Naruto’s Strength! Obito’s Hole – Naruto Shippuden 371

Naruto Shippuden 371 shows the courage and determination Naruto has when it comes to helping to save and make sure none of his friends are hurt, on top of which Kakashi and Obito talk it out about why Obito is doing all that he’s doing as well as to make Kakashi accept that what’s going to happen will be the best as it’s his faults that he killed Rin. Madara also senses Hashirama coming towards the battlefield. 

Naruto Shippuden 371 begins as Naruto and the others face both Obito and Madara in an effort to stop them. Both Obito and Madara unleash their fireballs to which Naruto uses his abilities and chakra cloak to protect everyone around him. Madara and Obito also release Susanoo’s weapon and Kunai to which his chakra cloak on others begins to help them stay away from bad things.

Obito had disappeared to which appears above him. Obito tells him that he’s now defending, to which Naruto seems to be having a bad times trying to control and use all the chakra that was given to him. Naruto attacks him when he disappears. Naruto begins to talk to him when he mentions that he is willing to get pain in order to protect his friends. On top of which he would feel more pain if he was alone.

That is why he’s there trying to protect them. We also see Madara detect Hashirama’s chakra to which he seems extremely happy about. The Ten Tails begins to go crazy as it screams out load thus beginning to destroy the landscape, he’s about to use his Cataclysm. Ten Tail’s seems to have been freed and is doing anything and everything.

It begins to go crazy causing lightning and thunder, rains, changing landscapes from rocks to floods. Both Obito and Kakashi both get pulled into their Kamui. Tornado’s also appear. After some time it seems that Naruto’s chakra cloak seems to have helped everyone.

They wold have all died otherwise. We see Naruto hurt and bleeding from his right arm. Naruto no longer has any energy or power. However he does seem to have chakra from other beasts. The Ten Tails begins to gain mass when Naruto’s chakra cloak disappears. Madara gets ready to step up and kill Naruto. However everyone around him approach and it’s their turn to help Naruto as they get ready to protect him now.

Obito and Kakashi reach their dimension when Kakashi approaches and nearly kills Obito there and then. Obito mentions that there is still doubt in Kakashi’s heart to which he had many other chances to kill him before. Kakashi may be feeling remorse for the fact that he couldn’t protect him.

Kakashi begins to remind Obito that both him and Naruto are the same, they both have the same dream to which Kakashi had told him his words when he was younger. Obito mentions that because he can understand Naruto’s mind he can negate his feelings.

Obito mentions that if he thinks that he started the war because of Rin then he’s mistaken. We see Obito place a genjutsu to which he then stabs himself with Kakashi’s chidori then explains the theory behind what actually happened. We see that Kakashi had to go and save Rin from the Hidden Mist to which they used her as a test subject.

He goes to save her using his dogs, they get there and quickly save her from the enemy. She mentions that she feels different and then senses something inside her, she mentions that she must not go into the village otherwise whatever that is inside her will tear apart the village. And so during one of his attacks on to an enemy, she had placed herself in the middle and thus killed herself.

We see Obito try and mention that the world they live in is a lie because Rin is still alive. Obito shows his heart to which there is nothing but a hole left. He doesn’t seem to have a heart. The hole opened because of the pain he felt, he abandoned everything. He tries to get Kakashi into his side to help him enable the Genjutsu. However Kakashi denies this, to which he asks him if something like this can fill his heart. At the same time the Ten Tail’s begins to change its forms once more when Naruto Shippuden 371 ends.

A great episode, a lot has happened and it seems that Obito is truly delusional to follow such a theory that Rin is still alive. Hopefully she is in the over world waiting for them. Still can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 372, titled “Something to fill the Hole”, when we see Obito and Kakashi go at it as well as see the Ten Tails’ and its awesome power. We also see the Hokage’s arrive!

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