Fighting Yhwach! Ichigo’s Father – Bleach 673

Bleach 673 see’s the reformation of Gerard as both Rukia and Renji appear in front of Byakuya and Toshiro. All while, everyone feels Ichigo’s Reiatsu grow as he faces Yhwach. Yhwach mentions that he is the real father from what he has given him, in terms of the power he has been given, while Isshin is nothing but a surrogate.

Bleach 673 begins as we see Rukia and Renji both notice that Gerard is regenerating. Toshiro talks to Rukia and Renji, but they don’t notice who it is, Rukia thinks that he is Toshiro’s brother. Suddenly everyone feels Ichigo’s reiatsu. We see Yhwach mention that if Ichigo would like to draw his blade then he shall, although this is what he’d like to say.

Yhwach mentions that he can already see his reiatsu is overflowing from his body. Yhwach mentions that he has grown stronger. On top of which, Ichigo seems to have gained his original powers. Yhwach asks himself how he’ll be greeted by Ichigo, if it’s either from the left or right. Ichigo mentions that he should be able to see the future, but it seems that Yhwach has disabled his powers for now and cannot see the future.

Yhwach mentions something about father and son, this is when Ichigo mentions that he is not his father. Yhwach says that Isshin Kurosaki is merely his surrogate father, he should already know the source of his power. Ichigo says that he should never say that he is his parent, he is the one who killed his parent.

Yhwach mentions that if this is about his mother, then he is just like a little school girl. Ichigo releases one of his sword, lunges towards Yhwach and unleashes his Getsuga Tenshou! Ichigo releases his power when Yhwach’s own black and dark power blocks the attack. Once the attack fades, the blackness from Yhwach attacks Ichigo but Orihime uses her defensive powers.

It slips through which forces Ichigo to release his second sword to attack the blackness back. Yhwach mentions that a person’s life was taken because there was no other choice. Their very existence was nothing more than to provide him with sustenance, so that I could give birth to Ichigo. Yhwach mentions that there is no greater possible honor and joy in the world.

As we see Ichigo being pushed by the attack, we see Orihime call out Ichigo’s name, all while we see Yhwach as he mentions that their conversation must come to an end as he stands up. Yhwach mentions that now he shall bear witness to him and all his wondrous glory as he shall now fight him with all his might. Bleach 673 ends here.

A pretty awesome chapter if you ask me, seems like Ichigo and Yhwach will be going all out in this fight. And with all of this happening so quickly, it seems that Yhwach vs Ichigo has finally begun, so it’ll be awesome to read the next few chapters to see what powers Ichigo truly holds. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 674, should be awesome.

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  1. trinin ninja

    This chapter was ok in my book. Even though it kind of reminded me of a messed up family reunion, I did like that Isshin’s name was brought up. The whole “you’re not my father” thing made think of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. Anyway, I’m glad some humor was in this chapter through toshiro and others. I was shocked that yhwach actually got up to confront ichigo though and I’m still surprised that it is still focusing on this main battle, unless it is not the final fight. I am expecting the scene to change though. I can see gerard’s defeat coming soon

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    1. Sunite

      It reminded me of Star Wars too, actually quite similar to that exact scene. I think the addition of Renji and Rukia will make a small difference, maybe even topple over the great giant somehow. It’ll be pretty bad in my opinion if Rukia or Renji figure out his weakness when Toshiro, Byakuya nor Zaraki were able to do anything…


      1. trinin ninja

        I agree. I just don’t see how Renji and Rukia could make a difference when Zaraki, Byakuya, and Toshiro could not stop Gerard.


        1. nickdunnaquatic

          That’s why I believe one of the Divine Generals will come to fight Gerard. Maybe Hikifune so she can reunit with Hiyori.


  2. josephbhwanah

    The chapter didnt have much progression from where we left off & it really felt short IMO, Toshiro playing along with Rukia & Renji confusion was priceless(no! Byakuya’s reaction was priceless), & finally, Orihime being helpful..
    Its strange that Ichigo with all that power, he is still immature & charges on provocation with same attacks that were no good even before Yhwach absorbed mimihagi & the Soul King(& here i thought with his new power-up he will be a little more level headed, If he was so mad because Yhwach mentioned of his mother’s death why couldnt he have gone bankai instead of using his useless getsuga Tensho that didnt work before against Yhwach? Or rather, a new powerful shikai attack?! i swear the reason i reserve myself from talking ill of Ichigo is because is the main protagonist, but seriously! Ichigo should show maturity, i dont even know why is he even surprised that his GT didnt work since he has used it more than 3 times already against Yhwach & it didnt work, & why did Yhwach not respond to Orihime’s presence? or does he consider her presence ther of less importance? somehow im having this sick feeling that this is going to bite him in the a** with Orihime proving somehow not to be taken lightly(its more of an angle which i think Kubo can go for) either way, Its as i said the other week, Yhwach is on the league of his own now & Ichigo cant do much with his shikai & i can only imagine him doing barely nothing with his bankai, people almost forget that Yhwach is Soul King now, the only way can see him get defeated in the hands of Ichigo is if it has something to do with this father son thing that Yhwach has brought up, which could only mean that Ichigo was already a transcendent being just walking up the ladder(with his ridicuous power-ups, quincy/Shinigami/human/hollow & now, somewat a son of a quincy god)to what he is destined to be(it makes sense now that u think of it that way but still..)But before we get to that, i think he will still need some help from others since he is clearly not ther yet, Aizen proves more capable even though i dont think he too can do much to popular opinion that he can but atleast he has shown the level of power to stand against Yhwach.IMO, for Ichigo to match Yhwach he has to transcend further from his shinigami powers(shikai & bankai) & become something more which i think he can if truly Yhwach is his father(i believe it to be true, Nimaiya even found it shocking that Ichigo’s bankai resembles Yhwach in his teen & now yhwach says this) which begs another question, if it is so who truly is Yhwach’s successor!? Uryu or Ichigo?
    For Gerald to be defeated, his miracle powers have to be neutralize & i can see several of shinigami able to do that, Shinji with his unknown bankai maybe(likely), Ichibei(also likely) or Ukitake with his unknown bankai(highly unlikely)

