Uryu Ishida Joins Quincy Army! Prince of Light – Bleach 537



Bleach 537 mind blows me as it’s revealed that Uryu Ishida has joined the Quincy Army! Yhwach (Juha Baha) reveals to him that he’s the Prince of Light, to which Katagiri was confirmed to be his mother. Masaki’s death was caused by the link breaking while both Ichigo and Grand Fisher were both there, Ichigo understands and thanks him to which he tries to go somewhere.

Bleach 537 begins as Isshin reveals to Ichigo that his mother, wasn’t suppose to die that die, Quincies have a special ability called the Blut system, which allows them to raise their abilities allowing them to flow reiatsu in their blood vessels. It’s a skill only pure-blooded Quincies possess since their birth, and the ones who don’t can obtain it with training.

Masaki was a Pure-blooded Quincy even if she had Hollow in her, in particular, her Blue Vene was exceptionally powerful, that is why the injury she got from the Hollow bite was nothing more than weird at the time. After that she never suffered Hollow wounds ever again. That day, Isshin was unable to save her, he didn’t even go save her.

At that time, he was at home and he felt both Masaki and Grand Fisher’s reiatsu, therefore without his Shinigami abilities he wasn’t able to do anything. He even knew that Masaki wasn’t at a disadvantage due to her Blut abilities, however the Grand Fisher was able to hide its reiatsu, plus the power difference between both was evident. She was suppose to be able to defeat it without getting a scratch.

However that didn’t happen, she quickly died. Ichigo is asked about Uryu, if he knows anything about his mother. He says no because he doesn’t. Isshin reveals that his the son of Katagiri Kanae who was a mixed blood. 9 Years ago, on 17th of June, she lost consciousness and died 3 months later. Ichigo asks what had happened. He mentions that Ausscheren (literally meaning Holy Selection) in which Yhwach had made a selection of Quincies.

Isshin mentions that he heard about a Quincy folklore about a sealed King, in which he would regain his heart 900 Years later, his intellect in 90 years and his powers after 9 years. To regain his powers he stole the powers from Mixed-blood Quincy whom he considered Impure and made it his own, because of that Katagiri Kanae who was already weak had died. Masaki had already lost her powers and died during that battle.

Ichigo asks how he could do such a thing, Ichigo then asks who Yhwach really is. Isshin tells him that he is the one who created Quincies, and thus all Quincies started from him. And therefore his blood blows in every Quincy! Ichigo repeats the last conversation he had with Yhwach and finds out what the meaning of what he said. He then thanks his dad for what he said, Isshin notices the determination in his eyes.

He walks out of the house when he notices Ikumi Unagiya, she gets there and gives him his Combat Pass. Ikumi notices that he’s probably not in the best of mindsets, Ichigo mentions to Isshin that he’s going. Elsewhere at the Quincy Palace, Haschwalth arrives and Yhwach asks if he’s back. He asks where the subject is, someone walks in. Yhwach welcomes him, and we see that Uryu Ishida is the person who’s just walked in!

He’s currently wearing a full Quincy collection of clothes, he’s literally looking all badass at this point. Yhwach asks him to fight together, Uryu just looks at him until Yhwach calls him his son. The call of the blood has already arrived there. Plus the chapter is called Prinz von Licht referring to Prince of Light. Bleach 537 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, it would be awesome to see where Ichigo will go next plus it’s awesome to finally see Uryu do something, I knew something like this would eventually happen. From the very start when Ichigo met Uryu, they wanted to badly fight each other, but never happened, I guess that if finally about to happen, plus it’s been left until they’re both extremely strong which is the best point. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 537 when we see even more awesome stuff!

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  1. ReZ CrimsonZ

    I just to understand why yamamoto failed to kill juha..of course juha can’t kill because juha had no heart at that time and that’s why yamamoto failed to kill him 1000 years ago..i think that true …or i’m wrong ..guy what do you think????? ..


