Katon Gouka Mekkyaku Uchiha Madara – Naruto 560

This weeks Naruto Chapter 560 has Uchiha Madara do a “Katon Gouka Mekkyaku” on the allied shinobi force all by himself.

As you can see the images above, Uchiha Madara’s Katon Gouka Mekkyaku has really done a number on the shinobi force. This means that many shinobi’s from the allied force have had to join up their water technique and go an all out just to match with Madara’s Gouka Mekkyaku.

Fortunately, the Uchiha Madara quickly attacked the front wave of shinobi’s. Quickly Naruto lunged himself with a Super Giant Ball Rasengan! This in fact did no damage since Uchiha Madara has protection from Susa-noo since Uchiha Madara has the Mangekyou Sharingan.

After some time, Naruto releases his Sage Mode and then launches a Rasen Shuriken to Uchiha Madara himself. Naruto was ale to lauch the Rasen Shuriken because Gaara captured Susa-noo with his sand and pulled Madara from Susa-noo. This helped Naruto to Aim this powerful weapon.

However an unknown unexpected thing happened! Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken was absorbed by Uchiha Madara’s Rinnegan. After this Madara backed to where Muu is standing.

Madara then released a two-sided Sasu-noo which has been never seen. This then summoned or released a large ball into the sky which proved to me “Overwhelming”. “Is This… The Power… Of A God…” said by Gaara the Kazekage.

This Chapter was one of the most interesting chapters I could have read. Since I don’t know a lot about Madara Uchiha, except that he’s one badass, he is also very powerful! So that’s it! Keep watching the episodes as well as reading next weeks manga Naruto 561.


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