’s being described an Edo Tensei. Furthermore he also mentions that the brat was able to talk to Nagato about his Rinne Rebirth Technique.

Everyone surrounds Naruto. Neji, Kiba, Hinata and others ask if it’s really Naruto as they don’t see if it’s really him. Hinata tells all of them that she see’s it in his eyes that it’s really him. Shino comes there now to help. Naruto tells them that he’s there to help. Naruto also notices Hinata who mentions that the person who they’re suppose to help is helping them, he mentions for her not to worry because she’s also strong. They quickly go into battle.

Sair is making his seal, he’s made the seal when it quickly captures Fuguki, at the same time other Edo Tensei’s in that area notice that they won’t be able to do much, so they leave for the moment. At that point, more Zetsu’s appear as their reinforcements, for the Ninja side, Naruto also appears for them. He’s already getting to all other battlefields.

Naruto has also joined Gaara and Onoki who have helped to seal many others. Naruto begins to give more orders to who the bad guys are and quickly begin to regain their feet on the war. Shikaku mentions that their plans are working. The HQ notices a huge spike in chakra in Gaara’s unit. They notice that theirs someone on the ledge. Mu appears on the ledge, Onoki mentions that Mu must have fragmented himself into a half.

Onoki and the others also notice that there is another man coming, this man being the toughest of them all! Madara Uchiha has finally arrived, Naruto notices that this is the man under the mask, Gaara mentions that he’s an Edo Tensei and not an actual living being, this therefore brings the question of who the other Madara/Tobi is with the other Jinchuuriki’s. Naruto Shippuden 321 ends here.

I’m so glad that we’re back to the original story line, however I’m upset at the crappy graphics used on this episode. After looking at next week’s preview, I can confirm that the graphics during next week’s episode, Naruto Shippuden 322 titled “Madara Uchiha”, we’ll see Madara Uchiha fight! As well as great graphics and animation from them! Can’t wait!


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