Ama No Hoko Rises – 7 Tails Rampage – Naruto Shippuden 294

Ama No Hoko shoots light 4 Tail Clone uses Ama No Hoko power for 7 Tails 4 Tail Clone beaten up by Naruto Naruto against 4 Tail Clone 4 Tails clone released Edo Tensei with explosives Lee and Guy Edo Tensei with explosive tags Ama No Hoko upgrades Ama no Hoko risesNaruto Shippuden 294 begins with the traitor showing Naruto and Dokku the Saezuri while Kabuto finds the children with the final 2 silver rods. The Ama No Hoko is mysteriously activated when Kakashi and the others arrive to help. Unfortunately the 4 Tails is consumed by the Ama No Hoko only to consume the power and grow a lot larger into the 7 Tails with a whole different form!

Naruto Shippuden 294 starts off as Naruto and Dokku get their eyes on the Saezuri. Dokku finds out that the village head was brutally killed by his own men, this anger Dokku when he goes to punch the village head of the different village. An Edo Tensei quickly acts and restrains Dokku. The one who attacked the village was him, revealing that he put Kabuto up to it.

The village head shows his head, it has strange scars which he had to get in order to obtain the sounds, he really wants to get this power back, that’s why he did such a thing. He’s impressed by Naruto, until he tries to get up and scare him when Kabuto restrains him saying that the snakes try to restrain him.

Kabuto goes to the children, Leo quickly shows the two remaining sounds to Kabuto saying that he can have it if he let’s go off Naruto and Dokku. We notice Neji and the others arrive at the hole to help. Dokku is brought out when the village head takes the sounds from Leo.

He’s more than happy to obtain them. Naruto tries to get out when he thinks of a plan, he tries and meditates. The village head reads the book he previously had, at this point he tries to read and place the sounds in the correct place to which he can then activate. Naruto tries to go into his Sage Mode, this starts to turn the snakes into frogs, slowly releasing him.

After activation, the whole place starts to rumble, seems as though something has activates, Naruto starts to run out of time as the walls starts to get closer on him, he concentrates again. The ground starts to crumble, the kids and Dokku starts to run away. The Village head smiles. Kabuto is impressed by this.

Dokku calls the thing which has risen the Ama No Hoko. Kakashi and everyone else appears in front of the Village head and Kabuto. Kakashi starts to describe the village head, calling him Disonasu, he had even participated with Orochimaru in helping him with the Edo Tensei.

Kabuto enables his Edo Tensei bringing a large number of people to fight Kakashi and the others. He also brings out the 4 Tails he previously had captured. It’s currently restricted, but it breaks through the ropes he’s currently got. Naruto appears from above the Ama No Hoko telling everyone that he’s going to be fighting it.

Deidara and Hidan also get ready. The 4 Tails goes towards Naruto in his Sage Mode. Deidara releases some of his smoke bombs when the Edo Tensei users attack. Disonasu keeps on going. Hidan is even able to get Ino’s blood at this point, he even activates his jutsu to which he turns dark.

Everyone else is also being restricted by the Edo Tensei users, they all have explosive tags on them. They all explode as though they are sacrificial. Hidan starts to run from Shikamaru, Choji and even Ino, going towards the curse mark he previously made. Naruto keeps on beating up the 4 Tails in his Sage Mode.

The 4 Tail Clone asks how he can push him around, Naruto answers that it’s not just his powers, it’s more than them, it’s the powers that he’s got from everyone else, it’s the powers of his will. 4 Tail clone starts to go mad. Sai is even seen upset about Sakura, they are all okay even after the explosions. The Edo Tensei users acted as a sacrifice who gave up their lives.

Shikamaru even got Hidan is his shadow mimic jutsu. Shikamaru reveals that Hidan’s techniques are long and need support at times. When Deidara appears from the skies. Disonasu appears to be rearranging the sounds in order to bring forth more power. As he goes to press it, he’s stopped by Yamato, until he gets angry and bangs the start with his head.

A sound starts to appear, Mina notices. The Ama No Hoko starts to get longer and longer, the water in the pools starts to decrease. The top of the Ama No Hoko crumbles, the middle of it starts t stick out and spins. Naruto is able to escape it but the 4 Tails cannot do so easily. A light appears from the bottom which spans to the skies.

This causes Hidan’s hand to break, even Deidara is called by Kabuto as Kakashi is chasing him leaving Hidan to get disbanded. The power raises up to the skies causing the clouds to turn red and releasing bright red lightning. Hidan’s powers have ran out, he’s time has also run out as the snakes have died a lot quicker then expected.

Dokku and the kids keep on running as the grounds beneath them are caving in. The red clouds start to reach to a lot of other places, even Konoha. Disonasu keeps on climbing the Ama No Hoko when he’s met by Naruto, at the same time, something strange start to come out of the light, it seems as though the 4 Tail Clone that fell has formed itself into a 7 Tail Clone which has absorbed a lot of its energy! Naruto Shippuden 294 ends here.

A great chapter, to see that the word power is being carried on, as well as the 4 Tail is being mentioned quite a lot too, more over, the story is also improving and it seems it’s coming to an ending pretty soon too. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 295, titled “Power – Final Episode”, when Naruto has to fight the monster as well as it being the final episode it’s likely that the Ama No Hoko will be stopped.


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