Prologue of Road To Ninja – Naruto Shippuden 311

Playing cards Naruto saves Lee Rock Lee crying Sakura pissed off at Sakura Akatsuki and Limited Tsukuyomi Akamaru as Kiba Water falls out Choji falls over Rock Lee cries for Guy Sakura jelous of Hinata's chestNaruto Shippuden 311 gives the background to the movie Road to Ninja. We see a number of things, such as Naruto’s desire to be with friends. Rock Lee arranges for everyone to go to the bath house where Lee is captured to be the peeping tom when Naruto is accidentally found to have Sakura’s bra which she repays him by beating him up.

Naruto Shippuden 311 begins with Tobi having a glass ball to which he will begin his  Limited Tsukuyomi. He will need to first find a target. Naruto is talking to himself about ramen, he gets two shadow clones to which he first plays cards with to win the ramen. Lee, Neji and Tenten are with Guy and Kakashi talking about going to the bath house.

Lee refuses to go and train, Lee and Guy are both powered up to follow the path of youth.  He trips over and Lee thinks he’s dead, he cries mentioning for him not to cry. Kakashi gives Lee a message to go and tell Sakura and Naruto something. Sakura is being told off by her parents for not cleaning up.

He arrives there to tell her that they need to meet up for the mission tomorrow. After escaping from her parents she goes to enjoy her time. Naruto plays on with his clones, he retracts them and tells doesn’t know who won. Lee appears behind him, he notices that he’s alone and doesn’t have anything to do. He thinks of a plan by hearing other people like Shikamaru and Shino and what they’re doing.

He shouts for them to go to the bathhouse, he also tells Naruto the same thing. They’re there and it seems like all is normal. Naruto seems to be having fun. The girls, Hinata, Tenten, Sakura and Ino are all there in another section bathing. Hinata seems embarrassed, Sakura tells her to relax, when she does, her boobs start to float, Sakura is instantly jealous.

Lee is training by jumping from building to building, Naruto thinks that Shino is a great person, he mentions that he admires him. Akamaru is also there in Kiba’s transformation. He spews out soap everywhere tripping Choji into rolling into the bath nearly wasting all the water, the levels are now very low.

Shikamaru tells Choji to use his expansion jutsu to which he raises the levels, Naruto wonders what Sasuke must be doing. Neji approaches him asking him if he’s planning on going to the ladies side, he quickly escapes from there and goes there. Lee jumps from building to building when he crashes down, a large explosion is heard, a bra gets stuck to Naruto.

Lee appears in the ladies bathroom. He’s quickly held and he tries to explain himself but it doesn’t work he cries when Naruto notices, everyone else also arrives and he just runs off. Everyone else follows him when Naruto thinks of what he’s been saying, he mentions that he could have not done such a thing.

Ino is ready to punch him when Naruto gets in the middle, he tells them that they’re wrong about their friend and that they should be more concerned about them instead of judging them. Naruto turns around when everyone notices the bra, Sakura quickly notices that it’s hers and gets pissed off. She gets angry and quickly punches him!

Naruto tries to fix himself up, he notices everyone in his door step asking to come in, he quickly opens the door and lets them in, he’s happy for them to be there. They quickly get along and start playing cards, until they leave when Naruto once again goes back to normal. He goes to sleep.

The next day, he gets up as normal, he makes ramen and quickly starts eating it all alone, he mentions that he’s been somewhat alone, but the party he had yesterday made it feel a little homie. At this point, Tobi watches Naruto with his ball, he mentions that he’s starting the Limited Tsukuyomi. Naruto Shippuden 311 ends here.

A good episode, somewhat useless and boring but overall good if you’ve seen the movie. Plus it was pretty funny so you wouldn’t say no to that. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 312, titled “The Old Master and the Dragon’s Eye”, when Lee goes up against a master to which he tries to beat, hopefully he can with his set of skills.

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