Itachi’s Memories! Birth and Death – Naruto Shippuden 451

Naruto Shippuden 451 see’s the story of Itachi and his explanation of Birth and Death turn into an anime here. We also see some parts here of Naruto and Sasuke as they try to come up with some sort of plan in order to stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi and stop the spell.

Naruto Shippuden 451 is pretty good, I won’t be directly narrating this episode or ones that aren’t mentioned in the original manga, but half of this episode is somewhat covered. We see Naruto and others within Susanoo’s protection, while the Edo Tensei individuals are still alive.

We see a few dreams from individuals, like Hinata’s as she hangs out with Naruto in the park. Kiba is a Hokage, Shino discovers a new species. Shikamaru doesn’t want to get married, Kankuro creates a robot style puppet, Terumi sees both her brothers looking out to get her advice, this goes on to some other characters.

Sasuke remembers what Itachi did to him as he plants his own memories into Sasuke’s brain. We move onto the story where we see Itachi grow up, he participated in the  Great Ninja War as he learns the meaning of death.

But when Sasuke is born, he learn about what life means as his little brother is a meaning to him and his understanding of what it means to be alive and to have a life. We see Obito in the village as he’s about to lay down Kurama to destroy the village. Naruto Shippuden 451 ends here.

A pretty good episode indeed, seems like a lot more will happen in this as we’ll learn and carry on to know more of Itachi. I really hope what we’ll see now is not what we’ve previously seen. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 452, titled “The Genius” when we see Itachi as he goes to the academy.

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  1. Sammm

    the problem with naruto is that they have covered pretty much everything about everyone and now they don’t know what to show so they keep repeating it again and again with a few changes here and there………….kinda hate that

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    Since its based of the novel about Itachi, you can’t call it a “real filler”, seems cool though.
    But leaves me to wonder, will we get the Hiden Novels animated too?


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