Minato Joins Naruto!! Hokage’s Closely Approach – Naruto 630


Naruto 630 makes me ecstatic since Minato has finally arrived right in front of Naruto! He finally talks to his Dad, and it might just surprise everyone when they find out Minato is his son. Ten Tails transforms and launches a massive Bijuu Dama, it’s disappeared with Minato’s help. Kakashi and Obito talk on as Obito tries to convince that what he’s doing is the correct thing.

Naruto 630 begins as Kakashi stares down Obito’s hole in the heart. Obito mentions that the area has brought him nothing but pain and thus there was no point to having it. Thus Obito threw it away. He asks if Kakashi is the same as he may have also felt the same pain in front of both Rin and his grave. He tells him that he no longer has to suffer, he brings up both Rin and little Obito, telling him that both of them are there.

Obito mentions that whatever his desires are, he will be able to create them and thus he wants to fill the void in his heart. Kakashi isn’t there anymore, however he’s still alive, Kakashi asks what he’s doing is really the correct thing since Rin’s lived in order to sacrifice for the village, and thus what he’s doing is just disregarding her wish.

He tells Obito that what he’s doing is nothing but fake. The Ten Tails opens its mouth wide to reveal an egg like thing, however it opens up to reveal a circular thing. Someone mentions if its just transforming again, Gyuki mentions that it’s just returning to its original form, what they saw was just it’s attack mode. However still it’s only a step away from its final form.

Naruto’s being healed and Kurama is collecting chakra, therefore it’s their turn to attack. Bee starts singing when Gyuki tells him that if it enters into its final form, it’s the end for them. Therefore it’s now or never. The egg-shaped thing opens into a flower like thing to which creates a huge and massive Bijuu Dama, it’s getting larger and larger. Madara works out that the Ten Tails isn’t holding back, could be due to the fact that it may have sensed other Tailed Beasts inside Naruto.

Madara mentions that it’ll be a waste since they’ll all be obliterated in an instant. It’s getting bigger and bigger, and it’s targeting Naruto. It seems that they can’t do much to counteract this attack. Sakura shouts that they’ve made it so far so they should quit being scared and grow a pair, plus Naruto’s doing everything in his power to help everyone he can when he mentions that he would feel lonely without his friends.

She mentions that he’s been pushing the enemy back from the very start, as well as think everyone on the battlefield as his comrade from the bottom of his heart. She’ll get Naruto good as new, all they need to do is to do their part. She mentions that it would be a bad death if they die without fighting back, she doesn’t want to cower and let everything perish.

Shikamaru asks Ino to connect him to Kitsuchi, he asks for him to teach him a technique, specifically the technique to raise walls, since not everyone is an Earth user, their techniques will be weak, Shikamaru mentions that the will need to fight Quality with Quantity. They can do this by putting down as many walls as possible, Shikamaru also tells Bee to hit the Bijuu Dama at the bottom to send it upwards. Ino connects everyone to their line to teach them the technique.

The Bijuu Dama is launched and their walls go up. Obito asks why is frowns a world created from Genjutsu since reality is cruel, and they’ll just end up widening that void. Things don’t always go as planned and help doesn’t always arrive on time. He even explains that this is what happened to him. Kakashi mentions that he’s really a Shinobi trash for what he did, but there is no thing he learned. The void can only be filled with everyone’s help.

Kakashi mentions that even if he faces hardship doesn’t mean that he should give up on the world, plus if he keeps on running away, how can anyone else help him. If he perseveres and endures, there will always be someone there to support him. The walls hit the Bijuu Dama, they go out one by one until it reaches one at the end, even then more are raised and still they’re broken.

Bee approaches it and tries to stop it. Obito mentions that what Kakashi said may sound good but they are nothing but hollow words, in the end, only by throwing away the memories of their comrades, can they stay free of themselves and achieve true happiness. Kakashi mentions that those who break rules are trash, however those who break their friendship are even more trash, and thus those who don’t respect memories are the worst.

The Bijuu Dama that Bee was pushing quickly disappears, Kakashi mentions that the memory he has of the old Obito will never be forgotten, the only person who denies them is the current Obito. Out of nowhere a kunai appears, and the Fourth Hokage! Minato Appears!! He asks if he’s late, Naruto mentions that he’s and that he’s on time, adding a dad to the sentence. Naruto 630 ends here!

What a fantastic chapter, if Minato is there, it’s most likely that Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen are also there! It would be fantastic to see them there, it’s also a relief that they’re there too. However I’m sure the Ten Tail’s will upgrade to its final form very soon, hopefully during next week’s Naruto 631, can’t wait for next week’s awesome story!

There are 9 comments

  1. dreager1

    I’m sure the others will come quickly, but I’m glad that Minato showed up first. Since he’s much faster than the others with his teleportation, it makes sense that the others couldn’t keep up with him. Honestly I’d rather see him go up against Madara. Now That would be an epic fight!

    Well, I can settle for Minato taking out the 10 Tails. It’ll be cool to see what his next form is. I’m not a huge fan of his flower form. Definitely a solid chapter


    1. Sunite

      He was unable to take the 9 tails, he had to sacrifice himself, so it’s unlikely that he can go up against it, although the edo tensei will help him to regenerate 😛 It would be epic to see Naruto and “dad” have a conversation, I want to see the reaction on everyones face after they find out lol


      1. dreager1

        I think the author hadn’t really thought it through at the time. I think Minato is more than a match for the 10 Tails imo. It’s like how Kakashi could barely beat Zabuza back in the day…really it shouldn’t have been much of a problem for a ninja of his level.

        I think that after Madara wipes out the Kages, Naruto and Sasuke should team up to take him down for the count, while Naruto beats the 10 Tails and Kakashi (somehow) defeats Tobi.

        Their convo could be cool, but hopefully only a page or 2, because I’m ready for the fights. Plus, while Madara may not mind waiting for them to talk, I doubt the 10 Tails has much patience. Naruto’s definitely been the best WSJ title for a while now. This climax has been great


  2. superpunt

    ok the rest of the hokages will most likely be here in the next 5 chapters… Minato is the fastest shinobi he would be far infront of the rest


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