Neji, Shikaku and Inoichi Dead! – Naruto Shippuden 364

Naruto Shippuden 364 kills off Neji, Shikaku and Inoichi as well as many other members located at the Head Quarters, from which Naruto learns that he has more than one life to take care of. Hinata tries to sacrifice herself to help Naruto, but Neji gets in the way to get hit by Obito’s wooden spike. 

Naruto Shippuden 364 begins as Naruto and the others try to attack both Obito and Madara as they stand above the Ten Tails. Taking them out being their main priority. However the Ten Tails begins to change its form once again to form arms as it’s tails to which it pushes everyone from the whole and kills a lot of people.

They come out and a skinnier version of the Ten Tails is formed. HQ notice the change in chakra, they notice that the Ten Tails wasn’t immobilized, it was just collecting chakra. They mention to infuse chakra to use to fight back. Shikaku realises something to which he wants to confirm something with Kakashi which he does.

However as that point the Ten Tails is losing control from Obito and Madara and will become harder to control. Obito creates a Bijuu Dama to which they change the structure of the floor to change where the attack is send. It’s sent really far away, the next few attacks are random and thus is a way for them to control it. It goes to an ocean, next to a village to which it begins to break everything surrounding it.

The next target is dangerous as this time the Bijuu Dama that is sent is a direct course for the HQ, to which with enough control it goes right in that direction. Shikaku realises this and quickly mentions that it’s going for them. Shikaku mentions that he has a plan to put an end to the battle.

As he tells them, we cannot hear it, we see in everyone’s faces, especially Ino and Shikamaru that they’re going to die. They cannot escape from it. It seems that they no longer have a brain. Naruto notices what has just happened, Neji arrives and tells him that he’s the key. Neji and Hiashi rotate and make sure one of the tails doesn’t hit them.

He mentions that people will die and that they mustn’t let that happen, they might be dead but they’re probably proud that they died before their children could. Hinata also shows up, they mention that the Hyuga are the strongest in the Leaf. Obito and Madara talk to mention that the next transformation only a person can control it, and that Obito is needed to help Madara come to life he mentions, specifically the jutsu used by Nagato.

Madara gives Obito control. He mentions that he’d like to show them despair. From the tails, there are several spikes of wood coming their way to which even Neji cannot stop. Neji helps out Naruto by giving him time. He uses Rasen Shuriken to stop most of them but cannot do them for a long time.

He goes down, Hinata appears to help Naruto, however more spikes are released to which Hinata goes into the middle to help Naruto, however Neji uses his Byakugan to go into the middle and thus Neji is hit by spikes! This is the end of Neji! These are the last few moments of Neji.

He mentions to Naruto that Hinata is willing to die for him, so he must hold on more to just one life, he has many other lives that he has to take care of. Naruto asks him why he did this, to which he mentions that it’s because he calling him a genius. His curse mark disappears to which he mentions that he now finally knows to how feel free.

We see a metaphor of a bird to which it also gets killed. Neji falls over to which Naruto mentions that he’s going to protect everyone. Obito tells him that what he said before was never going to come true, after so many people die, his words seem to not be worth a thing.

Obito tells him that this will continue, his hopes and ideals will all fail. Reality for him will disappear as all his friends will die one by one. Naruto seems to have lost all hope, however we then see Hinata slap him telling him that Neji said that he hold everyone’s lives. What his ideals are, they were never fake, they were all true. They all hold his words to heart.

She also believes in his words as did Neji. She doesn’t want his last moment to be of nothing. She wants him to stand by her, because never going back on her word is also her ninja way. Kurama also tells him that from his birth, his parents did the same thing, it’s just Neji who’s given up their lives for him. There has been many others who’s lives are in his palm.

Obito gets impatient and covers himself with all hands, to which then creates a Bijuu Dama, however Bee gets ready also and creates his own Bijuu Dama, he jumps and uses it to push it into Ten Tail’s body. It explodes and we see Bee go up in sky. Naruto holds Hinata’s hand, he gets up and initiates his Bijuu Mode, to which also gives Hinata a part of his chakra! Naruto Shippuden 364 ends here as they’re both ready to fight!

What a great and awesome chapter, this is fantastic! We finally get to see more awesomeness after a week’s break. It is truly awesome to see these part of the manga finally animated! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 365, titled “Those who dance in the Shadows”, when we continue with Naruto and his journey as he gives a part of Kurama’s chakra to them.

There are 5 comments

    1. Sunite

      Yup, on top of that HQ, the brains, are also dead. I wonder what the plan is that Shikaku came up with. If you read the manga, I’m sure you’ll know what’ll happen next.


  1. Dave Macahis

    I Hate You Obito I Really Really Hate You Your The One Who Killed My One And Only Favorite Character From Naruto Shippuden Neji 😥 😡


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