Jellal Pissed Off! Erza Tortured – Fairy Tail 482

Fairy Tail 482 see’s the torture in which Kyouka and others have in store for Erza as they fight and tie her down. All whilst Gray and Lyon talk fight against Ur, this includes other people who are fighting against their evil counterparts. When Erza defeats the ghosts, Jellal gets pissed off at the amount of damage she’s taken.

Fairy Tail 482 see’s Lyon and Gray fighting against their master Ur as she uses her abilities to push them back, she mentions that at their levels, they are still very weak in comparison to her. Gray tells Lyon that she is nothing but a ghost, she uses her Rosen Krone but is misses the others. Gray uses an ability which scrapes Ur on the cheek.

Gray mentions that she is nothing more than another obstacle, it’s just an enemy who looks like Ur but is not her. He mentions that he won’t allow her to drag their masters name through the mud. We see others such as Zancrow, Keith, Laxus, Wendy and others fighting but they are so hurt that they cannot do a lot.

We now join Erza as she fights with Kyouka and others. She gets beaten down so badly that she is once again trapped by Kyouka as she increases her sensitivity and hurts her like previously. After inflicting damage onto her, we see Kyouka realise that Erza calls them nothing but ghosts after she previously defeated them.

Erza then takes a lot of damage but doesn’t react as she gives all three a look which tells the spirits that have been summoned to begone, unless they wish to taste her blade once more. All three begin to disappear after they all feel the fear which Erza is showing all three of them. All three disappear as Erza falls down, she seems to be to hurt to hold herself up.

Both Kagura and Jellal are also near, they run up to Erza as they try to help her out. Jellal notices that she is very injured, this forces Jellal to get so pissed off. This also triggers something within Neinhart as he notices that Erza could be related to someone known as Lady Eileen. Fairy Tail 482 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like the spoilers posted previously here somewhat relate to this chapter. Nevertheless, seems like Neinhart will also be defeated by Jellal. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 483, titled “The Seven Stars”, which will include 25 pages along with a colour page.

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    OK, I’m glad to see we didn’t see any cliche Fairy Tail with Erza doing a big speech and a One Hit attack.
    Also it seems Erza might have some innate power in her, in fact I forgot Scarlet not her real last name, as Jellal gave it to her.

    Also I can’t wait to see Jellal vs Neinhart!!!!

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah exactly what I think. Plus finally learning more about Erza is something we still need to cover. Her past especially. We’ve seen a lot of the others and Erzas parents is still left.


  2. Scarlettruth

    I think. . . Eileen is erza. And erza is eileen too. It is so crazy but i like that ‘fact’.
    Because, it will be mono-story when every char must have a family from the past.
    And it is answer why neinhart cant to know from the first time erza have a battle-memory with the scarlet eileen. Because both of them is one-self.
    Maybe hiro publish a chapther about mavis, zeref, natsu, august, or the bradman in next week until we get very impatien. Lol.


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