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I think the 900,90 and 9 years think was pretty interesting. I think Yamamoto killed Yhwach (Juha Bach/Baha) and sealed him somewhere, however after 900 years he came back and went to the Quincy, he learned for 90 years and gained all his powers in 9 years. So it took him 999 years to come back! Thus the Thousand Year name to the arc. Kubo you’ve done a great job of making it interesting so far ๐Ÿ˜›

      When I said killed him, I mean kill him through the heart, and thats probably the only way Yhwach can die, not technically die but prolong his death… etc..


    1. Sunite

      During the point when Yhwach (Juha Baha) was taking all the mixed blooded Quincy, her powers were also taken, thus making her Blut useless as she can’t use it and Grand fisher was able to kill her…


    2. Isamu715

      It’s not that he only took powers from half-blood Quincies. He only left those who he considered pure and Masaki was not only stained by that hollow wound but also soul-linked with a Shinigami, no wonder he deemed her impure.


  2. dreager1

    Even though I know that Uryu isn’t really a traitor, I still don’t like his plan. He should have just gone to Ichigo or brought in the Captains. Even breaking Aizen out of prison would have been perferable.

    I didn’t like the way they handled the flashback in this chapter, but at least it’s finally over! I can’t wait for Ichigo and the Captains to bring the fight to the Quincies


    1. Sunite

      You’re forgetting one more thing, Ichigo doesn’t even had a zanpakuto, he’s basically nothing more than a simple shinigami with no sword or powers.. He will need to make his way back to the 0 Squad section, which, he may finally meet Kukaku Shibi who will tell him all he knows, everything about the Shiba family and how he’s also a part of it etc…

      Plus how he is going to get to Soul Society? Urahara isn’t there so he can’t help, unless he consults Ryuken or goes to find the other Vizards.. There is still too many questions…

      I think it would be too predictable for us to guess that Uryu is working for Ichigo but as a spy, otherwise he is actually working for the Quincy to defeat Ichigo and the others. Those are the two most common choices, however the third could be that Uryu has his own intentions, for example becoming a pure blood by some random power from yhwach… And yeah lol, there a lot of predictions… Kubo needs to bring it all together properly ๐Ÿ˜›


      1. dreager1

        Even without his sword, Ichigo’s shown that he has some pretty good speed and super strength. He just needs to go get Zangetsu back and reforge him. If nobody will help, he’ll do it on his own. He and Zangetsu share a special bond so it should be possible to rebuild him with his spirit presure. I’d rather that he didn’t get help from Squad 0. They’re already some of my least favorite characters in the series and I’m waiting for the Quincy to take em out. The Spirit King is all right for now..I’ll reserve judgement until he appears more.

        Ichigo can always bust a hole into Soul Society, but I’m sure that Isshin knows a way. They’ll probably have to go on their own, but it would be good if Ryuken came to help.

        I doubt Uryu is working for Ichigo as well, because that’s not his style. He’s most likely getting close to the villains so that he can destroy them and avenge his mom. I doubt he would ever even consider working for his mom’s murderer. Of course he stands no chance so unless he wants to be slaughtered he should go find Ichigo and the Captains. It’ll be good to see what happens next. I’m expecting some fights!


        1. Sunite

          Agreed, would be nice to see some more of Ryuken, after getting his past, his present would be a good start.
          Uryu has always been one of those mysterious characters, you still wouldn’t be able to guess who he really is and what his intentions are at this point. Spirit King, agreed, we need to see more of him. Squad 0, I like them, I want to see more of what Renji is doing.


  3. Tsumahana dustin

    I liked Katagiri-chan she was really pretty! Curse that bastard…I hope Ichigo puts him in a lot of pain cuz what he did Katagiri-chan was really horrible btw where is Ryuken Ishida does he know what’s going on with his or Juha baha’s “Son”?…..if you excuse me im going to moan Katagiri-chan’s death:(


  4. pure manner

    that was really a nice chapter , but if Bash wanted to get rid of all impure Quincies by taking their powers why did not he applied that on Ichigo or his sisters ? are not they considered impure too ?


    1. Sunite

      Yhwach mentioned that Ichigo’s Quincy powers were locked within him until he finally awakened them when his head nearly got cut off. Therefore at that point, he had no Quincy powers, it was all disabled.


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