Zaraki attacks Gerard! Drink Nozarashi – Bleach 667

Bleach 667 see’s the battle between Zaraki vs Gerard begin as cutting or hurting Gerard will only make him grow bigger and stronger. While Zaraki arrives, Hitsugaya and Byakuya are both shocked at the release of Zaraki’s Shikai. Gerard even releases the Sword of Hope to battle against Zaraki.

Bleach 667 begins with Zaraki as he’s within one of Mayuri’s pods, he kicks out the door and comes out. He comes out, and a few moments later we see Ikakku and Yumichika try their best to get to the fight but find out that he is already there before them. He arrives and cuts off Gerard’s arm.

However, his right arm rejoins and gets even more powerful. Byakuya mentions that whenever his arm or leg or anything gets cut, he is able to grow it even stronger and even bigger. So it seems that Gerard was a lot smaller when the battle began. Byakuya even complains that Hitsugaya is so fixated on his height.

Zaraki gets ready and tries to attack Hitsugaya when he also attacks. It seems that Zaraki has taken it easy because he would have split him half. They talk for a bit as Hitsugaya tries to tell him that he shouldn’t try to make him bigger. Out of nowhere, we see Gerard try to stomp both of them down with his foot, but Zaraki man handles it and throws him down.

Zaraki then lunges back to the skies and attacks the shield which Gerard uses. It pushes him back, this is when we see Gerard bring out a sword from the back of his shield which he calls the Sword of Hope. Gerard mentions that no one has been able to topple him over, and thus this prompted him to use his Hoffnung.

Zaraki mentions that as he wasn’t able to cut through his shield, and thus he releases his Shikai! Drink, Nozarashi he mentions. Both Hitsugaya and Byakuya mentions that it seems that his sword was never released in its constant, in fact this just shows how strong he really is.  Both attack each other.

None of them back out from the fight, Zaraki swipes his sword and lunges up. Gerard smiles and calls him a foolish oaf, and that mentions that he’s gone and nicked the blade of Hoffnung. Zaraki looks really strong as he’s about to go crazy against him Gerard. Bleach 667 ends here.

A pretty awesome start to the fight between Zaraki and Gerard. It’s going to be a crazy fight seeing this battle in the anime (if it gets an anime version). This battle will definitely be epic in the next few chapters. If Zaraki ever releases his Bankai, it’ll be epic. But I’m still fine with his Shikai because it’s awesome. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 668, it’ll be awesome.

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  1. wilfredimbukwa

    Zaraki is badly injured at his torso. But guess what!!!! the injury has forced Zaraki to remove his eye patch. Maybe we shall see his spiritual pressure increase exponentially. If he still can’t defeat Gerard with increased spiritual pressure then we shall see his Bankai. (I believe he has Bankai.)


  2. thetaicho

    As much as Tite Kubo said he would reveal all bankai before the end, I feel it would be too early. Unless his bankai literally “can swallow/drink” he is done for. If Zaraki died, it would be a fulfillment (die smiling)of his squad’s creed. But probably bad for fans. Thus Byakuya and Hitsugaya may actually whisper a strategy to him, but not fight. Otherwise, Gerrard seems overconfident, and that just might be his downfall as Zaraki is more cautious now.


  3. josephbhwanah

    My my, Kenpachi is a beast, given what byakuya revealed about Kenpachi that his zanpaktou was mistakenly confused to be in its constant release while in reality it wasnt makes me wonder just how powerful he truly is, though this reveal its also abit confusing since Zaraki”s zanpaktou was said to be in constant release & unlike Ichigo who relied on both his power & his zanpaktou’s hence the sharing their spiritual energy & power & why he knew & attained the abilities of his shikai, Zaraki relied on his own strength hence why he subconciously inhibited the capabilities of his zanpaktou nor bothered with knowing its name since he was only relying on his own spiritual energy to fight instead of allowing himself to fight along with his zanpaktou hence why it never really lend Zaraki its full strength since their where not fighting as one..Zangetsu even pointed this out wen they faced him at soul society arc.So i dont know what to really make out of what byakuya said in this chapter about Kenpachi coz if its what it is true then all past kenpachi’s feats where attained while he was fighting in unreleased state(with a sealed zanpaktou). That makes him outrageously powerful…I doubt thou if we r ever going to see kenpachi’s bankai unless someone takes him to the dangai like how Ichigo mastered final getsuga tensho through the given time he got from the time disruption at the dangai

    & i also find the thing about Gerald falling could destroy the all soul society abit extreme given the fact the fall can not have much forced than his feet trying to press down on Zaraki which zaraki managed to stop, either way, lets wait & see what Zaraki is going to do thou i can already guess since in the last panel he appears to have no eye patch while in the rest of the panels he had one..It was a decent chapter & i really enjoyed it even thou Zaraki is stealing Shinji’s moment thou i cant help thinking that Shinji’s bankai will be the counter for gerald ‘s abilities of gaining strength per damage


