Ichigo’s Fullbring Stages

During Ichigo’s training with the Xcution Crew, Ichigo obtains this form of Fullbring on his first training session. This is when he is fighting Mr. Pork, a doll which was manipulated by Riruka’s Fullbring Powers.

Ichigo develops this circular attack technique during his first training session, he beats Mr. Pork with this technique the first time. But during his second training session, he would need to better this technique and release a more powerful attack, as this time, both plush dolls Mr. Pork and Mr. Chicken are even more powerful due to the fact that they have both evolved. What he does, is he realizes that he needs to charge up the technique and then quickly releases. This technique is able to kill both animals.

Ichigo’s Fullbring goes a little out of control during the middle of his fight with Jackie Tristan. This happened because Ichigo, as always, pushed himself to hard to carry out his Fullbring as soon as possible. As his power becomes unstable, Jackie pressures Ichigo to stop the fight, but he insists on carry on fighting.

When Tsukishima slices Riruka’s Dollhouse Box in two, both Ichigo and Jackie Tristan spew out from it. Jackie Injured while Ichigo has a new form. Chad suggests it looks like the garment soul reapers have to wear, which it does. But it suggests that Ichigo’s Power is wearable. This form evolved as his reiatsu has covered his whole body, therefore meaning that his power is like his Bankai, when a part is cut off, that part of the power is therefore lost or is used.

This is Ichigo’s Final Fullbring Form. Ichigo gains his full form during his training with Ginjo Kugo himself. The tactic Ginjo uses, is that he pressures Ichigo by cutting and hurting him. When Ichigo’s eyes are covered with blood due to Ginjo cutting around Ichigo eyes, this gives Ichigo the power to see reiatsu instead of his normal vision. Ginjo kicks and stabs Ichigo just to get him open his Fullbring. At that instant, Ichigo transforms into his full Fullbring form as well as stabbing Ginjo for what he did to Ichigo.

Spoiler: Ichigo’s Fullbring is then stolen by Kugo Ginjo, as the plan for the Xcution was to steal his power and distribute between themselves, helping them to get even stronger. All that work Ichigo did went to waste, however it was beneficial for the Soul Society because they were on the look out for Kugo Ginjo. Long Story Short: Kugo Ginjo is the bad guy.

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