Fairy Tail Anime Returning Soon!

fairy_tail_cover_341_by_unrealyeto-d6dsn0qFairy Tail Anime has finally gotten some good news as it’s television anime project is going to continue. Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima had indicated a few weeks ago that he had some news to tell everyone. On the 11th he reveals that Fairy tail anime series will continue on, thanks to all the support and fans who demanded it.

Fairy Tail anime ended its 175th episode of the showdown of Natsu vs Sting and Rogue with a “To Be Continued” message which made a lot of fans angry, however this good news tells all fans that Fairy Tail anime will be back, thus they’re all happy. The news was revealed in one of its latest chapter, Fairy Tail 341, mentioning that Fairy Tail anime will be starting up again.

So what do you think of this, do you like that Fairy Tail anime is finally coming back, or are you still upset that it might take a few weeks, or even months. Comment below and tell me.

Source: ANN Hiro Mashima: Tweet

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  1. deucee9s2wylde

    It’s about time. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the GMG. Come on Fairy Tail, time to start lighting these guilds up!


  2. janoosen

    Eh, I still feel like it’s a bit too soon tbh. Only 4 months have passed since the anime went on hiatus, they should wait more for the manga to get ahead further. This is a rushed decision. The problem with anime is that it catches up to manga really easily, so chances are we’ll get fillers in the future which will just annoy people. Well, I guess it depends *when* the anime will start up again, but I still think this is a bit too rushed.

    That’s just my opinion though.


    1. Sunite

      They’ve already started another arc, and it seems like Hiro is obsessed with writing as much as he can to release it all at once. I also think it’s early but I’m sure Hiro likes to put up a lot of fillers also. We’ll just have to see what he does with the arc a head.


      1. janoosen

        I suppose, but the new arc still isn’t really that far ahead. Sure, the anime will have some ground to cover but the new arc is still only 4 chapters in. If the anime does 1-3 chapters per episode (normally 1-2 but I’m just stretching it out a bit) it’ll still catch up pretty fast. I tend to avoid fillers altogether because they’re usually REALLY boring (I didn’t like the Starry Keys filler arc at all), but there are a few exceptions. But the general consensus is that fillers are boring and a waste of time.

        I guess I’m just afraid of Fairy Tail becoming another Naruto Shippuden, and since they’re rushing to get the anime running again that’s all the more reason to worry.


  3. Brandon

    Well considering he just announced it and it takes a while to create episodes it still will be awhile but i’m just happy to know that its continuing cause the way it ended was bull crap.


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