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    1. Sunite

      You make a lot of good point, I don’t think there are any straight answer to a lot of theories because of how unpredictable Kubo is. Also I believe Shinjis bankai will be awesome, seeing how cool his reverse shikai is, I’m sure his Bankai will be even superior.


    2. trinin ninja

      You and I think alike. I could totally see Orihime being yhwach’s downfall, especially now that we have confirmation that yhwach is not using his abilities to the fullest degree. Ichibei could definitely be a problem to Gerard with his ink powers that can rewrite new powers unto others.


    3. nickdunnaquatic

      Orihime can reject nearly anything. She was immpressive in this fight. So I do believe Orihime will be the downfall of Yhwach.


  3. Christopher Waters

    I’ll be disapointed if this is actually the last fight even if it takes forever to end there are still far to many questions left unanswered that need to be addressed. I don’t see anyone beating Yhwach 1 on 1 including Ichigo. I see Aizen and Uryū playing very important roles in the fight with Yhwach cause if he gets beat by just 1 person will not make any sense and very unbelievable

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  4. nickdunnaquatic

    I do like the return of Renji and Rukia. I believe they, along with the Visored, will help to try and take down Gerard. I have a feeling Ichigo and Orihime will lose this fight. Yhwach is just too powerful. Mimihagi shadows stopped Ichigo’s White Getsuga Tensho but was stopped by Orihime’s Santen Kesshun. Which is very impressive. Yhwach is going the God route by saying Masaki only existed to birth Ichigo and sacrificing herself to save Ichigo is apparently a great honor because she died for Yhwach’s cause. Very similar to mainstream religions to where dying for your god is a great honor. I like that Ichigo finally told Yhwach he isn’t his father and he’s the one that killed his mother. I really want a flashback from 1000 or so years ago because at this point we need to find out Yhwach’s motives.

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah agreed, I think seeing the past of Yhwach, after he came to be. And before he met Jugram is something amiss. I think seeing the previous battle as you said 1000 years ago is also something worthy. I honestly believe that the series is in its starting stages of the final arc, even if that was like 2 years ago.


  5. Ultimate Coordinator

    Maybe Rukia can, cause her Bankai froze As Nodt and then he turn to dust and literally blew away. Rukia’s Bankai can prob freeze every living cell in a being making it more affect on Gerard. But shouldn’t Gerard’s ability be gone. Toshiro’s new mature Bankai has the ability to freeze anything and take the power away from what it forze. So he shouldn’t be able to regenerate to begin with. Or did I miss something


  6. josephbhwanah

    hahahaha@ Ultimate, im telling u it has to be some kind of “miracle” that he keeps coming back, either way u make a good point & i remember asking the question on previous chapter relating to what u have asked, i asked if Gerald comes back stronger(transcends) when he is defeated coz of the “miracle” Or is he really being defeated(together with his miracle) & transcends to another from much like Lille but i see pple didnt truly understand what i asked..It had to do with what u just asked, Toshiro’s bankai had the power to nullify Hoffnung’s abilities so i expected it could have done the same with Gerald & also the reason why Byakuya used Senka then & not attack earlier on after gerald unlike the berserker kenpachi, after realizing physical attacks wont work on Gerald until Toshiro froze him…So why does he keep coming back? If it had something to do with him being the Soul-King’s heart like some people speculate, how was Nimaiya able to kill him with “sayafushi” before Yhwach brought them back?!

    & i doubt Renji & Rukia would do much against Gerald & i dont think Rukia is more capable than Toshiro(Captain>>>Lieutenant), it would be insane for them to top what 3 captain class bankai couldnt(two of them being really OP & all new power-ups), frankly i think ther brought up now coz ther one of the main characters & have to do something but defeating Gerald i believe it isnt, maybe support in his demise, maybe(Rukia is carried on the back by Renji, the all theme of it gives me a feeling that ther not going to get involved)…Remember we also saw Ikkaku & Yumichika in this battle but that doesnt mean they had to do something…

    Does Ichigo now have a new getsuga Tensho?!(white one) couldnt tel other than the fact that he just used getsuga Tensho….


  7. Christopher Waters

    With how a VC that we don’t really see a lot has been doing something key in winning these fights recently like Nemu and Nanao did. If it follows that same pattern there is a good chance that Momo will show up and do something important in killing Gerard just like Nemu and Nanao before. Yhawch said he was not using his Almighty so he is not fighting with everything he has I doubt that Orihime will be able to block an attack from Yhawch whe he is actually fighting and not just playing around which is what it seems like to me. Would love if we got more of Aizen, Lille and Izuru its been a decent amount of time since we got to see whats going on with them


  8. trinin ninja

    I hope 1 of 2 things happen next chapter: 1) we see some examples of destruction that yhwach can casue
    2) we move onto a new scene


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