Read Robot x Laserbeam (Manga)

It’s been a while since I last recommended a anime or manga, so here I am talking about something new, something that isn’t quite unique but still a good read if you ask me. What I’m talking about is Robot x Laserbeam which focuses on a high school golf club.

The manga focuses around Robato Hatohara who’s nickname is “Robot” who begins to play golf for the first time. After not being any good at golf, he shows his potential when he joins the club. This manga is being written by Fujimaki Tadatoshi, who also made Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball) which was absolutely amazing sports anime/manga.

If you think something like this might be of interest for you, then just check it out below:

Read Robot x Laserbeam (Manga) unofficial source

What I like about this manga is how it has actually made me somewhat interested in playing golf. Just last week, I grabbed my first club and went to a golf range for the first time, all because I was kind of interested in this manga. And guess what, I might go again, it’s actually really fun, hit quite a few 150 – 200 yard shots.

Anyways, if you already read or will be reading, lets talk about it in the comment section below.

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        1. Sunite

          Yeah, same here. Started work a while ago and everything fun and good I did like gym, tennis, blog, free time, has gone away. Literally have very little time to do anything, and blogging has become something I can barely do :/.

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          1. dreager1

            It’s definitely really hard to balance it all. I made sure to finally get back to reading a bit though. I’ve had to shelve a little blog time myself for it, but I’ve always wanted to go back to that since I read a lot as a kid. All about the little sacrifices for extra hobbies I suppose. What we need is an extra hour in the day. Just one more would really make everything more viable

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    I’m reading it and I thought I wasn’t going to like at first. It’s a nice read and it’s different and I like how technical it gets at explaining golf because I know nothing about golf lol. A golf range opened up recently and I may end up going to see if I’m any good, just because of this Manga haha


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