Itachi and Shisui! Joining ANBU – Naruto Shippuden 454

Naruto Shippuden 454 covers Itachi and Shisui Uchiha as they go on a training exercise in order to excel and get better at their tracking skills. Itachi and Shisui get closer as friends as they share their own memories by telling each other a few things, like Itachi’s Sharingan awakening. We move onto Itachi joining the ANBU.

Naruto Shippuden 454 begins as Itachi talks to his father about the awakening of his Sharingan, on top of which he gets pissed off because of what had happened to his friends. He even says no to Sasuke when he wanted to play for a bit. He meets with Shisui in order to go and train.

We enter the forest as they get a mission in order to figure out their mission. They track a few things from the moss and the twig. They also walk around and figure out that there are flowers nearby which shows him what to follow and what not to. The sun sets, they get to the lake side and make up a fire.

It seems that Itachi himself is serious about learning and protecting his friends, but Shisui is trying to loosen him up for when he grows up a little. A bit later, Shisui figures him out that he doesn’t want to stay home and that his father might actually be pushing him.

They hear some fighting when an ANBU is being followed by the Foundation ANBU who is trying to get data from the other ANBU who is currently hurt. It seems that both Shisui and Itachi will get involved here. Sasuke fights one of the lady and Shisui the other. After a bit of fighting, Itachi works out that he can easily beat her and does so using her own technique.

Even Shisui defeats the other two using his own Teleportation Jutsu. He was able to defeat them both when the others from the exercise appear. They ask what was going on and thus mention that there was a fight but it’s all good. Itachi’s foot seems to be sprained and cannot work.

Thus, Shisui aids Itachi to his house and thus so accordingly as he says that whenever he is with him, he shall never betray or do anything that will hurt him, ever. After a while we see Itachi as a bit of an adult join the ANBU. Naruto Shippuden 454 ends here.

A good episode, but it seems that this sort of thing will go on for a while. It seems that Itachi will be working for the Foundation as the next few episodes may be repeats of what we already know, Naruto Shippuden 455 titled “Moonlit Night” should be another standard episode.

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah, I thought it was a decent episode, but as the series drags out more and more, I feel like the show should have ended ages ago, and now in a year or whatever. Itachi’s past has also been done so many times that it’s tiring if you ask me lol

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