Jiggle Butt Gang Return – Clock Parts Found – Fairy Tail 136

Fairy Tail 136 has both an awesome story line and some awesome fights. Although the story is shifting to Lucy from Natsu it’s still awesome. Lucy is found herself half-naked while Dan chases her. The Jiggle Butt Gang returns to fight Erza with their stinking farts. Two Clocks parts are found by each team. Gajeel and his team are found themselves with Samuel watching from above.

Fairy Tail 136 starts of when Lucy and the others are reading the book to find some more clues. They find themselves at a chapel type thing where they need to find some clues. Erza draws her sword to poke what looks like two circular shaped objects, when poked the Jiggle Butt Gang appear!

Erza mocks the Jiggle Butt Gang by the type of cloths and such they wear. Carla reveals that she gets nightmares from when Wendy wears this terrible outfit. The Jiggle Butt Gang reveal that they are proud of what they did as they’ve managed to scare a talking cat.

Wendy wears the outfit to teach the Jiggle Butt Gang that they were suppose to follow a peaceful path which was told by Wendy in the train. But the Jiggle Butt Gang decide that they wont do this but in fact follow a path which is more Evil. Erza is told to wear the Jiggle Butt Outfit, which she does! She says it’s surprisingly comfy.

Wendy tell Carla and Cana to get off to look for the clock part because Erza is going to try and distract them here. They go on a head to find the clock piece. They arrive at a place where it seems that Lucy had guessed where it might be, it’s were all the ancient books are located within the library.

Natsu and Dan are going on a head to head battle. Natsu is trying to break the large buildings which is likely to fall on Dan, so he could get a hit while Dan is trying to get away from the falling building. Natsu throws his Brilliant Blaze of the Fire Dragon! which hits Dan’s shield is deflected back at Natsu, he is hit.

Natsu falls where Lucy and Romeo are. Dan follows. As Natsu tries to go for a hit, Dan touches him with his magical spear which turns Natsu small. Happy once again coincidentally steps on Natsu. Michelle asks if it was accidental or purposely.

Erza asks if the Jiggle Butt Gang are really evil. She asks for the leader to do 100 Push Ups. He goes on a head to do it very quickly, it seems as though he will run out of steam after just a few push ups.

Lucy is being chased after Dan when Romeo lunges himself at Dan to stop him. Michelle tells Lucy that she needs to act as the decoy to attract Dan so Natsu could once again become big. Lucy dresses up in a half-naked wedding outfit. Dan loves it and chases after her.

Happy spots the spear and launches Natsu at it. Natsu becomes bit and proves himself to Dan that his fire and strong. He mixes his flames his Romeo’s and smashes his fist into Dan’s face. He goes on flying to hit the wall behind him.

The wall starts to light up, it seems some kind of thing has started. The wall starts to open up and they successfully find a clock piece there! They wonder how they are going to take it from there because it’s a huge thing.

The leader fails with the push ups and Erza mocks him for this. The Leader tells the lackeys to do the Gas-Butt Triple Ecstasy! Wendy moves Erza out of the way because this attack is possibly their most powerful attack. It hits the library and the stinks spreads everywhere.

Even Cana and Carla notice it. Cana accidentally leans over a book shelve and pushes it to open it. Carla notices that there is a secret passage way there which they go forth to find a large Clock Part! A call from Cana arrives to Wendy.

The Leader hears it and quickly starts his attack! He jumps into the air to direct hit ass at Erza’s face. He does this and Erza is unable to move from the shock! He quickly enables his Point Blank Ecstasy which blows Erza to sleep as she took too much of that stink in.

The Jiggle Butt Gang escape from there to go the where Cana is located. they use their attacks to stink Cana and Carla. They escape with the clock piece when they notice Erza waiting outside there with her changed form. She get’s so pissed that she swipes her sword to which it sends the Jiggle Butt Gang flying! They obtain the Clock Part there.

While Gajeel, Levy and the others start to dig to find the clock piece when he smells that there is someone there watching them. He looks up and finds that Samuel is watching them above. He asks what he’s looking for, Samuel responds that it’s the same thing they’re looking for. Fairy Tail 136 ends here.

What interesting episode! 2 more clock pieces have been found and there are a couple more clock parts left. Can’t wait to see next week’s Fairy Tail 137 episode when Lily and Samuel go on a head to head match. It’s titled “Something Beyond Reckoning”.

What do you think?

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