Zabuza & Haku – Taking Care Of My Wounds

Recently there was a very emotional part within the few later Naruto Shippuden Episodes. Naruto Shippuden Episodes 265 and 266 to be specific. We saw a great deal of what happened within the bridge where Naruto had met his first challenge. Zabuza and Haku were both Naruto’s first actual fights. Naruto had told Kakashi that even though Zabuza and Haku were bad, he liked them for the type of relationship they both had.

It was too late when Zabuza showed some actual emotions for Haku but during these two episodes, Haku had cried when Kakashi had mentioned what he saw after his death. Zabuza found out that Haku was not a tool, he was a friend, a companion and a son he never had. The image above sums up a little of the type of relationship they both should have had but we never actually got to see. It was a sad relationship which ended beautifully as Haku found out that he was loved by Zabuza after their demise.

The awesome image was drawn by a fantastic artist, Kibbitzer. You should go and check some of their awesome work out! His got some fantastic fan art ranging from the Avengers to Naruto!

There are 2 comments

    1. Sunite

      I know, the artist is amazing with expressions on this image specially! He’s got that tone that they’ve lost the match who ever it was with, but still have that strong bond with each other.


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