Wendy vs Chelia – Sky God Slayer – Fairy Tail 288

Fairy Tail 288, continues with the battle between Chelia and Wendy! Everyone notices that they are both matched in both speed and strength until Chelia uses her extra strength! Wendy starts out by using her Sky magic until Chelia uses her Sky Magic also! Every notices that Chelia is the Sky God Slayer who seems to heal herself from every hit Wendy hits her with!

Fairy Tail 288 starts out with some amazing stuff as Wendy gets somewhat serious about this matchup. Every cheers and there is half chance that some support Chelia and the other half supports Wendy! The Game Begins.

Lyon looks at Gray and tells him to look at Chelia’s true strength! While Gray tells Lyon to not underestimate Wendy because she’s grown a whole lot stronger! The reporters also talk through it. Wendy gets ready as she’s got a very determined face. Chelia is also ready!

Wendy starts out by opening her Arm Vernier! Enchant! then she says Sky Dragon’s Talons which moves air in a circular wave which is directed at Chelia herself. Chelia gets hit but after a few moments, she uses her Sky Gods Magic, Ploias, which redirects that winds and throws it back to Wendy.

Everyone gets worried, Wendy blocks the attack, Chelia congratulates Wendy that she was able to block her attack. She launches another attack to get even closer, then uses her Sky God’s Dance which spins Wendy while she’s in the air! Wendy get’s somewhat hurt here. Chelia jumps into the air, Wendy quickly uses her Sky Dragon’s Hook which enables her to move away from it.

Wendy starts to use her Sky Dragon’s Roar when Chelia uses her Sky God’s Howl, they both attack each other. Marvis notices that Chelia has a lost magic, Lyon states that she has the Sky’s Ultimate Magic. The Roar and Howl create a large circular ball which spits out both Chelia and Wendy. Wendy is hurt while Chelia seem’s unharmed.

Chelia tells Wendy that she heard that there was someone from Fairy Tail that also uses Sky Magic. Wendy is currently hurt. Wendy tells herself that she was able to see her team mates like Elfman and Erza fight. Out of nowhere. Chelia uses her magic which hurts Wendy once more. Wendy notices they used their magic to defeat their foes.

At this point, she tells herself that she’s going to fight for real now! As Wendy starts to eat the Oxygen within the air, she starts to suck a lot of it in. Chelia does the same. The air within the stage starts to thin out. Wendy uses her Secret Dragon Technique which impresses a lot of people. Shredding Wedding! A large circular wall of air is formed where they both exist within it. Wendy has trapped Chelia!

Piercing Winds calls out Wendy. A large wind bursts from Wendy which hits and injures Chelia largely. Everyone notices the great defeat. Lyon shouts out Chelia’s name. the pumpkin states that Chelia’s down, but after a few seconds Chelia gets up and it seems as though she’s not injured! Lyon states that she’s able to restore herself because of the magic she posses.

Mystogan is notices. He walks towards the stage where all the people are watching. Mystogan notices that this Chelia girl could somehow be connected to Zeref by the type of magic she has. Mystogan, or Jellal notices that Wendy is real trouble because she’s currently in terrible danger. Fairy Tail 288 ends here.

What an amazing chapter! Mystogan has finally got to the stage and it seems that his target is Chelia because of the type of magic she has. The fight will continue during next week’s Fairy Tail 289 episode, which is titled A Small Fist!

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