Sasuke and Sakura’s Feelings! Sarada Follows Hokage – Boruto 23

Boruto 23 focused on closing the loop for Sarada and her emotions and feelings for both her parents, Sasuke and Sakura. She finally finds out that both Sakura is her mother when Karin confirms that she was the one who delivered Sarada when she was smaller. Plus we see the defeat of Shin by his own clones and Naruto manages to scare them down so Kabuto can take them into his orphanage.

Boruto 23 was actually a pretty damn good episode, it featured the end of the arc with Sasuke, Sarada and Sakura all together defeating Shin and his clones. What I found to be awesome was the fact that they spent some money on the animation for this episode and the fight between Sakura and Shin, it felt like a really awesome fight if you ask me.

On top of which, Naruto really showed that his power has not gone anywhere, rather he and Kurama have been resting for the longest time when they showed all of the Shin clones who truly is boss when his eyes glowed bright red. With the large number of clones, it was really cool to see that Kabuto is back to normal, especially as he’s now the owner of his orphanage.

I think Shin was a pretty good bad guy, he was definitely over confident with all his said, but his character and what had happened to him was definitely well written and well deserved. It also seems like his death created a lot more potential for the other Shin’s and a potential way to make or recreate a small Uchiha Clan once again, although not an official one with Sasuke and others, but a fake one if you will.

Nevertheless, I liked this episode, I thought it was quite decent because it showed quite a lot of great scenes and potential. Nevertheless, next week’s Boruto 24, titled “Boruto and Sarada” see’s the relationship between Boruto and Sarada and what will come out of that.

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