  4. Christopher Waters

    We were told we would see Kenpachis Bankai so I’m not worried about seeing it or not I doubt he would die in this fight unless he uses his Bankai and it is revealed were Yachiru is I know most ppl seem to think its his sword but I doubt that very much. I do expect to see his Bankai in this fight though. If you think about it whats whos really left at this point that still needs to fight or is not in a fight right now? Pernida Parnkgjas Askin Nakk Le Vaar (dying) Bambietta Basterbine Äs Nödt Liltotto Lamperd Bazz-B Cang Du Quilge Opie BG9 PePe Waccabrada Robert Accutrone Driscoll Berci Berenice Gabrielli Jerome Guizbatt Mask De Masculine NaNaNa Najahkoop Gremmy Thoumeaux Nianzol Weizol Lille Barro(fighting the Dead Man??) Loyd Lloyd Royd Lloyd Giselle Gewelle are all dead. That leaves Jugram Haschwalth who is fighting Ishida Gerard Valkyrie who is in this fight right now. Then only Meninas McAllon Candice Catnipp who were said to of been beat but not killed. There is nobody left except Yhwach and I guess Ishida or Haschwalth whoever survives since Ishida is still listed as being sternritter A. So if we don’t see his Bankai now that means it will be against Yhwach which I highly doubt will happen. There really is not enough ppl left at this point unless some new ppl show up like Squad Zero joining Yhwach but again I don’t think thats going to happen.


  5. trinin ninja

    This chapter was not entirely bad in my opinion. It was mainly Zaraki vs Gerard (strength vs strength). Gerard is looking to be an interesting character after all. His sword of hope goes well with his “miracle ability” or at least the meaning of it (I’m still curious about the ability of his sword). Maybe Gerard’s sword will get stronger too. Also Gerard reminds me of a comic book hero especially with a “sword of hope”.

    P.S.- Still waiting for BG9/Robert’s letter meaning. Also Jugram’s vollstandig>Isshin’s bankai. 🙂


  6. nickdunnaquatic

    I enjoyed this chapter. We haven’t had a raw power battle sense Renji vs Mask. I like how powerful both Zaraki and Gerard are. I also like to mention that Zaraki’s eye patch no longer works. His training with Unohana was supposed to help him not only achieve his true potential, but also help control his power more. This was shown when he used Nozorashi to destroy Gremmy’s Meteor, Zaraki was standing in the air using Shunpo. Zaraki was never able to do that until after his training. So his eye patch doesn’t give him a power up anymore. I also like how Gerard’s Spirit Weapon Huffnung, as the ability to reflect the damage that Huffnung has sustained and convert the damage to Gerard’s opponent. That’s why when Huffnung got a chip, Zaraki was suddenly slashed across the stomach. I’m expecting a Bankai reveal form the Visored and maybe from Zaraki as well. But of course I’m expecting a Vollständig from Gerard as well.


    1. Sunite

      Totally agree with you Nick, I actually had to go back to see the last page because I didn’t spot the cut on Zaraki. He’s so strong that even a cut across his body like that is not even felt by him, he’s one serious dude!


  7. josephbhwanah

    Zaraki’s shikai = to most captain shinigami bankai, i dont think he will need bankai even if Gerald goes all Vollstandig, & ther is also a chance that he might not & still get defeated as Pernida..Mind you that Kenpachi has Byakuya & Toshiro standing by & possibly Shinji & Suifeng, they will be more than enough to take care of Gerald..if Kenpachi is somehow going to achieve bankai i can only see him usng it against Yhwach or against one of the squad zero if they r on enemy side thou highly unlikely…

    & i dont think the eye-patch is for show & its not like Kenpachi was wearing it coz he couldnt control his reiatsu but to suppress the vast reiatsu released by his reiryoku so as he can prolong & enjoy fighting & i dont think its coincidence that in all the panels in this chapter, Kenpachi appears to be wearing his eye-patch & only appears in the last page with no eye-patch..Im calling it right now that he must have tanked that counter blow from chipping “Hoffnung” by removing his eye-patch atleast thats what i think its going to play out.


  8. dreager1

    Very solid chapter. Feels good to have Zaraki back in the mix! Gerard simply falling down would level the Soul Society which is awesome, but I feel like Kubo may be feeling a little too bold here. It’s going to be hard to stop Gerard without knocking him down and the actual blows should be destroying most of the area if he really is that big. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes and I’m on the side that thinks Zaraki will definitely be using Bankai here. It’ll probably be Yachiru and an epic moment of friendship (Fairy Tail style) will prevail!

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    1. Sunite

      Haha if that were to happen itd be so troll. I would like to see Yachiru show up soon and see where she’s been etc. Seems like she might be playing a bigger part then first thought.


        1. Sunite

          Ah yes, here’s a quote. “On Twitter, Kudo has since stressed Studio Pierrot has no new plans to develop a new anime at the moment, but a day may come when the studio is. If conversations have been held on the backend, anything is possible.”

          Seems like it might be coming in the future, but nothing seems to be confirmed.


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