Madara Back To Life! Zetsu Takes Obito Over – Naruto Shippuden 391

Naruto Shippuden 391 see’s Madara making his move as he uses Zetsu and eventually Obito’s powers to bring himself back to life which he promises to take the Beasts and initiate his plan. Obito is at the end of his life, after being extracted from the Ten Tails he won’t die but he traded his life for Madara’s so he’s going to eventually die, thus Zetsu takes this opportunity to use him right up until the end. 

Naruto Shippuden 391 sees the repeat of Naruto and Obito talking and seeing how he reacted to finding how that he had regrets, seeing Rin one more time would make him happy, as well as realizing his ways were wrong.

Hashirama takes down Madara, Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken had helped but didn’t take him down. Now he’s been taken down so the Sealing Jutsu people can come and seal Madara. Kurama tells Minato that Obito will not die because of the Gedo Mazo, it has a lot of life force, he will just be unable to move.

Kakashi is told about this while Obito gets a little emotional about what he experienced. As Kakashi goes to help in battle Obito decides that he needs to use the Gedo Art of the Rinne Birth, Minato knows what will happen to him, Kakashi also mentions that he cannot do such a thing. He now understands why Yahiko had betrayed him.

Out of nowhere Zetsu appears and begins to slowly take him, Madara is happy to hear from Zetsu. Naruto and Sai appear, they try to seal him as quickly as possible as Madara thanks Naruto for weakening Obito for him. Obito is being sucked in by Zetsu to which he’s nearly do so, they use the Art of the Rinne Birth Jutsu and it seems that Madara has somehow been given life!

Madara can feel his heart pump blood, however his eyes begin to degrade as he cannot gain something that he wasn’t given with. Amaterasu is used by Sasuke to stop him but it doesn’t work. Madara’s clothes burn noticing the power of the Senju that he has.

Madara reminds Hashirama about the inscription which he had on the Uchiha Stone, it meant that joining two powers would bring peace. Sai and Naruto and kicked out of there. Madara absorbs the Sage Art Chakra. Sasuke tries to attack but cannot as Madara with his closed eyes can skill skip his attacks.

Madara gets hit with his sword, Madara mentions that he will most likely take Sasuke’s eyes before he gets his Rinnegan back. Obito explains to Minato and Kakashi that Madara is back to life. Zetsu tries to take Madara’s eyes but Kakashi and Minato try to attack, to which he just joins back and will use him as the traitor until he dies.

Madara asks if Sasuke wants to join forces to which he declines and calls him a dead man. He uses his fire to prevent Naruto attacking, then begins attacking anyone with Kurama’s chakra as he uses to heal his injuries and targets the Tailed Beasts! Naruto Shippuden 391 ends here.

A fantastic chapter with lots of great intense battles coming up next, after Madara tries to his best to take the Tailed Beasts, which I’m sure he will, we’ll be seeing the real battle begin which I can’t wait for! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 392, titled “The Hidden Heart”, when Madara battles Naruto and the others for the Tailed Beasts.

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