Naruto and Hinata’s Wedding – Naruto Shippuden 500 (END)

Naruto Shippuden 500 ends the Shippuden series and Naruto as a whole with the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. Following Iruka in his story to record a message for both Hinata and Naruto. Iruka even gets asked to be his father during the marriage period. A lovely episode to end the series and begin a whole new generation of heroes.

Naruto Shippuden 500 begins as we first see Iruka dream about the time Naruto stole the scroll from the village, where Iruka first defended Naruto from all the pain in the world, Naruto gained so much and became the hero.Konohamaru tries to record Iruka’s message but he says no at this point and that he’ll repay them for this.

Iruka goes home when he’s met with the girl from the ramen place, he tells her that he’ll be back there soon. Nevertheless, Iruka passes by and remembers Naruto and his past. He gets home and tries to make some food when it all spills and breaks some plates. Naruto knocks on the door as he tries to come in, he then see’s all the mess and tells him to go to ramen with him.

Naruto says something when Iruka drags Naruto back to Hinata as he thinks that he needs to apologies for not raising him well. Iruka is angry about this when Naruto has to tell him something. Naruto has a request, for him to attend the ceremony as his father. Iruka nearly tears up but then quickly accepts.

Iruka goes to get some ramen when he nearly ruined his kitchen before, he is happy eating his ramen. Next day, he’s at school when he notices Hinata at the tree where Naruto always went when he was lonely. She tells Iruka that Naruto has been thinking about Iruka too, in a way where he didn’t know if they should have a teacher relationship or more. Hinata even brings a gift to Iruka as a sign since he is acting as his father.

Iruka is already acting like his father. Iruka asks Konohamaru to record him once more, he nearly gets it right when he asks to start again. On the day, all of Naruto’s Friend and family congratulate him on the wedding, from Kage’s to the guys from the Ramen shop. Lastly, we have Iruka tell Naruto to take care of Hinata!

On the day, we see everyone ready for the wedding, the Kage’s arrive, Raikage and Gaara along with Bee and Kankuro. A lot of the people are also giving some of their gifts, along with money and other things. Guy and Lee are doing their dumbbell juggling. The others also have their gifts such as the honey wine. Mirai and Shino are also playing.

Shikamaru and Temari are together holding hands, this is the same with Ino and Sai. Choji looks forward to eating the large cake they have. Sakura feels a little lonely, but a hawk arrives to give a message for them, Sakura knows that he’s there even if not physically. Iruka and Kakashi talk about the wedding and whats happening. Iruka doesn’t have a message prepared.

Hinata awaits alongside Naruto. Hinata thinks of Neji and how she’s marrying Naruto, she is still shy. Her little sister is there alongside her father, he smiles as she looks absolutely amazing. She holds Naruto’s hand as she indicated that she’s ready to go, they open the door and walk to their celebrations. Naruto Shippuden 500 ends here. Naruto Shippuden ends here.

~The End~

I will definitely be going through my overall thoughts and feeling about the show on a later post, but for now, I’ll keep it nice and short. I absolutely loved the show, I literally grew up with it writing about it here alongside all of the amazing Naruto fans who commented, shared, liked, tweeted, etc, all the posts I put up about them.

I will definitely miss this awesome and crazy show, no doubt about it. There were certainly some up and downs, but overall when something like Naruto ends, its definitely heart breaking as it was definitely one of my favourites.

So what do you think? Go ahead and comment down below telling me your thoughts on the end of Naruto Shippuden alongside what your overall thoughts were of this wedding episode, it was awesome and Hinata looked awesome.

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  1. Enoch Chen

    Wasn’t Iruka Sensei supposed to give a final speech? the one they previewed in the previous episode? I was waiting for that, but they never showed it. i was ready to cry my eyes out on that message, left still wanting more


  2. nectarinia

    Whoa it ends… 😮 but I’m kinda disappointed because they didn’t adapt the other Hiden series… maybe because less budget? But I think they had enough money to make these crappy filler episodes :/
    at least they adapted Shikamaru Hiden, but I feel anime version less “brutal”, which is “bad”, imo.
    Sakura Hiden was good, though. I remember how the fandom expected Sakura Hiden will be about your typical SasuSaku fanfic, but when the translation came out, lol I can’t imagine their face when reading it 😂

    Well I don’t have high expectation to Boruto Series, so…


  3. dreager1

    I can’t say that my overview review of the whole series will be quite as positive. I feel like this is one of those shows that stretched out for way too long. It had a lot of good moments during its run, but a lot of bad ones as well. I think Boruto could actually end up being a better series even if the highs aren’t quite as good as this one. Still, ending on exactly 500 episodes is a pretty good feat.


  4. heyfindme

    im fucking pissed they didnt show the actual marriage… they had like 3 episodes for past like 4 months that weren’t ” fillers ” then they dont fucking show them kissing atleast?!?! i waited since like 2006 to see them kiss and they didn’t fucking garbage…


  5. kbutimajedi

    The thing I was looking most forward to was Hinata’s and Naruto’s wedding. I mean I supported that pairing sense the beginning and all I get is them walking out of the door together very disappointed on how it ended. Could have at least showed the wedding disappointment is all I have to say. I know Naruto is about romance but still that’s what I watched for at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Steve O

    I really happy Naruto ended up with Hinata & Not Sakura. I always really disliked Sakura n how she treated Naruto. She was a rather useless character 4 the most part. The wedding could’ve been better but I’ll live with what we got.


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